Educational Sites

Early Humans
Go to these sites to look at the Twelve Tables
StoneHenge Genome Project and the American Museum of Natural History:
 Lascaux Cave Paintings Website
Picasso Drawing Examples you may use to copy the Lascaux Cave Paintings
This site is about the early hominid who was just found in Africa, "Ardi": Question
Early Humans Site:
Look at this site for the crusades:
Good websites for Ancient Egypt:
Tomb Painting
Many Egypt Topics
Use the search engine for the BBC
Ancient Egypt BBC-Interactive Page

 Sites for the Middle Ages
Sites for Ancient Greece
Plato: Reading and Writing Assignment:
Rome Unit
Murder in Ancient Rome Lesson:
More about the Roman Empire:
    Twelve Tables
Roman Republic - Social Order and Display
(Skim through the above website and write or draw some details about social order and how it was publically displayed during the Roman Republic.)
Good Research Websites  for RomanEmperors:
(Write or draw what you have learned.)
Ancient Egypt BBC-Interactive Page
Columbian Exchange - Search for maps and the goods involved in the Columbian Exchange on the web:
Play the interactive "Merchants of the Great Exchange":
Practice for the National Geographic GeoBee; take the quizzes on this site!
(It has actual questions from the Geograhy Bee.)  Looking over a map or atlas would be wise also.
This site is about the "Iceman":
This site is about the early hominid who was just found in Africa, "Ardi":
Write Like a Babylonian in Cuneiform
Sites for inspirational quotes for your bookmark