For Teachers:

Click on the link below to access all resources for Internet Safety lessons for all student levels.

Internet Safety

For Parents:
The following links contain valuable information for parents in monitoring Internet use at home.

Videos on a wide range of topics that will help parents understand use of a cell phone, texting, YouTube, and many other topics.

Operation Triad works under the auspices of the Delaware County District Attorney's Office and is comprised of a cooperative group of law enforcement agencies on the international, federal, regional, state and local levels. Operation Triad is proactive and is diligently working to apprehend perpetrators, protect potential victims, and educate parents, teachers and children about Internet safety.
An overview of this phenomenon and practical guidance on prevention, detection of a cyber bully, and intervention.

An extensive list of resources related to Bullying, Hazing, and Harassment provided and maintained by the Pennsylvania Department of Education

Protecting Kids On-Line
"The Center for Safe Schools is pleased to announce the release of a new Internet safety video: Protecting Kids Online. Produced in Pennsylvania, this 22-minute Internet safety resource speaks to parents and caregivers on topics from understanding the serious repercussion of cyber-bullying to learning how to safeguard our children from online predators."

A Parent's Guide to Internet Safety

U.S. Department of Justice, Federal Bureau of Investigation

This site contains information about warning signs that your child may be at risk online.

Parenting Your Online Child

CyberAngels - World's Oldest and Largest Internet Safety Organization

For help explaining Internet safety to your child, click on "Resources for Parents" to download a parent resource book with everything you need to know. CyberAngels also offers online classes on parenting topics and advice on choosing software.

NetSmartz Workshop

Keeping Kids and Teens Safer on the Internet

Videos and activity cards to empower children and teens by educating them about the potential dangers online. Sections are devoted to kids, teens, parents, and others. Provides access to videos about real life experiences and cyberbullying, games, activities, and Internet safety raps to learn. New initiative for "UYN" (Use Your NetSmartz) for an easy way to remember online safety rules.


Family Guide to making the Internet safe, fun, and productive

Contains guidelines for parents and a sample Family Contract for Online Safety as well as articles about common sense rules, the risks, and other printable resources. Test your Internet safety knowledge with an online quiz. Safe blogging tips for teens and information about how makes it easy for predators.


Games to help children learn about Internet safety

A wonderful resource for younger students, this site contains tips for children about Internet safety and good manners. This is a great site for parents to interact together with their younger children.


A place for teens and parents

A branch of the SafeKids site, this site focuses on teens. Cell phone safety, protecting your privacy, and blog safety tips can be found here. There is also a link for a 24 page guide in Spanish!


World's largest online safety and help group

This site emphasizes the importance of online access and learning how to act responsibly. Among other resources, there is a Parenting Online book in .pdf format. Information about cyberdating, child pornography, scams and fraud, and valuable information on instant messaging and text messaging.

The Police Notebook

University of Oklahoma Department of Public Safety

A slide show presentation with questions and answers that parents can use with their younger children to generate discussion of online safety. Also includes safety tips concerning bullies, drugs and alcohol, dealing with strangers, and bus stop safety.

iSafe Organization

The Leader in Internet Safety Education

Founded in 1998 and endorsed by the U.S. Congress, this organization is a non-profit foundation dedicated to helping our youth understand their online experiences and assist in educating them to protect against any abuses.