Reading Olympics 2020-21

Last Updated: 9/10/2020 7:28 PM

13th Annual Delaware County Reading Olympics

Do you like to read?  Are you a competitor?

                    Do you enjoy trivia questions?                      

         Join our Reading Olympics team!                

    Reading Olympics is:          

  • a countywide competition

  • students working together to display their knowledge of popular books

  • competition that is fast-paced, exciting, and in a game show setting 


AS A TEAM, students will read a total of 45 books from the Reading Olympics list and then compete at a Delaware County school in the spring of 2021 (circumstances allowing). Typically, during the competition, each team of up to twelve students competes in three rounds of questioning about the books with three different teams.  Teams are never eliminated.  At the culmination of the evening, each participating student receives a ribbon.  The number of points each team scores determines the color of the ribbon. This year, we are not quite sure HOW the competition will work, but we have been told there WILL BE a competition!

To participate, students should be serious about reading TWO BOOKS PER MONTH on the Reading Olympics list beginning in November 2020, and be willing to read specific titles that are needed by their team preceding the event.  Students will also be required to write questions for books they have read in order to facilitate practices. Students will meet after school every other Wednesday (while clubs are virtual) throughout the fall and weekly beginning in Jan. Students interested in joining should notify Mrs. Ekström (library).

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