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    eNews: October 19, 2016



    Parent-Teacher Conferences

    Parent-Teacher Conferences are LIVE on-line!  Please visit here to sign up: TIme to Sign Up.


    The link for sign-ups will be posted is also on our webpage.  All you need to do is click on your child’s homeroom teacher’s name, pick a time, and follow the directions.  Since our special area teachers and specialists see various grade levels you will need to contact the following teachers individually if you would like to meet with them during conference times.


    Mrs. Hennessy

    Mrs. Falzone

    Ms. Shannon

    Mr. Grisillo

    Mr. Sharp

    Mr. Bugosh

    Mr. Walls

    Ms. Hong

    Mrs. Jackson

    Mr. Leahan

    Mrs. Lista

    Mrs. Johnson

    Ms. Yepremian

    Mr. Ament

    Mrs. Roccia

    Mrs. Rigatti

    Mrs. Morris



    Click here for a full list of clubs and permission slips, or visit our Glenwood website.  They are also listed on the school calendar.



    There will be NO Boy’s Intramurals Monday October 31st.


    Halloween Parade/Parties (Monday October 31, 2016)

    Dear Parents/Guardians,                                                                               October 2016


    This year’s Halloween Parade and classroom activities will be held on Monday October 31, 2016.  If you are signed up to volunteer early, please be sure to sign in at the office.  Volunteers coming into school early to help set up and assist with costume changes must have their clearances.   Parents, grandparents and siblings are all invited to attend the parade and enjoy this special event with us.   The parade will begin on the upper playground at 2:00 PM.   The building will be locked during the parade, so if you are going to be viewing the parade, please park and proceed to the upper field.  In the interest of calmness and security, we ask that adults NOT wear masks or face paint to the parade and please understand that only adults are permitted to attend the classroom festivities after the parade.  ADULTS DO NOT NEED CLEARANCES TO ATTEND THE PARADE AND CLASSROOM PARTY.  Parents must sign in and obtain their Glenwood visitor badge before entering the building.  We will have additional volunteers and personnel to help get everyone signed into the building and we appreciate everyone’s patience and understanding.


    Please have your First through Fifth Grade child bring his/her costume to school in a bag; AM & PM Kindergartners should come to school dressed in costume.  Children’s costumes must be of a nonviolent nature that is appropriate for a school setting.  The students are not permitted to carry any item that could be characterized as a weapon (grim reaper’s staff, devil’s pitchfork, etc.).  Caution your son or daughter about the safety factors involved in getting on or off a bus or walking home while wearing a mask or costume; urge your child to carry his/her costume and mask home.  Children are not permitted to go home at lunch to get dressed.


    The AM Kindergarten class may wear their costumes to school.  Any large pieces should be placed in a bag.  They will have their class party in the morning as well as a special activity.  AM Kindergarten students are invited to return with their parents for the 2:00 PM school-wide parade held outdoors. The PM Kindergarten class will have their party before dismissal.


    PM Kindergarten and All Other Grades

    2:00 - 2:30 PM Parade on Playground

    2:30 - 3:00 PM Activities/Healthy Refreshments in Classrooms

    3:00 - 3:25 PM Cleanup and Dismissal


    For those who do not celebrate Halloween, there will be alternative activities in the library during the parade and party.  In the event of inclement weather, the afternoon parade will be held indoors at 2:00 PM.  All families will report to the Large Group Instruction Room for parade viewing. 


    Happy Halloween!

    Digital Citizenship Week, October 17-21.

    It's here again: Digital Citizenship Week! What can we do to celebrate kids using technology safely, responsibly, and respectfully? Empower them in three simple steps:

    1. Take the digital citizenship for all pledge
    2. Ask students to create their own pledge
    3. Challenge your families to have a #DeviceFreeDinner

    Common Sense Media

    Kindergarten students have finished learning how to form all capital letters.  We also have learned numbers 1 through 5 and are now working on 6 through 10.

