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Phone: 610-627-6213

PA School Health Law requires a physical examination for all children in 11th grade.  Any physical examination performed after August 1, 2019 is acceptable.  Physical examination forms are available on the Rose Tree Media school district School Health webpage.  Click on "Student Services" then "School Health" and then "health forms".  The form is "Private or School physical examination of a school age student".  Please include a copy of the student's most recent immunization record.  Physical examination reports may be faxed, scanned/emailed, mailed or dropped off in the health office.

Students who are entering their senior year of high school are required by Pennsylvania law to have a meningococcal conjugate vaccine on/after their 16th birthday.  Documentation of the vaccine administration must be submitted to the health office the first week of the 2020-2021 school year. 


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