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    Glenwood Elementary School

    June 15, 2106





    Thank you for all your support this school year.   What a special school year!

    PLEASE help us avoid that summer “slip” in reading and math.   Check out the Glenwood website for your child’s summer reading and math information. The children have made so much progress in their reading and math this year, and it would be great if they carried this momentum through the summer and into next year, too. Please support your child in their efforts by making sure they are completing their summer math and reading information.

    This issue is the last e-news for the school year. Please be sure to visit our webpage for updated information for the 2016-2017 school year.  

    Have a wonderful summer vacation and stay safe!


    I apologize that the link sent out last week did not work for many of you.   Glenwood Elementary School values input from parents and guardians.   We believe that a healthy school climate can contribute to the achievement of students. Therefore, the Glenwood Parent Survey was designed to gather opinions from our parents and guardians and allow them to share their perceptions of Glenwood. The survey covers topics of safety, communication, facilities, academics, student learning, and faculty/staff.

    Your feedback is very important to us. This is your opportunity to give feedback on how we are doing.  We encourage you to participate in this survey and help us to continue to improve.   Your responses are strictly anonymous and you will not be asked to identify yourself at any time during the survey.  

    The survey should take 10 minutes to complete.  

    Please go to the website and click on the link Glenwood Parent Survey. 

    Fifth grade clap out will be held on Friday, June 17, 2016 at 10:30 AM.  
    Parents, grandparents, family members, and siblings are invited to attend the Clap Out and enjoy this special event with us.  If you are going to participate in the Clap Out, please park and proceed to the front entrance to sign into the building.  Visitors will only be permitted in the library hallway. Fifth graders will pass through the hallway twice. After the second pass, in the interest of calmness and security, we ask that everyone exits the building, so we can prepare for dismissal. 

    Fifth Grade Classroom Parties will take place after the Clap Out, but ONLY parents that are signed up to volunteer will be permitted into the fifth grade classrooms. We appreciate your support!

    Last Day of School
    The RTMSD school board has approved the change to the end of the school year, Thursday June 16th and Friday June 17th will be early dismissals (12 pm for elementary with no lunches) and the official last days of school. Last day for PM Kindergarten will be Wednesday June 15th, 2016.

    *****************Early Dismissal************

    Thursday, June 16 and Friday, June 17th

    Kindergarten Dismissal- (AM ONLY) 11:35

    Grades 1-5 Dismissal 12:00 (noon)

    Thanks for your continued support! Feel free to contact me at 610-627-6901 or if you have questions or concerns with which I may be able to assist.

    Eric F. Bucci

    Kindergarteners finished off their year with a final field trip to the Rocky Run YMCA. This is where we have our Kindergarten field day. We rotated throughout 4 stations: CVC bingo, relay races in the gym, Zumba and free-style dancing and a scavenger hunt outside where we had to find 15 different things in the woods. We had a BLAST!


    The first graders have been learning about organisms. The students have worked together across classes to build terrariums and aquariums. The students have been learning about the habitats and the living organisms that are living in each.

    guppies, snails, elodea plants, cambomba plants

    millipedes, pill bugs, pine tree seedlings, moss


    The second grade teachers are so grateful for a wonderful year with your children. Schedule some time EVERY DAY this summer for reading and math practice so that your children don't lose any of the great progress they made this year! The more of daily routine you make of it...the easier it will be to convince your second grader to do it.


    As our third graders have been wrapping up the final units of study for this year, we have enjoyed reading their original fairy tales, listening to their discussions of social issues faced by characters in the books that they've read, and observing their transition from using manipulatives to drawing pictorial representations of algebraic equations. This summer, please set aside time each day for your third grader to read and complete the math foundational skills for fourth grade on Khan Academy. This will help your son or daughter to maintain the skills learned in third grade and to be prepared to hit the ground running in fourth grade. Have a wonderful summer!



    We are grateful for all of the chaperones who accompanied us to historical Philadelphia on Tuesday. We enjoyed learning about Pennsylvania's rich history and celebrating Flag Day! We could not have had such a wonderful time without the support of parents, who navigated as we traveled to Independence Hall, the Betsy Ross House, the Liberty Bell, the Constitution Center, and other places of interest. Be sure to ask your child about the parachutes and flags!

    As we move into the final week of the school year, the 5th grade is closing up shop for the year. On Wednesday of this week, the 5th grade will have its graduation luncheon and graduation ceremony. Friday will be the final day of school. On Friday, the 5th grade will have its “Clap-Out” ceremony. During this ceremony all 5th grade students will make one final pass through the halls of Glenwood. Also, the 5th grade students will take part in the annual baby photo contest. Here, the goal is for 5th graders to see how many of their fellow students they can pick out from a board filled with baby photos.


    Looking for an Art Escape This Summer? Consider visiting a local art museum. Look on their websites to see if they have a kids art project scheduled for a certain day. Some museums offer free admission on certain days.


    Brandywine River Museum in Chadds Ford, PA - free the first Sunday of the month


    Delaware Art Museum in Wilmington, DE - free Thursday evenings and Sundays


    Philadelphia Museum of Art - free the first Sunday of the month and Wednesday evenings


    Mural Arts Program of Philadelphia - tour the city in search of murals


    Or take an art class or workshop during the week, at night, or on a weekend


    Darlington Fine Arts Center in Boothwyn, PA


    Main LIne Art Center in Haverford, PA


    Media Art Room at the First United Methodist Church in Media, PA


    Wallingford Community Art Center in Wallingford, PA


    Rockdale Art Center in Aston, PA



    Dear Parent or Guardian,


    You may have heard about some recent cases of head lice reported at Glenwood. Head lice are a very common occurrence among school-age children. In case you are unfamiliar with head lice, let me give you some helpful information. Head lice are small, brown insects no larger than the size of a sesame seed. They live, feed, and reproduce on the human head only, not on pets. The females lay eggs, called nits, on the hair close to the scalp. The nits look like tiny, whitish ovals and are firmly glued to the hair shaft. They hatch within two weeks. They feed on blood and their bites cause itching- the most common symptom of head lice. The bugs are often hard to locate because they move quickly to avoid the light. Nits are easier to find. If you do discover nits or lice be sure to treat them promptly. Check with your doctor to determine the product that will be best for your child. School personnel maintain confidentiality with this matter and your child will not be identified.