    The first graders have learned how many ways you can make ten by using and creating a “Rainbow to 10” poster.  Each color of the rainbow connects two numbers to equal ten.  The students have learned that the numbers added to make ten are called addends.  The first graders are using their mathematical minds every day!

    Second graders continue their unit on Maps and Communities.  They will be learning about suburban, urban, and rural neighborhoods...and the similarities and differences of those types of communities.  Ask them to describe each type of community, and see if they can tell you which type we live in.  Don't forget to send in the permission slip for our trip to downtown Media.  If you sent the permission slip without the $3.00 transportation fee, please send your $3.00 as soon as possible.

    Third graders are very busy right now! In Ms. Mazzella, and Ms. Coyne’s math class, we are studying Topic 3. The third graders are learning strategies to multiply by 3s, 4s, 6s,7s,8s, by drawing arrays and breaking them up into two smaller facts using the distributive property. Ms. Salera’s class is busy working on Topic 2. In reader’s workshop, the students are diving into their character studies and working in book partnerships to look closely are a character’s motivation and character traits. The authors are still working on their personal narratives, learning the structure of a paragraph.

    Our fourth grade readers are learning how to "Make Connections to Form a Theory."  Using our mentor text, Tiger Rising by Kate DiCamillo, we use strategies, such as, finding connections that help us to form ideas about the characters, sharing ideas about the setting and story elements, and writing down our theories.  We are using these strategies to deepen our comprehension of texts.

    As we pass the halfway mark in October, 5th grade students continue to impress with their positive attitudes towards each other. In Reader’s Workshop, the 5th grade has moved into the second week of Interpretation Book Clubs. Here, the primary focus is to have students think deeply about their reading by writing thoughtfully and analytically about their reading. Further, 5th grade students continue to use the six “signposts” that good readers use to deepen their understanding of text. In Writer’s Workshop, the 5th grade continues to write new and creative personal narratives. Importantly, students are writing from “inside” the story and not just summarizing an event in their lives. Further, they are writing with an idea in mind and developing good openings and closings for their writing pieces. In math, Ms. Pinsley’s and Mr. Dieter’s classes are taking a look at Topic 3 in the new Pearson program, which looks at how to multiple, estimate and round using whole numbers. In social studies, Mr. Dieter’s class is looking at the first European explorers to come to the Americas in the 15th and 16th centuries.

    Mrs. Yepremian and Miss Mazzella are overwhelmed at the positive response to Junior Optimist Club! We have so many new and returning members joining us this year. The first Junior Optimist meeting will take place Wednesday October 26, 2016 at 8:15 AM. We are SO excited to get started on our newest initiatives!


    Keep up to date with Glenwood Events & Happenings. For more information, visit and follow us  @GlenwoodPTG

    • KINDERGARTEN Get-Together will be held at Penncrest THIS Friday October 21st from 6:45-8PM.  Kindergarten students will meet new friends and parents connect too!  There will be games, face painting, and snacks for the children.  Our school mascot, Woody will be making a special appearance!  This is not a drop off event, parents are responsible for your children while at Penncrest.  To RSVP please visit:
    • TRUNK OR TREAT will be held at Glenwood this year Saturday October 29th.  Set up begins at 4PM in the front parking log, the event will be from 5PM – 6PM.  Children will travel from “trunk to trunk” gathering candy and snacks.  Please look for more information on how to register or make candy donations.  Prize will be given for Best Trunk!
    • SaveAround Coupon Book is due, books are $25. PLEASE SEND IN YOUR PAYMENT OR RETURN THE COUPON BOOK to your teacher.
    • PTG Dues of $15 per family: Please use the pink Make It Easy form if you would like to write one check for multiple items, like the $25 Coupon Book and/or to make a tax deductible donation to the PTG.  The Glenwood PTG is a non-profit organization.

    The PTG thanks you for your

    Reminder to all new incoming and kindergarten students: If you have not submitted a physical and dental form for your child, please send it in as soon as possible.  If you are unsure if you have returned these forms, please contact Amy Lenton at  Copies of these forms can be found on our website or click here: Health Forms