Simon Youth Foundation and Simon Youth Academy

Last Updated: 5/4/2020 9:53 PM

SYASimon Youth Foundation

The Simon Youth Foundation (SYF), a national 501(c)(3) nonprofit headquartered in Indianapolis, is committed to helping students graduate. SYF believes that all youth, no matter their personal circumstances, should have the opportunity to pursue their dreams through education.   #SYF Means Graduation

Simon Youth Academies

In partnership with local public school districts, the Simon Youth Foundation creates high schools called Simon Youth Academies, through which students who may be at risk of dropping out receive the personalized support needed to earn their diplomas. Primarily located in Simon Malls, Simon Youth Academies make learning accessible to students who struggle to connect with material in a traditional classroom or school because of serious illness, trauma, bullying, or other challenging personal circumstances.

Rose Tree Media Simon Youth Academy 

The Rose Tree Media Simon Youth Academy (SYA) is a small academy located inside of Penncrest High School. The SYA serves the educational needs of high school students who prefer or require a non-traditional learning environment. The SYA supports the district's goal of developing programs supporting all of our students, including those who seek alternative approaches to meeting high school graduation requirements. Not only does the SYA align with the 21st Century Learning vision of using technologically-blended learning environments, but we also hold the 21st Century 5 C's as our academy goals: Collaboration, Critical Thinking, Creativity, Communication, and Compassion. 

At the SYA, students participate in a web-based curriculum program and benefit from individualized academic learning plans and low teacher-to-student ratios. This primarily self-paced environment is designed to encourage students to become self-disciplined, strongly motivated, and committed to furthering their educations. The SYA is an environment that fosters responsibility, respect, discovery, and the development of life-long learners.