Details and Passwords

Last Updated: 4/3/2019 8:30 PM
  • KidBiz

    KidBiz is a web-based program that assigns non-fiction articles for students to read at their "just right" reading level on a daily basis. Once they have read the articles, they will then complete various assignments based on their reading.  Students should see their teacher if they forget their username or password.
    • Username: firstname.lastname (some are unique to each child)
    • Password: unique to each child
    Typing Pal

    This is an online keyboarding program that can be accessed at home as well as at school.  The more students practice the better they will become!   

    • Username: last name and first initial
    • Password: lunch number

    Pearson Success Net

    An additional math site. This has a resource book to assist your child with the Investigations homework. There are also games and activities to complete here.

    • Username: first inital and last name (ALL CAPS)@rtmsd
    • Password: 


    Destiny Library Catalog & WebPath Express

    Search the RTM Library catalog for materials.  In addition, students may select the WebPath Express tab on the left-side menu to search topics safely on the Internet.




    World Book Encyclopedia Online

    Research any topic, explore the world and current events, read biographies of notable people, and visit the helpful research tools.  

    • Username: media
    • Password: 19063



    Explore the world!  Choose from four editions - World, State, Provinces, and the Kid Edition.  Learn geography, history, fun facts, traditions, and much more about any place on the globe.

    • Username: rosetreemsd
    • Password: rosetreemsd