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Parenting Support

Childhood Stress- Parenting Presentation

by Bernadette Dacanay, LSW, Home and School Visitor, RTMSD

610-627-6197, bdacanay@rtmsd.org 

Module 1: Introduction to Childhood Stress

Module 2: Childhood Anxiety

Module 3: Childhood Depression


Module 4: Resources for Childhood Stress, Anxiety and Depression

Links from Module 4

Tamar Chansky Ph.D. books- Freeing Your Child from Negative Thinking and Freeing Your Child from Anxiety

American Psychological Association (APA) - topic search

KidsHealth from Nemours - separate sections for parents, kids, teens and educators

Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA)- find treatment providers and downloadable publications by topic

Therapy in a Nutshell (youTube channel)

Progressive Muscle Relaxation for Kids

Breathing Exercises for Kids

Stress Relief Apps- Calm, Headspace, Happify, Fitbit, the Mindfulness app, Smiling Mind, Moshi kids


Grief and Loss

A Haven - provides grief support groups and resources for grieving children and their caregivers. No cost. Exton, PA.

Peter's Place - provides grief support groups and resources for grieving children and their caregivers. No cost. Radnor, PA.


Parenting Tips (Variety of Topics)

American Academy of Pediatrics - AAP parenting website

CDC (Positive Parenting Tips) - Center for Disease Control website with parenting tips, medical conditions, general health information.

Confident Parents Confident Kids - tips on how to support your child's social and emotional learning

KidsHealth from Nemours - separate pages for parents, kids and teens. Variety of topics including general health, diseases, school and family life, emotions and behaviors. Content created by Nemours clinicians.

Psychology Today - "Get Help" section includes parenting tips, personal growth information. "Find a Therapist" section helps you to find a local clinician


Substance Use, Abuse and Recovery

Be a Part of the Conversation - provides programs for parents regarding substance abuse prevention, substance use and recovery. Parent support resources available.

Truth Initiative - youth vaping and smoking prevention and education, quit smoking/ quit vaping resources


Technology/ Managing Screen Time

Common Sense Media - provides expert reviews, advice and tips for managing children and technology.

Shape the Sky - provides education and advice on creating responsible children and teens on smartphone and the internet.