Welcome to Penncrest High School


Penncrest is a four-year high school recognized for excellence in education by the Pennsylvania Department of Education. Currently, approximately 1300 students are enrolled in grades nine through twelve.

In past years, Penncrest graduates have attended over 200 different colleges and universities, located in forty states, and the District of Columbia. 

Penncrest's curriculum, which includes over 150 courses, emphasizes proficiency in basic skills along with an extensive elective program.  Honors and Advanced Placement courses are offered in all major subject areas.  Students who successfully complete Advanced Placement courses are eligible to take Advanced Placement tests and potentially receive college credit for these courses. Additional technical courses are offered at Delaware County technical schools and further career education is available at satellite institutions.  Students enrolled in technical school courses attend one-half day at Penncrest taking required courses and one-half day at the technical school.  Special education programming is also available for students with IEPs.

Students must earn 24.4 credits in the following subject areas and complete a graduation project during their senior year in order to be graduated:

4 credits English
3 credits Mathematics (inc. Alg. + Geometry)
3 credits Science (inc. Gen. Science + Bio.)
4 credits Social Studies
4 credit Fine & Practical Arts
2.4 credits Health & Physical Education
2 credits Electives
Level 2 Foreign Language
1 credit School & Community Service
Yes Graduation Project
24.4 Total Credits