Student Technical Resources

Last Updated: 4/3/2019 8:38 PM

Student Technical Resources



MacBook Air Carts


The school has 3 carts with 25 MacBook Airs in each. Students develop

their technology skills as they work on assignments in the classroom.




iPad Cart


One cart of 25 iPads is available for general school use. 

The iPads provide wireless access to the internet and state-of-the-art technology.




Classroom Computers


In every classroom, students have access to 4 wireless MacBook Airs.

These computers allow teachers to incorporate technology into all subjects.  



iMac Video Editing Computers


There are 2 Apple iMacs available for video editing.

Students and teachers can create movies, podcasts,

slideshows and their own original music.




Smart Boards/LCD Projectors


Every classroom has a mounted Smart Board, LCD projector and Apple TV. 

The purpose of Smart Board technology is to promote interaction in a classroom. Each student is actively and physically engaged in learning activities.




Video Cameras


There are multiple video cameras available for student use.



Digital Still Cameras


There are multiple digital still cameras available for student use.




  Smart Response System 

   Rose Tree Media students have access to a Smart Response System

containing 32 remotes.  They provide teachers with a fun way to test students' knowledge on any subject and quick feedback to see if concepts are being understood by all students.