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E-News on the Lane

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    Welcome Back to School

    Bobcat Brags

     Bobcat Brags


    Week of September 19-23, 2016


    Message from our Principal

    The tremendous start of the school year has continued this week.  All of the students are actively engaged in their classes and steadily making progress socially, emotionally, and academically.  The PTG hosted the well attended Kindergarten Ice Cream Social on Tuesday night.  The kindergartners got to meet each other outside of the school setting and parents were able to connect with each other as well.  Most importantly, the ice cream and toppings were served throughout the evening.  Finally, please consider contributing to our Bobcat Campaign to help fund all of the terrific PTG events we have at school.  Have a great weekend!


    From our Classrooms


    We have been counting and writing during math this week. The children are now able to show different ways to find the number of objects. They have been practicing writing the numbers 0 through 5 in math and handwriting. In Reading Workshop the children learned how to be alert and pay attention to details. They have been learning how to recognize patterns in stories and talk about books.


    First Grade

    First graders are always busy!  We are building our reading muscles by reading longer and stronger and staying more focused.  We are building STAMINA!  Our first graders are becoming authors.  They are writing Small Moment stories.  These are personal narratives.  Ask your child what real life stories they are writing about.  You could also give them a few ideas for future stories.  Our mathematicians are practicing addition strategies.  The strategies we are focusing on are:  using a number line, counting on in our head and with our fingers, using doubles and near doubles, using a tens frame and using turn-around facts.  Please help your child to memorize their doubles facts!


    Second Grade

    In Reading Workshop, we discussed ways to help us monitor our comprehension while we read. We created an “anchor chart” listing these strong reading behaviors to keep posted in the room. An anchor chart is a class created poster with newly learned information that we want to “hold onto” like an anchor, as we continue to gain new skills and strategies in the future. We also discovered how to retell the main parts of a book. We continued to administer a complete reading assessment with each child. The information we obtain will help us plan the best individual and small group lessons for the children. In word study, we began a unit on Nouns. In Math, we reviewed and assessed Topic 1. In Writing Workshop, we began writing “small moment” stories. These stories are also known as personal narratives. In Social Studies, we celebrated Constitution Day by learning about our nation’s constitution. We also discussed, drafted and signed our own class Constitution. We are comparing and contrasting the three types of communities.This week also had the second graders participating in both the math and reading MAPS assessments.


    Third Grade

    Third graders had an action packed week finishing up units of study in math with multiplication and division concepts and geography in Social Studies.  We are so pleased by how students have reviewed for these assessments and used a study guide for the first time in 3rd grade!  

    Cursive handwriting is a big hit; students are learning how with practice and concentration, their letter formation improves.  

    Reading remains a focus, with learning tricky words and checking for comprehension while you read by asking, “who is in this part?”, “what are the characters doing?” and “does this fit with what I have already read in my story?”  Keep going with logging reading every day!


    Fourth Grade

    Unbelievably the third week of school is almost over.  After the first couple of weeks of getting to know each other, of learning about behavior expectations, and taking some initial assessments, the 4th grade has begun to settle into the routine of learning the curriculum.  In Math, students are learning about place value, as well as being strongly encouraged to learn their multiplication facts by the end of September.  Students will also have a lot of opportunities to read and write during the school year.  In Social Studies, we learned about the different social scientists (historian, geographer, economist, and political scientist) who will help us learn about the regions of the United States and our home state of Pennsylvania.


    Fifth Grade

    Fifth grade has completed our fall MAP’s testing. We are currently evaluating the results we received in order to channel our instruction. In writing we are working on personal narratives highlighting special seed moments. In math the classes are working on decimals, exponents, and place value.


    From our Specialists:


    Please send in a smock with your child if you have not already done so. Volunteers are always needed in the art department. I can always use help organizing supplies, during classes and with display work. Please contact Miss Devine if interested.



    First and second grade continue to learn/review tag games. Third through fifth continues fitness testing. Please remember your sneakers on gym days.



    Volunteers Needed!  Mrs. Hatton is looking for parent and grandparent volunteers to help out in the library.  For more information and a link to sign up, please visit the Indian Lane Library’s website.  Morning volunteers for check-in and shelving are especially needed.  Please consider choosing a morning to help out, if you are able to do so.  Thank you so much!


    Exciting News! Author Rohan Gavin is visiting our fourth and fifth grade students on October 5th.  He writes the popular mystery series, Knightley & Son. Thanks to everyone who ordered books!  They will be sent home with students the day of the author's visit.


    Birthday Book Club forms are rolling in.  If interested, please send forms in to Mrs. Hatton by Friday, October 14th.  Thanks so much for your continued support of our amazing library!


    "News On The Lane" began this week.  This is Indian Lane's morning announcements that are aired in our classrooms each morning and can be streamed to any computer live at 8:55 a.m.  Visit our Site Shortcuts or click here to watch live broadcasts.  Archived broadcasts are coming soon! 



    Fifth Dimension auditions for interested 5th grade students are next Tuesday through Friday.  They will be held in the music room.  All students who handed in a permission form have received a handout with their audition date and time.


    From our PTG

    The next meeting is Thursday, October 20th at 7 p.m. in the library.


    From our Cafeteria

    Every Thursday is Snack Day beginning next Thursday, September 29th for all students here at Indian Lane.  

    Snack Prices are:

    Ice Cream  $ .85

    WW Soft Pretzel   $  .60

    RF Chocolate Chip Cookie  $  .60


    From our Student Council  

    The fifth graders running for executive offices for student council gave amazing speeches to the 3rd, 4th, and 5th grades.The elections were held immediately following the speeches. We are proud to announce we had a tie for President with Sophie P. and Kaitlyn S. as co-presidents. Vice President is Patrick G. and our secretary/treasurer is Eli P.  We are currently in  the process of selecting classroom representatives. The first student council meeting will be on Friday, October 7th at 8:00 AM.  We are excited to begin a new year and see what this dynamic group of students can do.


    From our School Nurse, Mrs. DeMott

    It’s always a good time to be looking out for head lice!  Regular checks of your child’s head is the best way to catch it early, before it spreads to others.  Remind children not to share hats or brushes, and to keep their heads from touching others.  I am always available to help you if you don’t know what you are looking at--just give me a call!


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