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    Poetry Cafe

    Poetry Cafe

    May 15-19, 2017


    Message from our Principal

    This week Mrs. Hatton opened up the Poetry Cafe.  It is amazing to see the students share their poetry pieces with their classmates and family.  There were some really touching moments when some parents shared their poems with their children.  Thank you Mrs. Hatton for giving our families this wonderful opportunity to share with each other.  We wrapped up the week with a Bobcat Breakfast.  We had a great turn-out and families gathered to eat and socialize.  The Bobcat made an appearance at the breakfast and stayed for pictures with the students and families.  Finally, please consider registering, volunteering, or donating to our Run the Lane event.  Visit the website, for more information.  Have a great weekend.


    From our Classrooms


    The children have been learning about capacity by comparing size and shape in math. They have also learned how to compare weight. They ended the week by placing classroom objects on a balance scale and comparing their weights.

    During Reading Workshop we have been reading many different kinds of fiction and nonfiction. The children have been learning how to understand the author’s intention when he wrote the book. After the children have found interesting facts they became reporters and shared their findings with the class.


    First Grade

    Millipedes!  Pill Bugs!  Guppies and snails! Oh My!  This was the big excitement in first grade science.  We observed, studied and added live organisms to our Woodlands and Freshwater Habitats.  The kids are loving the changes that are now happening in our habitats. Two classes in first grade are studying the Woodland Habitat and the other two are studying the Freshwater Habitat.  They became experts of their habitat and transformed into science teachers!   Each student worked with another first grade student to teach them all about the habitat in their classroom.  It was a great way to swap information!


    Second Grade

    In Writing Workshop, we reviewed figurative language. We also created Shape and Haiku poems.  We are now sharing our room with tiny guests! These would be our caterpillars. We examined their food source and began collecting data and keeping an observation log. In Math, we are comparing and contrasting different units of measure and are solving two-step problems involving measurement. In Reading Workshop, we were introduced to “point of view” in stories. We are also reading and analyzing fractured fairy tales.


    Third Grade

    Some of the third grade classes enjoyed Poetry Cafe this week! All third graders went to Springton Lake for the 5th Grade Band and Orchestra concert on Friday; it was a great concert! In Reading, students are working busily on researching and writing about their famous people. In Writer’s Workshop, students continued to write their Fairy Tales in partnerships. In Science, we began our land and water unit; ask your child if he/she remembers the Water Cycle song!


    Fourth Grade

    Fourth grade is wrapping up its study of poetry.  We have been reading, writing and presenting poetry.  Poetry Cafe can be a great time for budding poets to present their own poetry. Hopefully, you will have a chance to attend. This week we also completed Reading MAP testing.  Next week we will do Math.  As we wind down to the end of the year, students are busily working on their state projects.  Those projects will be presented by each student to their classmates.  


    Fifth Grade

    In fifth grade we have gotten most of our end of the year MAP’s testing completed. It is a nice feeling for the fifth graders to have that behind them.  We are beginning to work on reports for our Colonial Day on June 12th. We will have a person coming dressed in character of the colonial time period. In the afternoon the students will be doing a report in first person about a colonial trade they are researching. Thank you for all of your support in chaperoning our trip to Philadelphia. We had a record number of parents attend. We hope everyone enjoyed their day.


    From our Specialists:


    First graders are painting their aquariums with watercolor. This lesson enhances our study of seascapes and the first grade study of marine life. Second graders are applying glaze to their clay butterflies. This unit strengthens the students’ understanding of symmetry and their study of the butterfly as part of their science curriculum. Third graders are ready to display their dragon paintings. Fourth graders are rendering their landscapes in chalk pastel in the style of Grant Wood. Fifth graders did a beautiful job on their poetry cafe poster. Frank Stella was the artist of inspiration for the use of circles and Jackson Pollock’s painterly technique was channeled for some texture around these shapes.



    All grades continue to practice Field Day events!



    Poetry Café is off to a great start!  We hope you can make it to your child’s class event!  Grandparents and younger siblings are welcome to attend as well.  If you have any questions, please email Mrs. Hatton.


    Remaining Dates & Times:

    Mon, May 22 (Day 2) - Washington (10:15), Arbutina (11:05), Amoroso (12:50), Ferdon (1:50), Herman (2:40)

    Tues, May 23 (Day 3) - Sitkowski (10:15), Moretzsohn (11:05), Parkinson (12:50), Barton (1:50), Haskell (2:40)


    As I say at every Poetry Cafe, this event is special and memorable because of you!  Thanks to all who are able to attend.  



    1st – Most classes worked on a new dance and can now do a do-si-do.

    2nd – We’ve learned a new and more complex Virginia Reel.  These students love dancing!

    3rd – “It’s A Hit” continues to be our focus.  All students should have their lines memorized by next week.  All songs can be practiced by visiting the ‘Battavio Shared Folder’ on my website.

    4th – This week, students performed their boomwhacker ostinatos for their class.  It was challenging, but impressive.

    5th – The fifth grade dance for Field Day is our next performance.  What a change in these student’s dance skills compared to where we started in September.  Their dance will be a great finale to a fun morning.


    From our PTG

    • RUN THE LANE is Saturday, June 3rd.  For race day details, online registration, volunteer sign-up sheet, & donations sign-up sheet, please visit the IL website or click here.


    From our School Counselor, Mrs. Hilden

    The elementary counselors will be presenting an informational session entitled “Social Media, Online Safety, and the Elementary School Child” on Tuesday, May 30th at 7:00 p.m. in Glenwood’s Large Group Room.  For more information, click here.


    From our School Nurse, Mrs. LaRose

    Just a reminder that students cannot bring medications from home to keep with them to take during the school day.  This is a safety concern as another student could find and take the medication, and it goes against district policy.  Please review the policy for medication administration during the school day, and feel free to call the nurse’s office if you are ever in doubt.

    RTMSD medication policy


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