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E-News on the Lane

  • E-News on the Lane

    Happy October!

    Grandparents Day

    Grandparents/Special Friends Day


    Week of October 17-21, 2016


    Message from our Principal

    This week at Indian Lane gave students the opportunity to spend some time with their families.  Thursday was Grandparents/Special Friends Day.  As with all our events, I was overwhelmed with the turnout.  Almost every student had someone come to visit and in true Bobcat fashion, the family and friends who were in the classroom took it upon themselves to make the students who did not have a person visiting feel as if they did.  We wrapped up the week with our first Bobcat Breakfast.  Parents and students were treated to light refreshments and had an opportunity to get their picture taken with the Bobcat.  Have a great weekend.  


    From our Classrooms


    Kindergarten was so excited to show their Grandparents and Special friends what we they have been learning in their classrooms.  Students were able to read to their Grandparent, make a book with them, and make them a special craft. In math students are comparing and writing numbers up to ten. When they compare they use the terms; greater than, less than, and equal.  Students are continuing to learn what it looks like to be a good reader and skills good readers use. We are VERY excited for the Halloween parade and to show everyone our costumes!

    First Grade

    First grade readers now have partners!  Reading partnerships help to build stamina.  Readers can also extend their thinking when they discuss books with a partner.  

    As writers, students are revising and editing small moment stories to ready them for publication.  

    Our mathematicians are excited to practice their skills while playing learning games on the Pearson Realize website.

    Working with our visitors on Grandparents’/Special Friends’ Day was a lot of fun! We all enjoyed the visit!


    Second Grade

    Grandparents’ and Special Friends’ Day is one of our favorites! We would keep them here all day if we could.  In Writing Workshop, we have been determining both the topic and the main idea of a nonfiction text. We also practiced summarizing text and representing it in one sentence. In Social Studies, we are comparing and contrasting three types of communities: urban, suburban and rural. We identified reasons why some people began to move away from big cities to develop the suburban and rural areas of our country. We are taking full advantage of our social studies textbooks, as we are learning all about informational reading in reading workshop! Don’t you just love when learning overlaps and blossoms?


    Third Grade

    Third graders enjoyed having their Grandparents and Special Visitors join us yesterday! This week was another busy one in writing; we are just finishing our Personal Narrative writing unit. In Reading, we began reading Non-fiction texts and enjoyed noticing various text features in the texts. In math, all third graders should be working toward mastery of their multiplication facts. In Social Studies, students are working with partners to create Travel Brochures for specific places in our country. It was a great week!


    Fourth Grade

    In Science, fourth graders have continued to learn about the properties of microscopes and how they have benefited us in seeing microscopic objects and in identifying the characteristics of those objects.

    Students have also been introduced to Google Classroom and are using this tool to assist them in turning in their writing assignments.  Most students have turned in at least one personal narrative, and are working on their second one.  At this point, students are focusing on having a narrow topic, showing, not telling in their descriptions, and paragraphing.


    From our Specialists:


    We are starting new units across the grade levels. First graders will be introduced to shapes. Second graders will create mock passport books for their imaginary travels in art. Third graders will review the art of Egypt. Fourth graders are studying the art of John James Audubon. Fifth graders are completing their study of Robert Kershner’s work.



    First and second grade completed their tag unit! Some classes started manipulating hula hoops or started throwing and catching skills. Third and fourth grade began field hockey or frisbee skills. Fifth grade continues to work on Flag Football or Tennis.



    Kindergarten, first, and second grade students continue to learn about and explore fiction & non-fiction books.  Third, fourth, and fifth grade students are practicing the five search types on Destiny, our online library catalog.  


    Sign up for reminders from Mrs. Hatton about your child's library class & general library reminders through the Remind app.  Information about this new feature from the Indian Lane Library was sent home on Friday with each student.  More information can be found on Mrs. Hatton’s website.  


    Mark you calendars!  The Scholastic Book Fair is scheduled for November 14-22.  Be on the lookout for the flyer coming home soon!


    Volunteer to help out in the library -> Sign up here!



    Second grade parents - In the music room, November means it’s time for our Native American Unit.   This unit begins with transforming coffee cans into tom toms!  Please send in a coffee can (or any round can with a plastic lid) by Wednesday, November 2nd.


    From our PTG

    • We would like to thank every family that has contributed to The Bobcat Club Campaign.  Every dollar is truly appreciated and used to directly support our students.  Please remember: It’s never too late to donate.  Donating just $10 covers your family’s PTG dues and goes a long way in terms of supporting each and every student.  Information can be found on the PTG’s Fundraising webpage.  Thanks for considering!
    • Holiday Extravaganza is Saturday, December 3rd from 8:00 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.  Order your gingerbread houses to decorate at the Holiday Extravaganza by October 27th so you don’t miss out on one of the most fun activities of the year.
    • Birthday Bash Volunteers Needed!  If you are able to help bake cupcakes, please sign up here.


    From our School Nurse, Mrs. DeMott

    A sore throat can be caused by many things, including the common cold, low humidity in the air, yelling, postnasal drip and even breathing through the mouth when sinuses are congested from colds or allergies.  At the nurse’s office, students are taught to do a warm salt water gargle to decrease the pain. I encourage the students to do this at home as well.  Pain relievers can also be given.  As always, contact your doctor is your student has a temperature, severe throat pain, a rash or the pain does not improve after several days.


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