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    Glenwood Elementary School

    eNews: February 3, 2016








    Our students did such a great job in earning their 300 paw prints for:

    Being Ready, Respectful and Responsible!


    They had the opportunity to vote on their school reward and they chose a DJ at lunch. All lunches will have a DJ and music playing for the student’s enjoyment.


    Pride Assemblies in the afternoon to follow.




    Thank you Mrs. Spaulding for organizing this wonderful day!



    For elementary parents, this link will assist you in setting restrictions and parental controls on your children's iPhones / iPods:


    Friday February 5th – Pride Day: Students are encouraged to wear their “Glenwood green”

    Wednesday February 10th – Family Night/ No Homework & PTG fundraiser at Sky Zone

    Thursday February 11th – Early Dismissal, 12:20 pm

    Friday February 12th – No School / Teacher Inservice

    Monday February 15th – Holiday, All Buildings Closed


    Conference Sign-Ups!

    Conference sign-ups will go live on Tuesday, February 16th!   Conferences will take place on Wednesday, March 9th 4:00PM – 8:00PM and Thursday, March 10th 8:30AM -8:00PM.   The link for sign-ups will be posted on our webpage. All you need to do is click on your child’s homeroom teacher’s name, pick a time, and follow the directions. Since our special area teachers and specialists see various grade levels you will need to contact them individually if you would like to meet with them during conference times.


    (NO SCHOOL) on Thursday, March 10th and Friday, March 11th  



    Public & Permanent: Promote Responsible Use of Technology & Prevent Digital Abuse.

    February 3, 2016 6:45 PM to 8:45 PM Springton Lake Middle School Auditorium.


    In light of the significant challenges for students and parents brought about by technology and the use of social media, we are pleased to bring you this very important program that we hope you will not miss. The importance of teaching our kids how to use technology and social media in an appropriate and safe manner is a very real and significant issue facing our community. In recent months, we have all likely read or heard stories about the online behavior of teenagers in nearby communities that has brought about serious and unanticipated consequences. We are hoping to educate our parents and to be proactive in addressing this important topic.

    While we recognize the busy lives of our families, this is a program that you should not miss. Please note that this program is intended for parents and guardians ONLY and is open to all members of the Rose Tree Media School District.


    Please see our website for more details. Thank you in advance for your support and attendance.

    Important Reminder for Volunteers and Chaperones: If you intend to volunteer at Glenwood, including serving as a chaperone for one of our spring field trips, you must obtain these clearances.

    1) Child Abuse Clearance;

    2) Pennsylvania State Police Criminal Background Check

    3) FBI Clearance.


    All clearances must be turned into the Glenwood main office 7 days prior to chaperoning a field trip. Please see the website for more information about obtaining clearances.

    Thank you for volunteering at Glenwood. You are providing a valuable service to our students.


    Thanks for your continued support! Feel free to contact me at 610-627-6901 or if you have questions or concerns with which I may be able to assist.

    Eric F. Bucci


    Glenwood Kindergarteners have been practicing with their book buddy bags this week in anticipation of sending them home with the children this week. The books in the book buddy bag are "just right" for your child at this point. Please encourage your child to read the books in his/her book buddy bag each evening, using the "super powers" we have learned so far: using the picture and known (sight/popcorn) words, as well as pointing to each and every word as they say it.



    The first graders are working hard collecting, organizing and representing data in math.  The students are learning to interpret data and show data using tally charts, picture graphs, bar graphs and writing math equations.  They are finding unknown data by using information they know.  


    Second graders are coming to the end of Topic 6 in our math program. We have become experts at using the algorithm for subtraction with regrouping. The end of topic test will be administered soon. For social studies, you already received a letter explaining our simulated marketplace activity. Next Tuesday and Wednesday, Feb 9 & 10, the students will buy and sell small trinkets or goodies. The activity always provides a chance to discuss the actions of buyers and sellers as well as the concepts of supply and demand.

    Third grade readers are doing a terrific job using their strategies to help them read longer and more complex text. The strategies they are using are called the UNREAL strategy and the RACER strategy. Ask your child what they stand for! In writing, the authors published their informational pieces and are ready to move on to our next unit of study: persuasive writing! They are very excited. In math, we just finished Topic 7 and will be moving on to Topic 8 this week. Third graders are also busy mastering grammar. They are becoming experts on adverbs, tenses, punctuation and more. In science, we are study the human body. So far, we have learned all about the skeletal system and the digestive system. We will be traveling to Lankenau Medical Center later in February, to investigate and learn more about the human body. Be on the look-out for the permission slip!

