PSSA Preparation - Grade 8
    While PSSA preparation happens every day in our classroom, there are particular activities that will improve a student's readiness for this particular test. Many of these are highlighted below.
    To access the "Reading Assessment Anchor Glossary", which is the official PDE Glossary of Literary Terms that may appear on the PSSA, click on the link below:
We will also complete the following activities:
1. review eligible content for Grade 8 
2. practice active reading techniques (making predictions, note-taking, highlighting, eliminating clearly wrong answers, etc.)
3. learn "The 12 Powerful Words" that appear frequently on standardized tests (trace, analyze, infer, evaluate, formulate, describe, support, explain, summarize, compare, contrast, and predict)
4. read a number of sample passages (narrative, informational, and persuasive) and poems