Family & Consumer Science

Last Updated: 7/15/2020 8:25 PM


8th Grade

In 8th Grade, students will explore activities related to purchasing homes, personal finance, jo interviews, and food preparation. When studying food preparation, students will utilize different leavening ingredients and learn how they react when preparing food.


7th Grade

In 7th Grade, students will learn basic food preparation including proper measuring, food safety and sanitation, and following a recipe. They also explore the importance of manners, consumerism, and nutrition.


6th Grade

The main focus for students in 6th grade is learning how to sew. Students learn the parts of the sewing machine, sewing machine safety, and how to operate the sewing machine.  Each student will construct a multi-purpose bag during this course. The basics of childcare are also discussed throughout the marking period.


This class meets 3x/cycle for one marking period each year.


Instructor - Mrs. Robin Heckman