Last Updated: 11/16/2020 6:55 PM

The Parent Teacher Group is governed by a set of by-laws that outline its objectives, policies, leadership, and financial obligations.  To view the current by-laws, click here.


Recent significant changes include the following:

- Membership (Article III and IX) -- Establishes that all parents or guardians are members eligible to vote and hold office, regardless of payment of dues.


- Officers (Article V) -- Changes the term of office from 2 years to 1, except for Treasurer who keeps a 2 year term.  Done for consistency with other RTM Elementary schools who report easier officer recruitment and better retention, with individuals typically holding several different offices over consecutive years.  


- Officer Duties (Article VII) -- Establishes the requirement for criminal background checks for all officers as recommended in our recent financial audit.  Better outlines the duties of each officer more consistently with traditional roles while maintaining flexibility.


- Financial Policies (Article IX) -- Makes allowances for budgetary changes and expenditures and outlines the approvals required for different spending levels.  Changes the financial audit requirement to every two years at the end of the Treasurer's term instead of every year and calls for an independent paid auditor within 30 days of the end of the fiscal year.  Establishes sound cash management practices for events.  Requires money be carried over each year for start-up costs. 



If you have any questions or are interested in participating in the PTG, please contact the PTG President.