boy globeSocial Studies 
  1. This year we will study
  2. Regions of the United States, Government and Pennsylvania.

Daily Geography
Daily Geography Week 1-36
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Chapter 1 - The study of the Social Sciences - Here is a Powerpoint Review for Chapter 1
Students will be thinking like the 4 different social scientists while they are looking around their home for artifacts.  Each student needs  4 or more artifacts.  One artifact for each of the social scientists. 
Economist -
Studies how you use your resources(money) to meet your wants and needs 
"What are people buying and selling?  How are they spending their money?"  
Possible artifacts: coupons, receipts, sale flyers, price tags, advertisements
Geographer - studies the natural and constructed features  of the Earth
"What are the natural and constructed features of this area?"
Possible artifacts:  maps, globes, feathers, rocks, photos of buildings, or bridges
Political Scientist 
Studies the government and laws
"Who is in charge?  Who has the power?"
Possible artifacts - voter card, election materials, political cartoons, flags, "government" items, articles about the laws
Studies what happened in history.
"What happened in the past? Who took part in these events?"
Possible artifacts - Birth records, baby books, family photos, letters, diaries, family treasures, home of free online educational games

Chapter 2 -We learned about the globe, latitude, longitude and types of maps and the regions of the United States.
Chapter 3 Study Guide 2
(The last page is the study guide all filled out)

Chapter 3 Study Guide - This Land is Your Land


Click this link to view a Quizlet on the vocabulary for Chapter 4

Chapter 6 - Southeast Region

Chapter 10 - The Southwest
Southwest Powerpoint- information taught to students
Review Questions
Southwest Jeopardy Review Game

Pennsylvania Project
Click the link below to access our project.
2011 Pennsylvania Project
On-line Atlases
*Clickable world map for information and maps of countries.
*Printable outline maps of geographic regions, continents, or the world.

Constitution Day Website and Activities:

Internet Links
Social Studies Alive: Regions of Our Country- A link to our primary textbook 
National Geographic For Kids
This site offers everything from games to articles to homework help. Easy to navigate and very kid friendly. With the GeoSpy game students can print out certificates of their successes. Have fun!

Social Studies Alive: Regions of Our Country - 
A link to our primary textbook in Social Studies

Pennsylvania History Pennsylvania: A History of the Commonwealth

Discover Pennsylvania for Kids Links to sites for kids, including state symbols, 
state emblems, facts and figures, and other links.

The US50 is a great site to see all about the 50 states.

Visit PA is the official tourism Web site of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania; 
Pennsylvania Department of Community and Economic Development

Factmonster Very good collection of information on each state in a clickable, 
easy to use format for kids.

Info Please Clickable US map that links you with facts about each of the 50 states.
50 A very comprehensive list of links to resources for the 50 states' research.

Passport to History Program - Delware County, Pennsylvania
Kid's Connect About the United States - Go to this site to learn about each of the 50 
World Almanac for Kids - Here is another great site to learn about US and World 
Ben's Guide to United States Government - Get some Executive, Legislative, and 
Judicial Branch information all at one place!
The White House Homepage for Kids - Do you want to learn more about our President, 
Vice President, and First Lady? Would you like to take a virtual 
tour of the White House? Visit this site and you'll become an expert on the Executive 
Law-4-Kids and Other Stuff - This site contains excellent links to kid-friendly sites 
about Government and Law.
Northeast States' Links
Southeast States' Links
Midwest States' Links
Southwest States' Links
West States' Links



State Transportation Department Websites
You can use this source to get to any state's Dept. of Transportation website. Search to find the best address to send your letter.
Researching Your Favorite States
This website have TONS of information (hyperbole!) to help you find information about your state to share in your letter and to include in your powerpoint presentation.
Daily Geography Quiz 1
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