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Jennifer Santisi, MS,OTR/L


Media Elementary 

Rose Tree Elementary 

Springton Lake Middle School 

Penncrest High School 


Phone: 610-627-6634



Please note that I have updated this site to add many resources for students and parents to access during this extended school closure due to COVID-19.

I know this is a stressful time for all families right now.  I know that all parents are trying to manage their own jobs and their children's schooling simultaneously. My goal is to support your child and provide resources to you and your child during this time and not to add more stressful "to dos" on your plate right now. 


Many of my students have underlying hand weakness and difficulties with motor planning. I would be thrilled if all of my students spent at least 2 hours outdoors every day playing and possibly challenging themself to learn something new ( riding a 2-wheeler, rollerblading, hopscotch, hoola hooping, basketball, gardening). These are all whole-body activities that involve all the muscles in the body ....including the hands. Our hands are attached to the rest of our body and they work better when we have good posture, core strength, shoulder and arm strength, and even cardio-vascular fitness. These all affect how we use our hands. 


I would be thrilled if all of students helped with household tasks like sorting and folding laundry, cutting up vegetables for dinner, learning to use a broom and dust-pan, helped crack eggs into a bowl for baking or cooking, vacuumed the floor, and helped to wash the dishes. These are all such useful skills and all involve careful precise use of their hands and body. 


Please go through the resources I have added on the left and complete activities with your child/children. These should be fun activities that engage the hands, body and brain! 


**Helpful hint: For any of the PDF files I have added- The top right corner of the file should have a box with a diagonal arrow. Click on that box and that should allow you to save the file or print. 






Bachelor of Arts in Elementary and Special Education - Providence College -1993

Master of Science in Occupational Therapy - Philadelphia University -2001 

I have worked in the field of Special Education for 26 years and as an Occupational Therapist for 18 years. 

I worked for a brief period of time as an Occupational Therapist in a Physical Rehabilitation facility for adults. 

I have worked with students from 1 - 101  ( 103 actually!) 

In the school settings, as well as in every other setting I have worked in, my goal for every student is for them be to be as independent as possible- to be competent and successful, actively involved in motivating activities, and learning in an environment where it is safe to take risks. 

My favorite saying is " Mistakes mean that you are learning!!" 

Outside of work, I am hanging out, parenting, attending games and performances, and driving around the gaggle of teenagers in my life. I love being in and playing in nature, preferably near a body of water, listening to or playing music, and being around animals.  






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