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Athletic Directors:

Ms. Caitlin Judge

Mr. Bill Booth

Middle School Athletics Office:  610-627-6572


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All 7th and 8th Grade students who want to participate in after school athletics for Springton Lake must have a completed PIAA sports physical in order to participate. PIAA physical forms can be found online on both the SLMS and Penncrest Athletics webpages. Forms can also be found in the main office.  Sports physicals must be dated after June 1st of that year in order to be valid for the upcoming Fall/Winter/Spring Seasons. There are no exceptions. Physicals done at SLMS in June will count for the upcoming school year. Example: "If you are playing in 2020-2021, a PIAA sports physical must be dated June 1st, 2020 or after." Sports physicals will be held every June at Springton Lake Middle School. They will be good for the following year's seasons. 


Below is a list of sports and their coaches offered by season at SLMS


Fall Sports Season
Team Sport Coach
Head Coach 7th & 8th Cross Country Mr. Virtue                          
Assistant Coach Cross Country Mr. Hobdell
Head Coach 7th & 8th Unlimited Weight Mr. Coia
Assistant Coach Unlimited Weight Mr. Tyler Butz
Head Coach 7th & 8th Light Weight Mr. Mazza
Assistant Coach Light Weight Mr. Barron
7th Grade Boys Soccer Mr. Franz
8th Grade Boys Soccer Mr. Nixon
7th Grade Girls Soccer Mrs. O'Brian
8th Grade Girls Soccer Mrs. Piecara
7th Grade Field Hockey Mrs. Blythe
8th Grade Field Hockey Ms. Howe
Combined 7th & 8th Cheerleading Ms. Millar
7th Grade Volleyball Mrs. Snyder
8th Grade Volleyball Ms. Rodgers
Winter Sports Season
Team Sport Coach
7th Grade Boys Basketball Mr. Carr
8th Grade Boys Basketball Mr. Virtue
7th Grade Girls Basketball Ms. Rodgers
8th Grade Girls Basketball Mrs. Perri
Combined 7th & 8th Wrestling

Mr. D'Ortone 

Assistant Wrestling

Mr. Horan

Combined 7th & 8th Cheer leading

Ms. Millar

Spring Sports Season
Team Sport Coach
7th Grade Baseball Mr. Stetler
8th Grade Baseball Mr. Bittle
7th Grade Boys Lacrosse Mr. Williams
Assistant Coach Lacrosse Mr. Thomas
8th Grade Boys Lacrosse Mr. Pettit
7th Grade Girls Lacrosse Mr. Deleo
8th grade Girls Lacrosse Mrs. Blythe
7th Grade Softball Mrs. R. Miller
8th Grade Softball Mrs. Perri
CoEd Combined 7th & 8th Grade Tennis Intramural
Combined 7th & 8th Boys Track Mr. Smith & Mr. Consiglio
Combined 7th & 8th Girls Track Mr. Homan & Ms. Howe