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    eNews: September 21, 2016




    It was great to see all of the parents who attended our Back-to-School Night’s.   We appreciate your support and hope our Back to School Night programs provided you with valuable information about your child’s education at Glenwood. 


    Tuesday, October 11th  is Picture Day!  Make sure your child brings the order form to school if you wish to purchase pictures. All students will be photographed, regardless of whether you buy anything, so we will try to make everyone smile.


    Glass Water Bottles:

    It has been warm in parts of our building and students are encouraged to bring a water bottle with them to school; however please do NOT send in glass bottles… although they have a protection, we have found they can still shatter!


    No School Monday, October 3rd

    Rosh Hashanah (School Holiday)


    Parent-Teacher Conferences

    Remember that parents will be signing up for Parent-Teacher Conferences on-line in October.

    Stay tuned for more information!


    Feel free to contact me at 610-627-6901 or if you have questions or concerns with which I may be able to assist.


    Eric F. Bucci

    The children took a field trip/scavenger hunt around the school to see special places and meet special people around the school building.  At the end of our field trip, we got to eat Gingerbreadmen cookies. 

    The first grade students have been hard at work using their math minds.  The students are learning to use math strategies to help develop fluency with adding and subtracting within 10.  Strategies include counting on, counting back, using doubles, using near doubles and using a number line.

    Second graders are learning many strategies in Math.  We have talked about how there are many ways to solve problems, and we are giving them many tools from which to choose.  In conjunction, we will be using the "Tools for Success" program to drill and practice addition and subtraction facts up to 18.  With fact memorization, many future math skills come much easier!

    The third grade teachers would like all the parents and guardians who came to Back to school Night. It was really nice to meet and chat with you all of you as we head into the new school year. Third graders are finishing Topic 1 this week in math and will be testing on Friday. In Reader’s Workshop the students are continuing on in the unit “Building a Reading Life” they are reviewing and learning what it means to be 3rd grade readers. We are looking forward to a very productive year!

    We were very happy to meet with parents last night to talk about our classroom and the 4th grade curriculum.  If you were unable to come, but are able to help our classroom, please contact the homeroom parent.

    During Reading Workshop, the students learned more about themselves as readers.  We discussed the "Best of Times" and the "Worst of Times," when it came to reading.  Students were able to decipher what type of environment and what type of books give them the best reading situation.  

    As we move through the month of September, 5th grade students continue to impress with their fantastic work ethic.  In Reader’s Workshop, the 5th grade is taking a look at how to best do a “close reading” of a work of fiction.   In Writer’s Workshop, the 5th grade has jumped into the writing of personal narratives.   In math, Ms. Pinsley’s and Mr. Dieter’s classes are taking a look at how to best use word name, expanded form and standard form.  In social studies, Mr. Dieter’s class is learning about the first people to settle in North America 15000 years ago.

    Art Club with be starting up on September 27. This is an after-school club for fifth grade students. Permission slips will be given out during class time or you can follow the link to download one.

    REMINDER: PLEASE SUBMIT YELLOW EMERGENCY CARDS, IF YOU HAVE MISPLACED YOURS PLEASE CONTACT THE SCHOOL AND WE WILL SEND HOME A DUPLICATE. All students received one in their Glenwood folder. Thank you in advance for your cooperation!

    Rose Tree Media School District Student Health Lice Control Regulations
    There are millions of cases of head lice in our country every year.   Anyone, adult or child, can get head lice.   Lice do not care about family income, race, religion, or cleanliness.   All head lice need are humans from whom to suck blood.   Head lice do not infest pets or other animals.  Lice cannot survive for more than 2 days without a human host.  Lice do not carry disease.

    Educating staff, parents, and students is one of the most powerful tools in controlling head lice outbreaks.   Head lice are easily shared, and parents are encouraged to report any suspected cases of head lice to the school principal or designee. With proper treatment and notification, the problem can be controlled.

    Head lice do not originate in the school and the school cannot prevent their spread.  Because schools bring large numbers of children into close contact daily, the potential for the transmission of head lice exists.  The school can, however, be helpful to their communities in controlling the spread of head lice by providing educational assistance to those communities seeking to address the issue of head lice.  The role for the Rose Tree Media School District will be education in three areas:
    1.       Preventing the transmission of head lice
    2.       Proper treatment of a student with head lice
    3.       Notification of occurrence(s) of head lice

    These procedures are based upon the guidelines from the Center for Disease Control, the Pennsylvania Department of Health, and school district health policies.  A Head Lice Alert flyer will be distributed to the parents of all elementary school students at the start of the school   year.   Efforts   directed toward   awareness and prevention will result   in fewer cases of head lice.

    The purpose of these procedures is to maintain a district-wide systematic   intervention response for school personnel and for educating and assisting parents of children to:
          ·         manage head lice/nit cases;
          ·         offer information about proper treatment of  head lice;
          ·         prevent excessive absences from school; and
          ·         Provide notification of incidences of head lice to appropriate personnel.

     Indicators of possible head lice:
    A student may be suspected of having head lice/nits if the following conditions are present:

    1. A student complains of a tickling sensation or itching behind the ears, at the back of the neck and on the crown of the head.
    2. A student has a telltale pink rash or sores on the scalp caused by scratching.
    3. Nits/lice are observed on the hair.

    A student suspected of having head lice/nits will be evaluated using the following procedures:

    1. Student is discretely removed from the classroom and sent to the school nurse for evaluation
    2. School nurse or medical designee will inspect the student’s head privately and unobtrusively.

     If it is confirmed that a student has head lice/nits:

    1. Parent/guardian is asked to come to the school and is provided with information about appropriate treatment.
    2. The school nurse will review appropriate treatment guidelines and provide information on treatment protocol.
    3. The student is sent home with the parent/guardian for treatment.
    4. At the elementary level, the school nurse will conduct a screening of all students in the infested student’s class.
    5. The school nurse will inspect other members of the same household attending district schools. The elementary school nurse will notify secondary school nurses if an infected student’s siblings attend middle or high school.

     Treatment/Return to school:

    1. Parents are expected to treat with an appropriate product and remove all lice and visible nits before bringing the student back to school.
    2. A student may return to school the day after treatment but must be brought to school by the parent/guardian to be re-examined by the school nurse.
    3. The school nurse has the ability to make the determination if the student has a condition of head lice that continues to be communicable. Students are not to return to school until they are determined to be non-infectious by the school nurse.
    4. In cases where the school nurse believes that there is a lack of compliance with appropriate treatment, a no-nit policy may be implemented. The building principal will contact the student’s parents and review the treatment protocol and request compliance.
    5. If a child has three (3) or more occurrences or has missed more than 10 days of school in a three (3) month period due to lack of compliance with appropriate treatment methods, a report may be filed with Children and Youth Services.

    Follow-up Examinations:

    1. The school nurse, at her discretion, will conduct a follow-up examination of any infested student.
    2. The school nurse will re-examine the student within 14 days to insure that a re-occurrence of head lice has not occurred.


    1. At the elementary level, when a student in a particular classroom is found to have lice, all the parents in that particular class will be notified by school letter and/or e-alert.
    2. After the third confirmed case of lice is found across different grade levels, an e-alert will be sent to all parents within that school. When the school nurse has not identified any new cases for two weeks, a second notification will be issued to parents.
    3. Parents will be encouraged to report cases they discover to the school nurse. Confidentiality will be respected.



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