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    Glenwood Elementary School

    May 4, 2016

    5th Grade Spring Concert
    The 5th Grade Spring Concert will be held on Thursday May 5 @ 7:00 PM in the Glenwood cafeteria.

    Technology Tip of the Week:
    Catfishing Apps Let Kids Fake Everything from Texts to Tweets


    Last Day of School
    The RTMSD school board has approved the change to the end of the school year, Thursday June 16th and Friday June 17th will be early dismissals (12 pm for elementary with no lunches) and the official last days of school. Last day for PM Kindergarten will be Wednesday June 15th, 2016.


    Grandparents/“Special Friends” Day:

    We, at Glenwood, are eagerly looking forward to our annual Special Friends’ Day which we will host on May 5th and 6th. Grades K-2 will be held on Thursday, May 5, 2016, and grades 3-5 will be held on Friday, May 6, 2016.


    For those of you who are new to our Glenwood Family, this is an exciting morning when we welcome grandparents or other special adult guests to our school. Please visit our website for more detailed information.


    Important Information:

    • Special Friends must be 21 years of age or older. Please do not bring siblings or younger children with you during your visit. Siblings and younger children are not permitted to be in the classroom, since instruction is taking place. Also, no video cameras are permitted during classroom visitation.


    Thursday – May 5, 2016 – Grades K-2                 Friday – May 6, 2016 – Grades 3-5

    9:10 a.m.   - Sign in followed by Hospitality in the Cafeteria

    9:20 a.m.   - Welcome to All Visitors (School Cafeteria)

    9:30 a.m.   - Classroom Visitation Begins

    10:45 a.m. - Classroom Visitation Ends


    Thursday – May 5, 2014 for Afternoon Kindergarten ONLY:

    1:15 – 2:45 p.m. - Hospitality and Visitation


    Teacher Appreciation Week:
    This week, May 2nd through 6th is Teacher Appreciation Week. At Glenwood, we are privileged every day to have such an outstanding faculty who care so much for our students and school, whether it’s through creative lessons, individual attention, or sponsoring a club or an activity.   Glenwood teachers are making a significant impression on the lives of our children each day.

    As we remember our teachers and the teachers of our children, let’s remember that what makes a teacher special is not always the content of their daily classroom instruction or how much we learned in their class about a specific topic, but how they helped shape our lives.

    Please take a moment to consider the teachers who helped guide your children this year. I encourage you to send a note of appreciation to a teacher this week and to share it with me through our Pause for Praise program. Please go to our website and click the link under “site short cuts” to download a form you can fill out. You can also just send them a short e-mail sharing how much you appreciate them.


    Parents, grandparents and siblings are invited to attend our Physical Education Field Day for children in grades 1-5 on Thursday, May 19, 2016.


    Ensuring the safety of all as well as following district procedures is always my number one priority. All visitors must sign in at the welcome table and obtain their Glenwood visitor badge before viewing field day events. We appreciate everyone’s patience and understanding.  


    Field Day activities will take place beginning at 9:15 A.M. If you are a Field Day volunteer, please remember to sign in at the main office and report by 8:45 A.M.


    We ask that you insure that children are equipped with hats and sunscreen for the day. We recommend cotton T-shirts rather than tank tops since there will be less exposure to the sun. Most students try to wear their team color-green or white. Water will be available, but children may bring their own if they wish. We recommend disposable bottles that won’t be missed if lost. Please, no sweet drinks since these attract bees!


    In the event of inclement weather, Field Day activities will be postponed until Thursday, May 26, 2016. An e-alert and global connect (phone message) will be used if we need to cancel Field Day.


    Volunteers & Chaperones – Field Trips

    Important Reminder for Volunteers and Chaperones: If you intend to volunteer at Glenwood, including serving as a chaperone for one of our upcoming spring field trips, you must obtain clearances: 1) Child Abuse Clearance 2) Pennsylvania State Police Criminal Background Check

    3) FBI Clearance All clearances must be turned into the Glenwood main office 7 days prior to chaperoning a field trip. Please see the website for more information about obtaining clearances. Thank you for volunteering at Glenwood. You are providing a valuable service to our students.


    Thanks for your continued support! Feel free to contact me at 610-627-6901 or if you have questions or concerns with which I may be able to assist.

    Eric F. Bucci


    Kindergarteners are busy getting ready for their Grandparents/Special Friends to visit this week! We have been practicing our songs about farms and we are getting better and better each day. We are also preparing for Mother's Day with various classroom themed activities and projects.

    The first graders will be having a special "If You Give Your Mom a Muffin" Mother's Day tea. The students will be showing their appreciation and love for their mothers by singing songs, reciting poems and writing letters. The first graders are working hard and practicing to make the afternoon special.



