Penncrest High School Profile

Last Updated: 1/7/2021 12:57 PM

134 Barren Road
Media, PA 19063
Principal:  Ralph Harrison
Assistant Principal for Academic Affairs:  Sharon Sweeney
Assistant Principal:  Joseph Fuhr
Assistant Principal:  Samuel Evans

Athletic Director:  Chip Olinger



Penncrest High School is a four-year, comprehensive public high school that emphasizes college preparation. Current enrollment is approximately 1,225 students with an average class size of 22. Penncrest is consistently recognized as one of the top high schools in the state for academic excellence and is certified by the Pennsylvania Department of Education. The Washington Post 2017 list of America’s Most Challenging High Schools places Penncrest High School #1215 in the nation. — U.S. News and World Report awarded Penncrest a 2017 Silver Medal and a ranking of #28 in the state and #1091 in the nation. — has ranked Penncrest #39 of 656 schools and our teachers #16 in the state of Pennsylvania.


Penncrest is a community of learners that shapes productive, mindful, and ethical world citizens, one student at a time.


Penncrest High School is proud to offer a rigorous and dynamic academic program. Students must earn a minimum of 28 credits to meet graduation requirements. Courses are offered at varying levels of challenge, and students generate individual programs to meet their needs. In addition, Penncrest students may participate in a variety of educational opportunities, including Career and Technical Education, dual enrollment possibilities through local colleges and universities, as well as independent studies in coordination with faculty sponsors. "Instructional levels for core, academic courses are designated on the Penncrest transcript as follows: AP: Advanced Placement, 1: Accelerated/Honors, 2: Honors, 3: College Preparatory, 4: Special Education.


Special Programs of Study:

Advanced Placement Capstone Program, Career and Technical Education through Delaware County Technical Schools, Dual Enrollment opportunities through Delaware County Community College, Neumann University, and Penn State University, Brandywine, Medical Arts Program affiliated with Taylor Hospital, Simon Youth Academy at Penncrest High School and the POWR Program (Penncrest Opportunities for Workplace Relationships.


Advanced Placement Courses:

Biology, Calculus AB, Calculus BC, Chemistry, Chinese Language, Computer Science A, English Language and Composition, English Literature and Composition, Environmental Science, European History, French Language, Macro Economics, Micro Economics, Music Theory, Physics I, Physics C: Electricity and Magnetism, Physics C: Mechanics, Psychology, Seminar Spanish Language, Statistics, United States Government and Politics and United States History.  All syllabi for AP courses have been audited and certified by College Board.


Graduation Requirements                          

English: 4 Credits

Mathematics: 3 Credits (includes Algebra & Geometry)

Science: 3 (includes Environmental Science & Biology/all three of which should be completed by the end of grade 11

Math/Science: 1 additional credit in Math or Science,    

Social Studies: Social Studies 4 (including Modern America or AP United States History)

World Language: 1 through level 2 (2nd year)

Electives: 7.5 (6.5 if student needs two World Language

Health & Physical Education: 2.5 (.5 PE each year, 5 Health)

Community & School Service: Varies year to year  2

 Total Credits:     28


Penncrest AP Scholars                          

AP Scholar: 56 Scholars - 3.00 Average Score 

AP Scholar with Honor: 23 Scholars - 3.62 Average Score           

AP Scholar with Distinction: 35 Scholars - 4.06 Average Score

National AP Scholar: 8 Scholars - 4.34 Average Score


Grading and GPA

Penncrest enjoys an academically competitive environment; for that reason, we do not rank our students’ academic performance.  Cumulative Unweighted and Cumulative Weighted GPAs are calculated at the close of each school year. Unweighted GPA includes all grades earned on a 4.33 scale. Weighted GPA includes only core, academic coursework, reflects course difficulty, and is calculated out of a possible 7.83.


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