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    eNews: October 26, 2016


    Mark your calendars for some important upcoming events:

    Enjoy Family Night/No Homework tonight!

    Monday November 7th & Tuesday November 8th:
    NO SCHOOL for students / Teacher In-service

    Wednesday November 16th:
    Picture Retakes
    If you ordered school pictures, they will be coming home this week

    Wednesday Night: October Family Night!  Spend some quality time with your family!
    Tonight, instead of your child’s regular homework, we will be having Family Night. This is a once a month event that emphasizes quality time with family and a break from the academic homework load. Most months this will be the last Wednesday of the month. Take a look at some of the ideas below, or come up with a special one for your family!

    Some great ideas for spending quality time are:

    1) In honor of Digital Citizenship Week (last week) and to build on the lessons that students received this month in Guidance, review the Device Free Dinner information below. These are great ideas for the dinner table.

    [New Common Sense polling finds that 70% of families have dinner together 5 or more times a week, and almost all (93%) parents think conversations during family dinners are important for talking about things happening in their children’s lives. Two-thirds of parents and teens say mobile devices are not allowed at the dinner table, yet 47% said they or a family member used a mobile device at dinner in the last week, and 19% of parents keep their phone someplace where they can see it during meals.

    #DeviceFreeDinner is a multi-year public awareness campaign and movement to improve the lives of kids and families. At, families will be able to sign sign up for the #DeviceFreeDinner challenge].                                         Taken from website

    2) Please also see the handout on Screen Time vs. Lean Time for non-digital options for Family night as well as safe guidelines for limiting screen time.

    3) We will be recognizing Red Ribbon Week this week and emphasizing this through our morning meeting announcements about good choices. Discuss an example of when you made a good or not so good choice with your child and how you solved the problem.

    All of the teachers and staff here at Glenwood hope you have a wonderful time tonight!
    Mrs. Laura Spaulding

    Parent-Teacher Conferences

    Parent-Teacher Conferences are LIVE on-line!  Please visit here to sign up: TIme to Sign Up.


    The link for sign-ups will be posted is also on our webpage.  All you need to do is click on your child’s homeroom teacher’s name, pick a time, and follow the directions.  Since our special area teachers and specialists see various grade levels you will need to contact the following teachers individually if you would like to meet with them during conference times.



    Mrs. Hennessy

    Mrs. Falzone

    Ms. Shannon

    Mr. Grisillo

    Mr. Sharp

    Mr. Bugosh

    Mr. Walls

    Ms. Hong

    Mrs. Jackson

    Mr. Leahan

    Mrs. Lista

    Mrs. Johnson

    Ms. Yepremian

    Mr. Ament

    Mrs. Roccia

    Mrs. Rigatti

    Mrs. Morris



    Click here for a full list of clubs and permission slips, or visit our Glenwood website.  They are also listed on the school calendar.



    There will be NO Boy’s Intramurals Monday October 31st.

    Halloween Parade/Parties (Monday October 31, 2016)
    For those who do not celebrate Halloween, there will be alternative activities in the library during the parade and party. 

    Dear Parents/Guardians,                                                                              


    This year’s Halloween Parade and classroom activities will be held on Monday October 31, 2016.  If you are signed up to volunteer early, please be sure to sign in at the office.  Volunteers coming into school early to help set up and assist with costume changes must have their clearances.   Parents, grandparents and siblings are all invited to attend the parade and enjoy this special event with us.   The parade will begin on the upper playground at 2:00 PM.   The building will be locked during the parade, so if you are going to be viewing the parade, please park and proceed to the upper field.  In the interest of calmness and security, we ask that adults NOT wear masks or face paint to the parade and please understand that only adults are permitted to attend the classroom festivities after the parade.  ADULTS DO NOT NEED CLEARANCES TO ATTEND THE PARADE AND CLASSROOM PARTY.  Parents must sign in and obtain their Glenwood visitor badge before entering the building.  We will have additional volunteers and personnel to help get everyone signed into the building and we appreciate everyone’s patience and understanding.