    Below is some helpful information:


    • Head to head contact is the most probable source of contamination! Talk to your child about maintaining space and not sharing personal items and clothing.


    • Hair should be secured back, tied and/or braided AND put up in a clip whenever possible. Girls should wear headbands or use barrettes to avoid loose strands from contacting others.


    • Many people use OTC hair products like gels or hair sprays to further ensure control of loose hairs.


    • Limit the number of layers of clothing your child is wearing to avoid contamination if they remove them during the day.


    • By the time a case of head lice is discovered, it is most likely over a month old!


    • Schools are not the most common place where head lice are spread. Sleepovers, close contact play and sharing personal items among friends and family are a more likely way they are passed from head to head.


    • Head lice do not hop, jump or fly. They crawl and travel by direct contact which is usually head to head. A healthy louse only wants to be on a human scalp where it is protected and can thrive.


    • Lice that fall out of the head are most likely dying and incapable of reproduction. Off the body they can only survive for 24- 48 hours.


    • Nails should be kept short to avoid trapping nits if present.


    • PLEASE always contact the school nurse if lice and/or nits are found so that the students in your child's class can be screened to rule out other sources of contamination. In addition, you need to contact any friends that may have been exposed prior to treatment. I know this may be difficult, but it is a vital step in eliminating the lice issue.


    The end of the school year is upon us! Here are a few reminders to ensure a smooth transition for the start of the school year September:




    ALL MEDICATIONS, BOTH PRESCRIPTION AND OVER THE COUNTER (OTC), MUST BE ACCOMPANIED BY A WRITTEN, SIGNED ORDER FROM YOUR CHILD’S PHYSICIAN IN ORDER TO BE ADMINISTERED IN SCHOOL. This DOES NOT pertain to acetaminophen (Tylenol) or ibuprofen (Advil, Motrin) as we have a doctor’s standing order and parent permission on the emergency card for these medications. Guidelines include:


    1. A STUDENT MEDICATION AUTHORIZATION FORM from parent is to be completed and signed for each medication to be administered during school hours.
    2. ALL medication must be in the original container
    3. ALL prescription medication must be in a current pharmacy bottle


    Medication authorization must be renewed every year. Forms are available on the RTMSD web site.


    Students currently in second grade will be receiving dental forms to be completed by your family dentist for third grade. Students currently in fifth grade are required by the state to have a complete physical for sixth grade. Forms will be sent home with report cards. If you have already sent in the form for next year thank you and please disregard the duplicate. Please have your child’s health care provider or dentist complete the forms. Return the forms to school no later than September 16, 2016.


    ALL MEDICATIONS IN THE HEALTH ROOM MUST BE PICKED UP BY PARENT/GUARDIAN BY JUNE 17, 2016 unless prior arrangements have been made with me. Medications that are not picked up will be discarded.


    Please remember to check expiration dates on all prescription medication (especially EPI-PENS AND INHALERS) that will be given to the school in September. Updated instructions and prescriptions from your student’s physician are required for each school year.

    Please contact me with any questions or concerns. The health room number is 610-627-6903.

    Thank you for all of your cooperation during the year. Have a safe and happy summer.



    Amy L. Lenton, L.P.N.

    Health Room Nurse

    TRANSPORTATION: Please be sure to complete the following by June 17th for your student’s next year transportation needs:



    The PTG thanks you for your support


    Many thanks to all Parent Volunteers for your dedication and commitment to Glenwood students and staff. Thank you to all families for participating in PTG events and making this a great year! The PTG has a few final reminders:

    • Yearbooks have arrived! There are only a limited number of books available for sale. If you did not pre-order your copy, please send in $20 per book as cash or check, payable to the Glenwood PTG. Make sure to write both your child's and teacher's names on your payment envelope to the attention of Michele Durkee. Yearbooks will be distributed upon receipt of payment, on a first come, first serve basis. If you purchased your book earlier this year, your child's 2015-2016 Glenwood Yearbook will be coming home on Wednesday, June 15th.
    • Thank you to all families who purchased Wawa Hoagie Coupons. All hoagie coupons have been purchased and are no longer available for sale. Thanks to your support, the Glenwood PTG has earned $1000 from this program. Thank you to Colleen Keinath for overseeing the Hoagie Coupon Sale.
    • To have your child's school supplies ready & waiting in their classroom by September 1st, please visit and enter code 91915 by this Friday, June 17th. The Schoolkidz Supply Kits are specific to each grade and teacher approved. Please select the grade that your child will be entering in the fall.
    • To show your support, please donate to the Year End Teacher and Staff Luncheon, which will be held on Monday, June 20th. To help out, please send in food or monetary donations, by visiting:
    • Easy ways to help the PTG over the summer:
    1. Clip and Save BoxTop Coupons! Glenwood families earned over $1200 in Box Top labels this past year.
    2. Whenever you shop Amazon, click on and Amazon will donate 0.5% of eligible purchases back to the Glenwood PTG.
    3. Once students have finished reading their books, consider having a Summer Book Swap among friends to promote reading throughout the summer.

    The PTG thanks you for your support and wishes you a Happy Summer Break!

    Follow us @GlenwoodPTG