    Second graders are enjoying our study of Native Americans. We will attend the Land of the Lenape at Tyler Arboretum on May 20. We would like the students to wear a hand crafted t-shirt on this field trip to represent buckskin or buffalo skin clothing that some Native American tribes wore.


    We are asking each child to bring in one adult-sized white t-shirt that we will dye brown to mimic animal skin. Old, worn undershirts (Hanes, Fruit of the Loom, etc.) are the best idea even if they have yellow under arms. Please, no shirts with printing or other decoration. Please cut the sleeves and the bottom of the shirt into 1 to 2 inch strips to mimic the fringe that would be found on some Native American clothing. Teachers will dye the shirts in a large batch, then return the shirt to you before the field trip.  Please send in the t-shirts no later than Friday, May 13. Please mark your child’s name on the collar with permanent marker.


    Be sure to return the permission slip for our two spring field trips. The due date is this Friday, May 6. Please indicate if you are willing to be a chaperone and send in additional payment for the chaperone admission fee. For Tyler Arboretum only, if you have a membership that grants you free admission, please indicate that on the permission slip and send proof of your membership with the permission slip.


    The third graders are very busy studying embryology! Hatch-lings are even starting to slowly emerge from their shell. We encourage you to ask your child at home all about the life cycle of the chicken and all that they have learned. We are sure that you will learn a great deal. The third grade readers are busy delving into biographies in Reader's Workshop. We are studying the hardships, obstacles, accomplishments and character traits of famous people throughout history. The students are really loving this unit! In Writer's Workshop, the writers are finishing their persuasive essays. The authors will turn into poets in our next unit, Poetry. In math, we are studying Topic 11- two- step word problems. The third grade teachers look forward to meeting all special friends on Friday!



    We aren't going to let the rain dampen our learning! The Bellevue Field trip has been rescheduled for this Monday, May 9th. Please dress appropriately for the weather. Chaperones must have clearances. Also, this Friday we will be sending out chaperone information for our last field trip (to Philadelphia)! Be sure to fill it out if you are interested.

    We are excited to have our special friends visit our classrooms on Friday! You will see one of our interactive math lessons. Be ready to be a part of the fun!



    As we move into the first week of May, the 5th grade has turned its attention to looking at the writing of personal memoirs. In Reader’s Workshop, Mr. Keeler’s and Mr. Dieter’s classes are continuing to take a look at the genre of historical fiction. Ms. Pinsley’s and Ms. Astfalk’s classes are looking at the genre of fantasy. In social studies, the 5th grade is investigating the primary factors leading up to the American Revolution -in particular, the Boston Massacre. In science, the 5th grade is continuing to work on their science fair experiments. The science fair itself will be held in late May. In math, Mr. Dieter’s, Ms. Pinsley’s and Ms. Astfalk’s classes are taking a look at Topic 12 in the Pearson math program, which deals with representing and interpreting data.

    On Monday night, our very own Glennwood Reading Olympians brought glory to our school! During the course of the year, the teams read about 50 books. For each book, they wrote a summary and questions to go with the book. They met every other week discussing the books and asking each other questions. All this hard work paid off as the white team brought home red ribbons and the green team brought home blue ribbons. If you see any of the following Olympians, please congratulate them: Alice Barcomb, Jack Bobber, Bryton Breese, Bridget Dawson, Makayla Fickes, Ava Kearny, Beth Myers, Selena Psaris, Lauren Troy, Andy Xu, Aroosh Ali, Kyra Curci, Rosebella DelCampo, Evanthia Greco, Sophie Grant, Ben Katzen, Molly Katzen, Tyler Kolmansberger, Mia O'Boyle, Ciara Nicholas!

    5th Grade Spring Concert
    Thursday May 5 @ 7:00 PM in the Glenwood cafeteria. All Glenwood alumni are welcome to attend and join us for our concert closer "Why We Sing". Refresher MP3 on Ms. Hong's website!

    Select Chorus @ Wilmington Blue Rocks

    Friday May 6: Select Chorus will sing at 6:50, game time is 7:05 PM. Weather: check the Blue Rocks website or the Glenwood website by 6:00 PM.




    Dear Parent or Guardian,                                                                 

    The children are eagerly anticipating Field Day 2016 and we would like to make it

    a fun morning for everyone. Many of you have already volunteered a great deal of time to Glenwood activities, but we really need your help to make Field Day a success!


    If you are able to volunteer, we will need help in the following areas:

    • Setting up equipment prior to the start of Field Day
      • Any time you can spare between 6:30 and 8:30 a.m. would be most helpful!
    • Acting as a place judge for the dashes*


    * If you are willing to assist in this area, you will be sharing the responsibility with another volunteer and will be able to spend the rest of the time as a spectator.


