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    Glenwood Elementary School

    May 11, 2016


    National School Nurse Day is today, Wednesday, May 11, and it’s the perfect time to express your gratitude for all that Mrs. Lenton does to help keep our students safe and healthy.

    Grandparents & Special Friends: Thank you to all 386 special friends who were able to join us on Thursday and Friday for Glenwood’s Special Friends’ Day. Some of them spent both days here at Glenwood. This was a fantastic way for students and faculty to showcase all of the wonderful things going on in our classrooms. A special thank you goes out to our PTG for providing delicious refreshments for our special friends.

    LAW DAY POSTER CONTEST: Congratulations to the following students who were selected as winners for the Annual Law Day Poster Contest sponsored by the Delaware County Bar Association. An awards ceremony was held on May 6 for the winners at the Delaware County Court House in Media.

    Audrey Santangelo – 1st Place

    Gracie Connolly – 2nd Place

    Amanda Chung – 3rd Place


    CHESS CHAMPIONSHIP: The first RTMSD Elementary School 3rd-5th Grade Chess Championship was held at Media Elementary School on Saturday May 7th, 2016. Thirty-two participants from three elementary schools (Media, Indian Lane and Glenwood) competed for top honors awarded to place finishers in the tournament, best in grade across the district, and best players per competing school. The tournament was very competitive as the overall winner was not decided until the final 5th round game. Fourth grader, Aiden Andress finished first place for Glenwood Elementary School and Third place for district Fourth Graders! Congratulations Aiden.

    The entrance of building looks building looks beautiful again. Thanks to the Cub Scout’s Pack 404 Crew!

    Technology Tip of the Week:
    Technology Addiction: Concern, Controversy, and Finding Balance

    Last Day of School
    The RTMSD school board has approved the change to the end of the school year, Thursday June 16th and Friday June 17th will be early dismissals (12 pm for elementary with no lunches) and the official last days of school. Last day for PM Kindergarten will be Wednesday June 15th, 2016.



    Parents, grandparents and siblings are invited to attend our Physical Education Field Day for children in grades 1-5 on Thursday, May 19, 2016.


    Ensuring the safety of all as well as following district procedures is always my number one priority. All visitors must sign in at the welcome table and obtain their Glenwood visitor badge before viewing field day events. We appreciate everyone’s patience and understanding.  


    Field Day activities will take place beginning at 9:15 A.M. If you are a Field Day volunteer, please remember to sign in at the main office and report by 8:45 A.M.


    We ask that you insure that children are equipped with hats and sunscreen for the day. We recommend cotton T-shirts rather than tank tops since there will be less exposure to the sun. Most students try to wear their team color-green or white. Water will be available, but children may bring their own if they wish. We recommend disposable bottles that won’t be missed if lost. Please, no sweet drinks since these attract bees!


    In the event of inclement weather, Field Day activities will be postponed until Thursday, May 26, 2016. An e-alert and global connect (phone message) will be used if we need to cancel Field Day.


    Volunteers & Chaperones – Field Trips

    Important Reminder for Volunteers and Chaperones: If you intend to volunteer at Glenwood, including serving as a chaperone for one of our upcoming spring field trips, you must obtain clearances: 1) Child Abuse Clearance 2) Pennsylvania State Police Criminal Background Check

    3) FBI Clearance All clearances must be turned into the Glenwood main office 7 days prior to chaperoning a field trip. Please see the website for more information about obtaining clearances. Thank you for volunteering at Glenwood. You are providing a valuable service to our students.


    Thanks for your continued support! Feel free to contact me at 610-627-6901 or if you have questions or concerns with which I may be able to assist.

    Eric F. Bucci


    Please make sure to check your child's folder/backpack for important papers related to upcoming field trips. Q & U wedding - Friday, May 27th and Letter People Day - Tuesday, June 7th.


