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    A message was inadvertently sent to all families that your child was absent today.  Please ignore this message.  We will update you when the situation is corrected.



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    Hello and welcome to the 2020-2021 PHS Virtual Back to School and Grade Level Parent Nights!


    Please click HERE for the Back to School Night program or scroll down to the "Latest News" section on the Penncrest Homepage

    For the grade level  Parent Night programs, scroll down to the "Latest News" section on the Penncrest Homepage to access any of the grade level programs.

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Important Links

PTG Meeting Minutes (click)

PTG Important Announcements (click)


Penncrest High School PTG Board 2020-2021

President:  Wendy Allen  phsptg01@gmail.com

Vice President: Jennifer Matsinger   phsptg01@gmail.com

Secretary: Sunita Nasta phsptg01@gmail.com

Treasurer: Colleen Kristiansen phsptg01@gmail.com

Parent-at-Large: Lisa Gelman phsptg01@gmail.com 


Grade Level Parent Representatives

Grade 12 
Dina Sullivan 610-291-3381 dinasully@yahoo.com
Michelle Sampson 215-586-1466
Grade 11
Karen Katz 610-212-4098 cdskjr1@comcast.net
Colleen Kristiansen clk.us@comcast.net.
Grade 10
Amy Kleiman 610-324-5886 amy-david@comcast.net
Alisa Theveny theveny@comcast.net
Grade 9
Mary Anne Troy 609-978-1838 maryannetroy@comcast.net
Lauren Baylor  404-432-9932 lvbaylor@gmail.com


Principal's Advisory Board (PAB)

Wendy Allen  phsptg01@gmail.com

Jennifer Matsinger   phsptg01@gmail.com

Sunita Nasta phsptg01@gmail.com

Colleen Kristiansen phsptg01@gmail.com

Lisa Gelman phsptg01@gmail.com 

Jenny Dresden 610-361-0518 jennydresden@comcast.net


Superintendent’s Advisory Board (SAB) Representatives

Jenny Dresden 610-361-0518 jennydresden@comcast.net

Joanne Torillo 215-518-2857 bossqe2@gmail.com

Amy Kleiman 610-324-5886 amy-david@comcast.net

Karen Katz 610-212-4098 cdskjr1@comcast.net