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The RTMSD is making every effort to celebrate and authentically learn about all of the backgrounds of our school community. It is believed that this will ultimately create more informed students who are prepared to make an indelible impact on their society and the world.

A group called the Melting Pot Parent Group has been in existence at Media Elementary School for a few years now. This group is committed to “improving society today, and for future generations through outstanding education, awareness and appreciation of all people.” The Melting Pot Parent Group is to “promote and encourage cultural awareness, provide family support, engage in networking, and create a deeper unity with Media Elementary and the surrounding community.”

We would like to learn from the extremely positive experience that this group at Media Elementary has had, and create a similar group at Rose Tree Elementary. At this time, we would like to find a parent(s) who might be interested in being part of this group and possibly act as the point person for our school. If being a part of this group is interesting to you, please email Dr. Robinson at

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