    First grade will be learning to tell time to the hour and half hour. The students will learn how the position of the minute hand and the hour hand on an analog clock provide information in telling time. The students will also learn how to read a digital clock. The students will understand the number before the colon represents the hour and the number after the colon represents the minutes.

    First graders will soon be telling their teacher..."It's 3:30! Time to go home!!"



    Students continue their study of measurement while integrating addition and subtraction skills. We also continue to learn about Native American tribes from various regions of North America. Don't forget to send in an adult-sized plain white t-shirt by Friday so it can be dyed and worn on our field trip to the Tyler Arboretum.


    The Third grade teachers are very proud of the students this week. Readers are finishing the Biography unit and moving into the much anticipated Social Issues Unit! Readers will focus on finding social issues in books and identify how those issues effect the characters and the world. In addition, the third grade authors are finishing their persuasive writing pieces and are looking forward to becoming poets! Our chick friends left us on Friday. The students were amazing "parents" to our chickens and we had a very successful hatch. Our scientists and geographers are now in their last rotation of Social Studies and Science. Lastly, we will be traveling to Springton Lake on Friday to see the band and strings concert. Please send in your permission slips if you have not done so!



    Our fourth grade scientists had a wonderful time at Bellevue State Park this week. We searched the pond and the meadows for producers, consumers, and decomposers. We discussed the interdependence of the animals that lived in the fields. We even searched under rocks and logs and in the pond for organisms. Our detective work helped us understand how the Bellevue State Park community of living organisms as well as the nonliving components interact in their system.



    As we move into the second week of May, the 5th grade continues to look at the writing of personal memoirs. In Reader’s Workshop, Mr. Keeler’s and Mr. Dieter’s classes are continuing to take a look at the genre of historical fiction. Ms. Pinsley’s and Ms. Astfalk’s classes are looking at the genre of fantasy. In social studies, the 5th grade is investigating the primary factors leading up to the American Revolution -in particular, the Boston Massacre. In science, the 5th grade is continuing to work on their science fair experiments. The science fair itself will be held in late May. In math, Mr. Dieter’s, Ms. Pinsley’s and Ms. Astfalk’s classes are taking a look at Topic 13 in the Pearson math program, which deals with order of operation. On Friday, the 5th grade will attend the 5th grade spring concert at Springton Lake Middle School.


    Dear Parent or Guardian,                                                                 

    The children are eagerly anticipating Field Day 2016 and we would like to make it

    a fun morning for everyone. Many of you have already volunteered a great deal of time to Glenwood activities, but we really need your help to make Field Day a success!


    If you are able to volunteer, we will need help in the following areas:

    • Setting up equipment prior to the start of Field Day
      • Any time you can spare between 6:30 and 8:30 a.m. would be most helpful!
    • Acting as a place judge for the dashes*


    * If you are willing to assist in this area, you will be sharing the responsibility with another volunteer and will be able to spend the rest of the time as a spectator.


    Event volunteers are expected to report to the upper field behind the school by 8:45 a.m. on the morning of Thursday, May 19th. You will be notified of your assignment at that time. The event will last until approximately 11:45 a.m.


    If you are interested in volunteering, please contact Susan Foster at

    Thank you for your continued support of Glenwood School activities.                    


    Mrs. Jackson and Mr. Leahan

    Physical Education Instructors



    Congratulations to the more than 70 students that completed Rocky's Reading Challenge! The Blue Rocks have given each student two tickets for Thursday, May 19, 2016. Tickets have been sent home with each participating student. Students will be recognized at the next Glenwood Pride assembly. Enjoy your special evening at the Blue Rocks!


