Media Studies

Last Updated: 7/15/2020 9:23 PM


Media Studies provides students an opportunity to examine, analyze, and evaluate different forms of media that they use or are exposed to everyday. Students will gain valuable technology skills through this project-based learning class. 


6th grade – This course begins with an introduction to the core concepts of media literacy and the idea of “digital citizenship” in which students consider how to respectfully and responsibly use their digital technology and social media. Next, students will become reporters as they explore the news. They will learn how to determine what is news and will learn how to spot fake news.  


7th grade - Students will go behind the scenes and explore how movies are made. They will analyze the various shots used in film composition and the meaning behind them. The entire process of a film from start to finish will be explored and students will have the opportunity to work together in film crews to produce their own scenes. 

8th grade - Students will examine advertisements and the various techniques used to persuade consumers. They will analyze commercials, social media advertising, and print media. Students will work to create a product and film a commercial using persuasive advertising techniques.   


This class meets 3x/cycle for one marking period each year.