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Numbers & Operations
  First in MathDirect link to electronic 24 program.
  Numbers & Place Value 
Place ValueGuided info to trillions.
Other Number SystemsNumber systems info.
Estimation ContraptionCompute using estimation.
Can You Say Really Big Numbers?Create & read large numbers.
Place Value Puzzler- Medium, Hard, Super Brain LevelPlace value & rounding game.
One False Move- Medium or Hard Level  Ordering integers.
Operation OrderUse order of operation with integers.
BasketMathInteractive game all operations & other topics.
Speedy SumsAdd to reach the target sum.
  Multiplication & Division 
MathCar RacingMultiplication of integers.
Math BaseballPractice of multiplication & division.
Batter's Up BaseballNewest addition & multiplication baseball.
Math MayhemFast paced practice.
60 Second FlashcardsPractice basic facts with electronic flashcards for 60 seconds.
Math Magician- Hard Level.Work Backwards Strategy with operations.
Race the WangdoodlesChallenge a friend  to practice your facts & percent of a number.
 All DivisionInteractive practice with division facts, division of fractions & decimals.
Factor Game   Factor challenge from Connected Mathematics.
Electronic Fraction PiecesWork with parts & wholes to learn about fractions.
Electronic Fraction BarsExplore fractions & equivalent fractions with bars.
Pattern Block Fractions  *Explore with pattern blocks through C. Lanius's lesson.
Visual FractionsPractice by seeing fractions.
Equivalent Fractions  Create your own equivalent fractions. (NCTM)
PizzaExplore creating fractions with pizza.
Who Wants Pizza?  C. Lanius's self-help lessons on equivalency & fractional operations.
Melvin's Make a MatchUse equivalent fractions to sort potion bottles.
Fraction FrenzyEquivalent fractions.
13 Ways of Looking at 1/2Try Dr. Marble's brain teaser from Cyberchase.
AdditionLike denominators.
More AdditionUnlike denominators.
Even More AdditionMixed numbers.
Fractions TopicsFrom basic fractions to multiplication & division.
Mission MagnetiteRelationship between fractions & percent.
Balloon Invaders IIFind percent of a number to save the planet.
Mystery Picture  *Fractional part of a whole number.
Sharing Cookies  *Explore division of fractions.
Soccer ShootoutWhole number &/or fraction game with basic operations.
Base Block DecimalsWork with base ten blocks to add & subtract decimals.
Sleuths on the LooseGame using measurement & ratios.
Measure It! Medium & Hard LevelMeasuring with inches & centimeters, including fractions.
Metric ConversionsCalculate metric conversions.
Animal Weigh InBalance customary & metric weights on scale.
Point of ViewView solids from 3-D to 2-D.
LOGO Park  *Explore LOGO at Math Playground.
TangramSolve various tangram puzzles.
More TangramsVariety of interactive puzzles.
LaForgia's TangramsEven more puzzles.
Pattern Blocks  *Explore with electronic pattern blocks.
Tessellation TownExplore tessellations.
RoboPackerHelp robots by using translations, reflections, & rotations.
   Grade 4 
   Grade 5 
   Grade 6 
Quilting BeeElectronic quilting with log cabin pattern.
Shape, Space, & Measure: AnglesExplore angles.
What's My Angle?Explore angles using an electronic protractor.
Star GazingEstimate angle measure in game format.
Pattern BlocksExplore pattern blocks.
Geometry CenterExplore shapes, patterns, & symmetry.
Surface Area & VolumeExplore solid's surface areas & volume electronically.
Sugary ShapesExplore cylinder's volume & surface area.
Zap the AliensLocate the correct x & y coordinates to capture the aliens.
  Algebraic Concepts 
Number CrackerSolve the number patterns.
Number Cruncher  *Discover the rule of the function machine.
Late DeliveryFind the value of expressions.
Equation MatchMatch equivalent equations.
Calder's Balancing ActsBalance algebraic equations with Calder's mobiles.
Number Ladder GameClimb the ladder by creating equations.
 Data Analysis & Probability 
Create a GraphCreate bar graph, pie chart, line graph.
Data PickingCreate frequency chart & graph data.
Pie Chart *Interactive tool & info.
Stem and Leaf Plotter  *Interactive tool & info.
What are Your Chances?Explore outcomes with dice.
Word SearchUses statistical terms.
  Math Terms 
Math GlossaryInteractive for grades 1 -6
Math Mystery WordsCheck math term knowledge.
Kids Math DictionaryInteractive.
  Homework Help 
A+Math: Homework HelpChecks work with basic operation.


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