Registration for New Students  is completed at:
Education Center 
308 No. Olive Street, Media

Registration Hours are as Follows:
Monday through Friday from 8:30 am to 11:30 am
Please bring the following documents at time of registration:
       1.      Parental proof of residency AND a document establishing identity.


·    Residency verification may be a deed, current lease agreement or current real
estate tax bill 
·       Identity verification may be a valid driver’s license, DOT identification card or
voter registration card 


2.   Child’s original birth certificate, baptismal certificate, or valid passport.


3.   A copy of the child’s immunizations as follows:


·       Measles Vaccine - Two properly spaced doses of measles vaccine (or MMR),

      the first on or after 12 months of age, and the second separated by at

      least one month from the first.

                        Mumps Vaccine - Two properly spaced doses of mumps vaccine (or MMR),

                        the first on or after 12 months of age, and the second separated by at

                        least one month from the first.

                        Rubella Vaccine - At least one dose of rubella vaccine (or MMR) administered

                        at 12 months of age or older.                                               

·       Diphtheria and Tetanus - Four or more properly spaced doses, with

      1 dose administered on or after the fourth birthday.

·       Polio (3 doses)

·       Hepatitis B - Three properly spaced doses. There must be a minimum of 28 days
between doses 1 and 2.

·       Varicella (chicken pox) – Two properly spaced doses of varicella vaccine

      or history of chicken pox disease.


      4.    If the student is in any Special Education/Gifted classes and has an IEP/GIEP or 
support through a 504 plan, please bring in a copy of the IEP (including
             Evaluation Report/ReEvaluation Report), GIEP or 504 Plan with you.     
      5.    If parents are not living together, a document establishing custody must be provided. 
             If there 
is no court ordered custody agreement, a notarized letter stating the custody 
             arrangements (i.e. 
“with Mom Monday – Thursday and with Dad Friday – Sunday”) 
             and signed by both 
parents is acceptable.  Child must be living in RTM School District 
             a minimum of 50% of the 
full week throughout the calendar year.

In addition, please click on the link provided here for the Registration Packet
.  Please print 
the packet, complete it, and bring it with you when you register.   One packet is required for
each student registering.

Again, welcome to the Rose Tree Media School District.  If you have any questions concerning
registration hours, what is required, or the packet please feel free to call 610-627-6020.