    Event volunteers are expected to report to the upper field behind the school by 8:45 a.m. on the morning of Thursday, May 19th. You will be notified of your assignment at that time. The event will last until approximately 11:45 a.m.


    If you are interested in volunteering, please contact Susan Foster at

    Thank you for your continued support of Glenwood School activities.                    


    Mrs. Jackson and Mr. Leahan

    Physical Education Instructors



    First graders are finishing up cityscapes. Students learned to create a stencil of skyscrapers that we placed on a sheet of black paper and smeared chalk against to create an image. We then added white chalk for windows and stars.


    Second graders are making an interdisciplinary connection with the study of butterflies in science to paint symmetrical butterflies with patterns. We then drew a background of a birds eye view that we colored in and glued our butterfly on top.


    Third graders are traveling through art history. We have made a stop in the 16th century to look at Vermeer and Holland and genre scenes or scenes from everyday life. We created dutch houses and a relief of a bridge popping out.


    Fourth graders are learning about style in art. We are creating a non-objective sculpture in the manner of Alexander Calder and his stabiles. Students created their own stabile in paper that we then drew patterns on and colored in with markers.


    Fifth graders are learning about colonial art by creating a two-dimensional vase or bowl in the manner of blue willow ware using a blue monochromatic color scheme. Blue willow ware was made in England but was inspired by Chinese porcelain. We created a table with faux wood texture and a curtain that we painted to show value.


    The mural is almost finished. All third through fifth graders have worked hard on this collaborative effort. We are working on the last step of adhering the circular tiles that students made to the mural. The mural should be finished by mid-May.

    Junior Optimist Club's mission for the month of April was to brighten up the days of residents of Fair Acres. They were busy constructing posters, cards, and tissue paper flowers to encourage the residents and welcome Spring. Junior Optimist is continuing their collection for Terra Cycle. If you have any dried-up markers, please send them in with your child to place in the bag in their classroom. Junior Optimists will collect all bags at the end of May and send to Terra Cycle where the markers will get turned into new markers for schools in need. Miss Mazzella and Mrs. Yepremian are so proud of the Junior Optimists!

    The Yogis have been very busy this session mastering many poses. Some of the member's favorites include: superman, cobra, tree and triangle. Miss Mazzella, Mrs. Yepremian and Mrs. Falzone are very proud of the yogis dedication and focus during our meetings! As always, namaste!



    Congratulations to the more than 70 students that completed Rocky's Reading Challenge! The Blue Rocks have given each student two tickets for Thursday, May 19, 2016. Tickets have been sent home with each participating student. Students will be recognized at the next Glenwood Pride assembly. Enjoy your special evening at the Blue Rocks!



    Keep up to date with Glenwood Events & Happenings. For more information, visit and follow us at @GlenwoodPTG

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    The PTG thanks you for your support.


    Glenwood Elementary School

    2016 Calendar of Events REVISED 05-04-16



    Grandparent/Special Friends Day K-2 Grandparent/Special Friends Day PM-K

    9:30-10:30 AM

    1:15-2:00 PM


    5th grade Chorus Concert

    7:00 PM


    Grandparent/Special Friends Day 3-5

    9:30-10:30 AM


    Birthday Bash (during lunches)



    1st grade Mother’s Day Tea

    1:30-2:30 PM


    Glenwood Night @ Wilmington Blue Rocks Game


    3rd grade AGP Field Trip


    4th grade to Bellevue State Park



    PTG Meeting – Library

    6:30 PM


    5th grade Strings & Band Concert @SLMS 9:30 AM


    4th grade Band Practice @SLMS

    7:50 AM


    4th & 5th grade Band Concert @ SLMS 7:00 PM


    5th grade Strings Practice @SLMS 9:30 AM


    4th & 5th grade Strings Concert @SLMS

    7:00 PM




    2nd grade to Tyler Arboretum



    5th grade visit SLMS


    3rd grade to Tyler Arboretum


    Family Night / No Homework


    Field Day Rain date


    Pride Day


    Holiday – No School for Students All Buildings Closed



    5th grade trip to Washington, DC


    Kindergarten Round Up



    Birthday Bash (during lunches)


    5th grade Fun Day @ YMCA



    1st grade to Philadelphia Zoo


    Teacher In-service Day / No School for Students

    Penncrest High School Graduation


    End of Marking Period


    Kindergarten to Milky Way Farms / NO PM Kindergarten



    Volunteer Breakfast



    4th grade to Philly



    Kindergarten Field Day @YMCA / NO PM Kindergarten


    End of 4th Marking Period



    Early Dismissal for Students



    Last Day of School - Early Dismissal for Students



    Professional Development – Teachers