Parent Tech Resources

Last Updated: 11/26/2019 1:04 PM

Welcome to the Parent Technology Resources site!


Use this site to understand and learn about the technology resources your students are using. This will provide some guidelines to help you monitor student technology activity away from school. This site will be updated as often as necessary. Thank you for your interest in helping us to make sure that all our students become model digital citizens.



Consider the following tips at home:

  • Limit Internet time beyond homework time
  • Check on the Internet sites your students are using on their device by inspecting the device
  • Make your students use their device in your presence and not hidden in their rooms
  • If your student does not cooperate, consider turning off the wifi in your home for a period of time
  • You can also change the wifi password in your home when needed. The password can be changed as often as necessary


      Tips for strong, secure passwords

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