    Dear Parent or Guardian,


    You may have heard about some recent cases of head lice reported at Glenwood. Head lice are a very common occurrence among school-age children. In case you are unfamiliar with head lice, let me give you some helpful information. Head lice are small, brown insects no larger than the size of a sesame seed. They live, feed, and reproduce on the human head only, not on pets. The females lay eggs, called nits, on the hair close to the scalp. The nits look like tiny, whitish ovals and are firmly glued to the hair shaft. They hatch within two weeks. They feed on blood and their bites cause itching- the most common symptom of head lice. The bugs are often hard to locate because they move quickly to avoid the light. Nits are easier to find. If you do discover nits or lice be sure to treat them promptly. Check with your doctor to determine the product that will be best for your child. School personnel maintain confidentiality with this matter and your child will not be identified.


    Below is some helpful information:

    • Head to head contact is the most probable source of contamination! Talk to your child about maintaining space and not sharing personal items and clothing.
    • Hair should be secured back, tied and/or braided AND put up in a clip whenever possible. Girls should wear headbands or use barrettes to avoid loose strands from contacting others.
    • Many people use OTC hair products like gels or hair sprays to further ensure control of loose hairs.
    • Limit the number of layers of clothing your child is wearing to avoid contamination if they remove them during the day.
    • By the time a case of head lice is discovered, it is most likely over a month old!
    • Schools are not the most common place where head lice are spread. Sleepovers, close contact play and sharing personal items among friends and family are a more likely way they are passed from head to head.
    • Head lice do not hop, jump or fly. They crawl and travel by direct contact which is usually head to head. A healthy louse only wants to be on a human scalp where it is protected and can thrive.
    • Lice that fall out of the head are most likely dying and incapable of reproduction. Off the body they can only survive for 24- 48 hours.
    • Nails should be kept short to avoid trapping nits if present.
    • PLEASE always contact the school nurse if lice and/or nits are found so that the students in your child's class can be screened to rule out other sources of contamination. In addition, you need to contact any friends that may have been exposed prior to treatment. I know this may be difficult, but it is a vital step in eliminating the lice issue.


    Please feel free to call me with any questions or concerns. I can be reached at 610-627-6903 daily from 8:30am-4pm. By working together we can eliminate this problem. Thank you for your help in this matter.


    Best Regards,


    Amy L. Lenton, LPN

    Health Room Nurse


    TRANSPORTATION: Please be sure to complete the following by June 17th for your student’s next year transportation needs:


    Hello Glenwood families,

    First off, I want to say another Thank You for purchasing Blue Rocks tickets to our May 6th outing with the Select Chorus!  Even though things didn't work out due to weather conditions, I had a chance to spend some time Friday night, and again over the weekend, with our Blue Rocks ticket rep to find some alternatives for you and your families- see below: Options for Blue Rocks game- Friday May 6:



    Cowboy Monkey Rodeo will be rescheduled - I do not have a finalized date at this time but I understand this event happens often throughout the year.  Check the Blue Rocks website for details:


    RAINCHECK Option:

    Your ticket(s) can be exchanged for any regular season game within 1 year of our original date (May 6, 2017).  He advises that you follow these simple steps:

    STEP 1: Call (302) 888-5358

    STEP 2: Reserve # of tickets for your new game ** Your May 6th ticket is your raincheck- you will need to hand this in in exchange for the new game **

    STEP 3: Go to "Will Call" on the day of your new game
    NOTE: The Rescheduled Cowboy Monkey Rodeo game is an option!  Just check the Blue Rocks website!



    I will reserve Sunday Fun Day: Sunday June 12 @ 1:35 PM as our Glenwood game.  This is another big promotional event for The Blue Rocks because it's their annual MEGA CANDY DROP Game!  ALL children in attendance are invited to the field following the game to collect candy dropped by a helicopter.  *If you joined us last year, this will bring back memories*  Sunday Fun Day also gives children the chance to play catch on the field prior to the game and take part in an autograph signing with the Blue Rocks' players.