    Our fourth grade mathematicians are delving deeper into mathematics!  Mrs. Omlor's Class and Mrs. Barry's class continue to learn long division.  Mrs. Grace-Green's class is focusing on adding and subtracting fractions and mixed numbers.  Please remember that Pearson Realize has lots of educational tools that your child can use to practice, and enrich their skills.  There are videos, interactive activities, and even fraction bars that students may use to sharpen their mathematical skills.

    4th Grade is once again collecting clear 2-liter bottles for science.  Please send any that you may have to Mrs. Grace-Green's classroom.

    Our field trip form and $25 is due on February 22nd.  If this poses a hardship for your family, please contact your child's teacher or the school counselor, Mrs. Laura Spaulding.


    As we move into the first week of February, in Writer’s Workshop, the 5th grade continues to take a look at the writing of persuasive essays. In Reader’s Workshop, Glenwood’s 5th graders have turned their attention to the reading of the genres of fantasy and historical fiction. Mr. Dieter and Mr. Keeler have their classes looking at great works of fantasy.   Ms. Pinsley and Ms. Astfalk have their classes delving into the reading of historical fiction. In social studies, the 5th grade is looking at the development of the thirteen original English colonies. In science, the 5th grade continues to use the scientific method in our study of weather; in particular, students are looking at the causal forces behind hurricanes and tornadoes. In math, Ms. Pinsley’s, Mr. Dieter’s and Ms. Astfalk’s classes are now taking a look at Topic 7 of the new Envision Math program, which deals with developing strategies for adding and subtracting fractions.


    First graders are continuing their investigation of traditional subject matter in art. So far we have learned about landscape and still life. Currently, students are creating a self-portrait using line and shape showing the correct proportion and placement of our facial features. We will use tissue paper and water to create and abstract color pattern over top of our portraits.

    Second graders are creating African Masks with an Adinkra Symbol stamped background. First, we learned about symmetry and we drew a mask using line, shape, and symmetry. We will color in our mask using a crayon resist with watercolor. We will then learn what a symbol is as well as by stamping Adinkra symbol stamps from Ghana on to paper for a background.

    Third graders are traveling to the Renaissance time period to learn about Leonardo da Vinci, proportion, and perspective. Students are learning about facial proportions and how to draw hands as we draw a modern day version of Mona Lisa by placing her in a contemporary setting.

    Fourth graders are investigating movement in art by drawing a figure showing movement. We started out by drawing quick gesture drawings. We are then in the process of drawing a finished and more detailed figure showing movement that we will color in by using oil pastel for the figure and watercolors and saran wrap to create an interesting textured background.

    Fifth graders are creating a circular weaving on old cds. Students learned about weaving by learning about the warp and weft strings in a weaving. We created our warp using string that we wrapped from the inside to the outer edge of the cds. We then selected a color scheme to use for the weft strings to create the weaving to fill in with. They are also concurrently creating a pinch pot animal in clay. Students selected an animal. We learned how to create a pinch pot as well as how to use it for the body of the animal. We then created legs, feet, wings, and other parts out of clay that we attached to the pinch pot to create an animal. We added texture and details.


    The second sessions of Yoga Club meets next Monday, February 8th at 8:15 in the gym. Please bring a towel or a yoga mat. Miss Mazzella, Mrs. Falzone and Mrs. Yepremian are excited to start back up!

    The Optimist Club will meet next Wednesday, February 10th at 8:15 in Miss Mazzella's room, 304. We have a new project to get started. We look forward to seeing the Optimists!



    Keep up to date with Glenwood Events & Happenings.  For more information, visit

    • Jump for Glenwood on Wednesday, February 10th from 4pm to 8pm.  We have an exciting new fundraiser, at SkyZone, planned for Glenwood Students. Call Sky Zone or visit to reserve your jump spot! Watch for more information coming home soon or contact Gina at if you have questions.
    • If you forgot to send in your Box Tops, please send them in as soon as possible.  Every label helps!

    Thank you for your support.

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