eBooks & Digital Resources


SoraSora by Overdrive

Sora/Overdrive is a local collection of eBooks and audiobooks curated by the school librarians featuring building specific collections and a shared elementary collection.  The books are borrowed and read/listened to in the Sora app.





Sora public library   Public Library Connection (PLC) through Sora

The PLC uses the Sora app to allow Rose Tree Media students to access the Delaware County Library System’s eBooks and audiobook resources. This increases the catalog of titles which students can access through their district provided device. Elementary students will have access to resources designated as “Juvenile” by the publishers, which indicates appropriateness for K-5 students

To access the "Delaware County Library System" collection, students must "Add a Library" and search for "Delaware  County Library System." When selecting to borrow a book from DCLS, students must sign in by choosing      "Rose Tree Media School District" (not DCLS). When searching for specific books, students can elect to place a checkmark in the box "Search all of my libraries" under the search bar. When browsing books, students can toggle between both collections by choosing the library they wish.


jlg      Junior Library Guild (JLG) Digital

JLG Digital is a rotating collection of eBooks and audiobooks. The books are always available since they do not get “checked out” of the collection, rather they can be read by any student at any time. The books are read/listened to on the site.



Mackin ViaMackinVIA/Connected Library Consortium

CLC using MackinVIA is a collection of over 25,000 copies of eBooks and audiobooks, shared with participating schools from south-eastern Pennsylvania and southern New Jersey. The books are borrowed and read/listened to in the MackinVIA app.






delco libraryDelaware County Libraries for Kids

Explore the Delaware County Libraries Kids section.  These books are appropriate for grades K-5.  To borrow a book, enter your Delaware County Library card number.  Don't have a library card number? Click here to apply for one.