Welcome to the Simon Youth Academy.

Important Dates for October, 2019.

October 5, Saturday: SATs at Penncrest at 7:30

October 8, Tuesday: Early Dismissal at 10:45. SYA HOURS are 9:00-10:45.  SYA will have a normal start time and an early dismissal of 10:45.  SYA students will take the Penncrest busses home.

October 9, Wednesday: No School. Yom Kippur Holiday.

October 16, Wednesday: PSATs for Sophomores and Juniors.  SYA Sophomores and Juniors take the regular Penncrest busses to arrive for the 7:30 PSATSYA Freshman and Seniors have the normal start time of 9:00, and the SYA bus will run normally.

October 23, Wednesday: FAFSA Completion Night at 6:00 PM.  Parents please come to learn how to get help paying for college. You will be helped at every step in FAFSA completion on this night.

October 26, Saturday: ACTs at 7:30 AM.     Homecoming Dance at Penncrest at 7:00 PM

October 29, Tuesday: Mother-Daughter Book Club from 7:00-9:00 PM