Special Areas Music

  • Music Teaching Staff: Ms. Gaertner, Mr. Fisher, Mrs. Lyons, and Mr. Reno


    The minimal music requirement at the middle school level is General Music at all three grade levels. Students explore many aspects of music including keyboard playing, basic music interpretation and literacy, exploration of world cultures through music, the beginnings of jazz and exposure to the Broadway musical experience.

    Students who have participated in 4th and/or 5th grade Band can continue with Band at the middle school level. Other students may request participation in Band with the director's approval. Students learn the techniques of practice, listening skills, ensemble rehearsal skills and concert literature appropriate to the grade level. Individual skills are improved upon in both the individual and the ensemble setting.

    Students who have participated in 4th and/or 5th grade Orchestra can continue their participation in the middle school. Others may particpate with the director's approval. The refinement of individual skills, balancing and blending of tones, rhythm and tempo, and the advancement of technical and proficiency levels of all performers is the class focus in Orchestra.

    Chorus at all three grade levels is a performing ensemble. The goal is to develop vocal techniques, musicianship, proficiency in music reading, aesthetic awareness and creativity. At each succeeding grade level emphasis is placed on improvement and refinement of these areas with an increasingly challenging repertoire.