2020-2021 School Year Calendar





********************   2020-2021 School Year    *****************

At the January 23, 2020, the Rose Tree Media Board approved this 2020-2021 School Year Calendar.


As we began building our 2020-21 school calendar a few months ago, we had asked parents and staff for their feedback on starting our school year before Labor Day as the Holiday falls on September 7, 2020 this upcoming year. Following our traditional school calendar, beginning the school year for students on the day after Labor Day would result in our last school day falling on June 24, 2021. Also, if we have a challenging winter and need to use more than three snow/inclement weather days next year, our last school day could be pushed even later into the summer.


In the survey sent to our families and staff at the beginning of November, the majority of families (60%) and staff (72.4%) indicated that they would prefer a pre- Labor Day start for 2020, with Monday, August 31 as our first day of school. This would put our last school day at June 17. There was also the option to select a shortened Spring Break but this option did not garner majority support (27% of parents; 20% of staff).


Rose Tree Media’s school calendar includes 183 student days, which allows us to miss three days for weather/other cancellations and still complete the state-required 180 school days.


While Rose Tree Media and other public school districts in Delaware County have traditionally begun school after Labor Day, several districts have modified their calendars to start before Labor Day for a variety of reasons. Although we may need to make a similar accommodation for the 2021-2022 school year, we do not foresee this as becoming our norm, but rather a temporary change in response to the late- falling Labor Day Holiday. We believe this earlier start allows us to preserve summer so students and staff are not wrapping up just before the Fourth of July.


We do understand that some families and staff may have made vacation plans based on the assumption that we would not be in school before Labor Day. We hope you will understand our obligation to develop a calendar that accommodates the majority of our families and staff, is responsive to calendar fluctuations such as a late Labor Day, and fulfills our educational obligations for state-mandated number of school days.



        Summer sports camps and band camps will begin the same 

        week as in previous years.

        Football Camp - 8/10/2020

        All other fall sports 8/17/2020

        Band Camp - 8/24/2020

       Camp schedules will be adjusted for Monday, August 24th to allow for faculty to attend District Convocation activities from 8:00 until 9:40 a.m.


A link to the calendar can be found by clicking here 2020-2021 School Year Calendar


Thank you for your continued support of our school district.


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