College Application Directions


College Application Directions

Common Application FERPA Waiver Directions

Directions for Requesting a Teacher Recommendation Letter

How to Match Your Common Application and Naviance Accounts (Video)


College Application Directions


●  Get Started: log into your Naviance Family Connections account.

●  Read your welcome message on the homepage which clearly outlines your roles and

responsibilities for the entire application process.

●  Go to: ​Application Step #1 ​located on the upper left corner of your Naviance homepage​and

complete the process.



●  Request all transcripts in your Naviance Family Connections accounts as indicated in Application Step #1.

●  Complete the ​Transcript Release Form​ and email it to your counselor.

●  Complete the ​Request for Official Transcript Form​ and email it to your counselor.

●  Photos of both transcript forms are also acceptable.


SAT and ACT Scores

● Students must submit all SAT and/or ACT scores electronically to all colleges they are applying to.

o The guidance department does not forward this information.
o SAT and ACT sites are linked to students’ Naviance Family Connections homepage

on the lower right side.
o Please allow ​up to three weeks​ for the scores to be received by the college


Letters of Recommendation

  • ●  Speak directly with your teachers and provide them with the “Student Brag Sheet for Teacher Letter of Recommendation” form with any related items needed in order to write your letter. See guidance webpage for the brag sheet.

  • ●  Request teacher recommendation letters through your Naviance accounts. (Refer to College Recommendation Letters from your homepage.)

  • ●  If you apply to additional schools after your initial request and need your teacher to send his/her letter to those schools, you must inform your teacher. Otherwise, he/she will not know to submit his/her letter to the newly added college.



The guidance department will not be collecting student’s resumes nor mailing them to colleges.

●  Submit resumes through your college applications, either via the Common Application,

individual online college applications, or by mail.

●  Develop your resume through your Naviance account by going to the About Me tab and

building your resume. Counselors can view your resume on Naviance.



All forms are available on the Penncrest Guidance Homepage under the College Prep Tab.

●  Request for Official Transcript

●  Transcript Release Form

●  Brag Sheets for Teacher Letter of Recommendation, Counselor Letter of Recommendation, and the Parent Brag Sheet