    EXTRA and LOST TICKET(S) Option:

    Though it is our responsibility to hold on to our own tickets, I suggest that you call the Blue Rocks office.  You can also try finding a Glenwood family who does not need all of theirs and see if you can purchase those.  That said, if you have extras and no longer need them PLEASE LET ME KNOW and SEND THEM IN.  Families may want them! Hopefully I have answered many questions from this past weekend's weather postponed outing.  If you have any questions, comments, or concerns please do not hesitate in contacting!  I appreciate the support of our Glenwood Select Chorus and Glenwood music.  Have a wonderful week!


    Kathryn Hong



    Keep up to date with Glenwood Events & Happenings. For more information, visit and follow us at @GlenwoodPTG

    • Hurry! Only 100 Coupons are are left! Buy yours today: Wawa Hoagie Coupons are $5 each, good for 1 free 6" Shorti, and never expire. With spring sports and activities starting up, this is a great way to catch a quick meal on the run. Please contact Colleen at for more information.
    • Watch for information coming home soon about the Book Swap. Please drop off your books between May 16th to May 27th. If you would like help sort and level books, please contact Colleen Keinath at
    • Many thanks to Maria Anderson and all hospitality volunteers for overseeing Teacher Appreciation Week and Special Friends Days. Thank you to everyone who donated food and supplies for both events.

    The PTG thanks you for your support.


    Glenwood Elementary School

    2016 Calendar of Events REVISED 05-04-16



    5th grade Strings & Band Concert @SLMS 9:30 AM


    4th grade Band Practice @SLMS

    7:50 AM


    4th & 5th grade Band Concert @ SLMS 7:00 PM


    5th grade Strings Practice @SLMS 9:30 AM


    4th & 5th grade Strings Concert @SLMS

    7:00 PM




    2nd grade to Tyler Arboretum



    5th grade visit SLMS


    3rd grade to Tyler Arboretum


    Family Night / No Homework


    Field Day Rain date


    Pride Day


    Holiday – No School for Students All Buildings Closed



    5th grade trip to Washington, DC


    Kindergarten Round Up



    Birthday Bash (during lunches)


    5th grade Fun Day @ YMCA



    1st grade to Philadelphia Zoo


    Teacher In-service Day / No School for Students

    Penncrest High School Graduation


    End of Marking Period


    Kindergarten to Milky Way Farms / NO PM Kindergarten



    Volunteer Breakfast



    4th grade to Philly



    Kindergarten Field Day @YMCA / NO PM Kindergarten


    End of 4th Marking Period



    Early Dismissal for Students (no lunches served)



    Last Day of School - Early Dismissal for Students



    Professional Development – Teachers






    Glenwood’s Book Swap

    June 6 - 13, 2016


    Would you like to help your child get a jump start on his or her Summer Reading? Would you like your child to get his or her hands on a “new to him/her” book without spending any money? Then please help us prepare for Glenwood’s Third Annual Book Swap.


    We will be collecting gently used books in readable condition to be included in our Book Swap. Book donations will be accepted from Monday, May 16 through Friday, May 27, 2016. Books will be collected from your child’s classroom on a daily basis. Simply send in any books you may have from home that your child has really enjoyed but can bear to part with. Ideally the books should be ones that you think someone else would enjoy reading as much as your child did. To help make this event successful we request that each student donate at least one book. Examples of books to donate are Picture Books, Easy Readers and Chapter Books. We are especially in need of books at the 3rd through 6th grade reading level. Please do not send in baby board books or magazines.


    Volunteers will sort through and organize all donated books. The students will visit the Book Swap during their regularly scheduled Library time. Every student will have the opportunity to select at least one book to begin their Summer Reading. The students may have the opportunity to select more than one book depending on how many books are initially collected. The more donated books we collect, the more books the students can select!


    If you have all your clearances in place and would like to volunteer your time to sort/organize books or help the students in their selection of reading material during the Book Swap, please contact Colleen Keinath at 610-459-2321 or email


    Start going through those bookshelves and see what books are calling out for a new home!

    Thank you for helping enrich the minds of all our Glenwood Students.