Fun Educational Activities for English Learners

Activities for English Learners

  • This website offers lots of possibilities for fun, yet educational activities to help you develop your English skills. Choose grammar quizzes, vocabulary quizzes, crossword puzzles, and podcasts.  

    • Teacher's Favorite: Check out the section called "Special."   You can set up the "Daily Page for ESL Students" as your startup "home" page on your computer. Each day, when you log into the Internet, you will find a quiz for the day to help you with your English.
    • Teacher's Favorite: Under "Podcasts" try the Woody Gutherie podcast to learn about the composer of the song "This Land is Your Land." You can sing along as well.
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Dave's ESL Cafe



  • Click the link below to enter the world of Dave Sperling's huge website. Go to "Stuff for Students" and choose from different activities. Try different ones from each area each time you try it. Enjoy!

  • is a great place to learn basic literacy skills such as the ABCs, phonics, reading short stories and special days and holidays. Many sites have interesting worksheets you can print out.

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