Student Resources

Last Updated: 9/11/2019 1:25 PM

Student Web-Based Tools


Explore the world!  Choose from four editions - World, State, Provinces, and the Kid Edition.  Learn geography, history, fun facts, traditions, and much more about any place on the globe.


Google Accounts

Access to student Google accounts through Rose Tree Media School District.


Khan Academy

MATH, MATH, and more MATH!!!  This fabulous website offers a variety of activities for students to sharpen their math skills.  They take a pretest to determine their level and have the option to search for skills to reinforce or enrich their learning.  Login to learn.  For directions to add a teacher as a coach, please click here.


Khan Mappers



KidBiz is a web-based program that assigns non-fiction articles for students to read at their "just right" reading level on a daily basis. Once they have read the articles, they will then complete various assignments based on their reading.  Students should see their teacher if they forget their username or password.


MAP Testing Link


Naviance Student

Rose Tree Media is using Naviance as a grade 2- 12 resource for career readiness.  Students will utilize this resource to track their activities in developing and exploring their post secondary opportunities.


Pearson Realize


Safe Search Kids

The Google search engine for kids where Safety Search is always on!


The Hour of Code 

Learn to code with courses and activities for ages 5-99.


Typing Pal

This is an online keyboarding program that can be accessed at home as well as at school.  The more students practice the better they will become!   

World Book Encyclopedia Online

Research any topic, explore the world and current events, read biographies of notable people, and visit the helpful research tools.