    Please have your First through Fifth Grade child bring his/her costume to school in a bag; AM & PM Kindergartners should come to school dressed in costume.  Children’s costumes must be of a nonviolent nature that is appropriate for a school setting.  The students are not permitted to carry any item that could be characterized as a weapon (grim reaper’s staff, devil’s pitchfork, etc.).  Caution your son or daughter about the safety factors involved in getting on or off a bus or walking home while wearing a mask or costume; urge your child to carry his/her costume and mask home.  Children are not permitted to go home at lunch to get dressed.


    The AM Kindergarten class may wear their costumes to school.  Any large pieces should be placed in a bag.  They will have their class party in the morning as well as a special activity.  AM Kindergarten students are invited to return with their parents for the 2:00 PM school-wide parade held outdoors. The PM Kindergarten class will have their party before dismissal.


    PM Kindergarten and All Other Grades

    2:00 - 2:30 PM Parade on Playground

    2:30 - 3:00 PM Activities/Healthy Refreshments in Classrooms

    3:00 - 3:25 PM Cleanup and Dismissal


    In the event of inclement weather, the afternoon parade will be held indoors at 2:00 PM.  All families will report to the Large Group Instruction Room for parade viewing. 

    Happy Halloween!

    Last week, we began formal Centers in our classrooms.  Additionally, the first letter person, Mr. T, made an appearance.  We are now practicing forming BOTH the upper case and lower case of each new letter we meet. 

    This week is Pumpkin Week for first grade.  The first graders are learning the “ins and outs” of pumpkins.  Each first grade teacher planned a special pumpkin activity listed below:
    Life Cycle of a Pumpkin
    Does a Pumpkin Sink or Float?
    Pumpkin Math Mystery Picture
    Pumpkin “Writing” activities
    Pumpkin Relay Race (using math facts and sight words)
    On Friday, each first grader will be decorating his/her own pumpkin to take home.

    We would like to thank the Wolff family for donating the pumpkins to our first graders.


    Second graders are finishing topic 3 this week in math class.  Our test will be on Thursday.  Friday is our field trip to Media Borough to practice our maps skills and identify places in our community.  If you've signed up to chaperone, please arrive at 9:00am.  We will return to Glenwood by 12:00.

    Third grade is excited for the first field trip coming up on Monday, November 14th to the Colonial Plantation, right here in Media, PA! We will experience first-hand what authentic Colonial life was like on a farm. We will be doing many exciting and interactive activities! Please make sure to hand your child’s permission slip as soon as possible. Third grade writers are busy perfecting their personal narratives and learning about the writing process of drafting, revising, editing and publishing. In addition, third grade readers are busy studying characters in their books closely. Ms. Salera’s math friends are busy working on Topic 3 for math, and Miss Mazzella and Miss Coyne’s mathematicians are finishing up Topic 3 and moving on to Topic 4. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact any of the third grade teachers!

    Our fourth grade student are rotating classrooms as they learn different science and social studies concepts.  Here is the schedule for the next several weeks: Mrs. Gallagher's Class is taking Motion and Design with Mrs. Barry's class.  Mrs. Grace-Green's class is learning about microscopes with Mrs. Gallagher.  Mrs. Omlor's class has social studies with Mrs. Grace-Green.  Mrs. Barry's class has Ecosystems with Mrs. Omlor.  We are excited that the students have an opportunity to become expert scientists and socials scientists in different fields.  Please feel free to contact any of these teachers about the curriculum.

    As move into the last few days of October , 5th grade students continue to impress with their strong work ethics.  In Reader’s Workshop, the 5th grade has moved into the third week of Interpretation Book Clubs.  In this third week, students were placed into book clubs made up of three to five students. Here, the primary focus is to continue to have students think deeply about their reading.  However, now, attention will be placed on developing deeper meaning through book club discussions.   Further, 5th grade students continue to use the six “signposts” that good readers use to deepen their understanding of text. In Writer’s Workshop, the 5th grade continues to write new and creative personal narratives.  Importantly, students are writing from “inside” the story and not just summarizing an event in their lives.  They are adding scenes that elaborate on important parts of their story and bring out what the story is really about. Further, they are developing good openings and closings for their writing pieces. In math, Ms. Pinsley’s and Mr. Dieter’s classes are taking a look at Topic 4 in the new Pearson program, which looks at how to multiple with whole numbers and decimals.

