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Home & School Visitor Description

What is a Home & School Visitor (HSV)?


Community Resources & Social Work Services


Home and School Visitors (HSV) are licensed and certified professionals who provide a variety of services to students, families, schools, and the community.  Working with other school staff and outside agencies, the HSV intervenes to identify and eliminate barriers to students’ academic achievement and their healthy social-emotional development.  Home and school visitors provide both direct and   indirect services to help students achieve maximum benefit from educational experiences.  In other school districts, the HSV may be called the school social worker.  

School districts have different requirements for individuals working as home and school visitors or school social workers.  The HSV in the Rose Tree School District has a master’s degrees in social work.  She is licensed by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania as a social worker and is a certified Home & School Visitor.  As part of maintaining a license and certification, an HSV receives ongoing specialized training and continuing education to ensure that students, families, and school staff receive the highest level of professional services.

Summary of HSV Responsibilities

School district liaison to homeless students and their families

Provide support to families experiencing difficulty with student school attendance

Enforce the attendance laws of the Commonwealth of PA

Link families to community agencies and social service providers

School district liaison to Child Protective Services concerning reports of suspected child abuse and neglect

Provide support to students, families and the schools in crisis situations

Conduct investigations to ensure that students reside within the Rose Tree Media School District boundaries


Academic Support:

Enhance communication among students, families, and schools

Work with students to improve their attendance and performance

Complete psychosocial assessments to  determine students’ needs for support

Provide advocacy for children and their families

Identify and connect students to tutorial, enrichment, and after-school programs

Social, Emotional, and Behavioral Support:

Provide individual student and family interventions including home visits

Teach conflict resolution, problem-solving, and decision-making skills

Provide training to help students develop self-esteem and self-control

Provide crisis intervention support

Community Outreach and Resource Development:

Locate mentoring and recreational resources for students

Consult with other interagency partners to determine ways to help meet students’ needs


Academic Support:

Assist parents/guardians in their role as partners in their children’s education

Promote positive working relationships  between parents/guardians and the school staff

Provide assistance to improve their child’s school attendance including home visits

Social, Emotional, and Behavioral Support:

Provide information on local family, group, and individual counseling providers

Connect families with support groups

Assist with crisis management

Community Outreach and Resource Development:

Links families with available community resources:

  • Financial aid
  • Housing
  • Childcare
  • Medical care
  • Legal assistance
  • Early education intervention
  • Emergency aid
  • Behavioral health assistance


Academic Support:

Assist parents/guardians with understanding expectations for behavior and leaning in the educational setting

Make home visits to establish or expand  home/school connection

Monitor student attendance

Attend IEP team meetings to participate in the development of social-emotional goals and identify potential community supports

Provide staff development around issues of social-emotional learning, mandating reporting and community supports

Social, Emotional, and Behavioral Support:

Consult with faculty/staff/families regarding behavioral/emotional concerns

Participate on the Student Assistance Program (SAP) team at each school

Facilitate psycho-educational training for students

Community Outreach and Resource Development:

Identify community resources for families

Coordinate support for students participating in programs with community agencies


Bernadette Dacanay, LSW
308 N. Olive Street, Media, PA 19063