    Our first Junior Optimist Club meeting was held this morning.  We discussed our October projects! Mrs. Yepremian and Miss Mazzella are very excited to get started!


    Keep up to date with Glenwood Events & Happenings. For more information, visit and follow us  @GlenwoodPTG

    • TRUNK OR TREAT will be held at Glenwood this year Saturday October 29th.  Set up begins at 4PM in the front parking log, the event will be from 5PM – 6PM.  Children will travel from “trunk to trunk” gathering candy and snacks.  Please look for more information on how to register or make candy donations.  Prize will be given for Best Trunk!
    • Our next PTG Meeting will be held Tuesday November 15th at 6:30 pm.  5th grade Parents will meet at 6pm.
    • We are pleased to offer a new program to 3rd, 4th & 5th grade students: “Girls On the Run”.  Please see the attached flyer, if you have any additional questions please contact Coleen Fickes:

    The PTG thanks you for your

    Fifth Grade Families,

    It’s time to begin searching our online photo libraries, camera cards and photo albums for pictures of our Glenwood fifth graders through the years.  A shared Fifth Grade Recognition 2016-2017 folder has been set up in Google.  By clicking on the blue link below, you will arrive at this folder and be able to open it and view the six folders inside for Kindergarten through Fifth grade.  Just open the grade level folder you need, and drag and drop or upload pictures from your computer directly to the folder.  No need to save; Google automatically saves for you!  Please begin adding pictures to these folders immediately!  I’m available to assist families with this process if needed.  Don’t hesitate to send me an email to my personal email address listed below the Google folder link.  A final note, if you wish to share printed pictures, an envelope will be available in the office where you can drop off these pictures.  Please make sure your name, student’s name, current teacher and the grade level the student was in when the picture was taken is on the back of each printed picture. 


    Thank you so much for assisting with this important part of the fifth grade recognition!

     Shared Google Folder:

    Pennsylvania law requires health screenings to be conducted in specific grades.  The screenings are done by the school nurses.

    Height and Weight

    • checked annually, in Kindergarten through grade 12


    • checked annually, in Kindergarten through grade 12
    • You may request a vision screening at any time if you suspect that your child may have a problem.


    • checked in Kindergarten and grades 1,2,3,7 and 11
    • You may request a hearing screening at any time if you suspect that your child may have a problem


    • The purpose of the scoliosis screening is to detect any abnormal curvature of the spine.  State law requires a scoliosis screening in grades 6 and 7.  The sixth grade scoliosis screening is generally done as part of the required physical exam. 

    Physical Exam

    • Required of students entering Kindergarten/1st grade and in grades 6 and 11

    It is recommended that this exam be performed by your private physician who is more familiar with your child's medical history.  The required physical exam form can be obtained from your child's school nurse or the district webpage under School Student Services, select School Health and then select School Health Forms. The private exam may be done within one year from the start of the school year.  Example: The school year started September 2016 therefore, the exam date can be as early as September, 2015.

     Dental Exam

    • Required of students entering kindergarten and in grades 3 and 7

    It is recommended that this exam be performed by your private dentist.  The required dental form can be obtained from your child's school nurse or the district webpage under School Student Services, select School Health and then select School Health Forms.  The private exam may be within one year from the start of the school year.

     Students who do not return a completed private physical or dental exam form will be scheduled with the school doctor or dentist.  Parents will receive ample notification of exam dates.  Parental consent is required for your child to receive a school exam.

    What does a referral mean?
    If you receive a referral form after any school screening, it means that the screening detected a possible problem and further evaluation by a professional health care provider is recommended.  The form is to be completed by your private physician, dentist or eye doctor and returned to the school nurse.  As always, if you have any questions, contact the school nurse.