Transportation Policies

Last Updated: 5/20/2019 6:35 PM

No. 810



ADOPTED: February 28, 2002



1. Purpose

Title 22

Sec. 23.4

SC 1361

Transportation for students shall be provided in accordance with law and thefollowing guidelines.

2. Authority

The Board shall purchase, equip, and maintain vehicles for the transportation of students to and from school at regularly scheduled hours.

Elementary children attending kindergarten through grade six and residents of the district who live more than .8 miles from the school in which they are enrolled will be entitled to school bus transportation. This may be extended to encompass the limits of a housing sub-division or street, but may not exceed 1.5 miles.

Secondary pupils who live more than 1.5 miles from the school in which they are enrolled are entitled to school bus transportation. This may be extended to encompass the limits of a housing subdivision or street, but may not exceed 2.0 miles.

 An activities bus system will be provided. Passengers on activity buses include participants in various activities meeting after school, pupils in detention, and those staying for extra help or library research. Special late buses run for students participating in interscholastic athletics. Students are not permitted to ride the late activity buses without special permission.

Nonpublic school pupils otherwise eligible for bus transportation are eligible for such transportation on the same basis as other school pupils concerning distance from the school which they attend. Such transportation is to be provided in accordance with state law over established bus routes which serve the public school as recommended.

On the written request of a parent or guardian, a child may be authorized to debark from a school bus at a place other than his/her home bus stop, along an established bus route.


The School Board is obligated to provide transportation for district students between their scheduled bus stops and their respective schools, and to and from certain district sponsored activities. Special arrangements will not be made for the busing of students to non-district sponsored activities.

The school district shall supply busing to a nonpublic school at the beginning and at the end of the school day's regularly scheduled mandatory curriculum.

All substitute bus drivers will be hired at the same hourly rate of pay as regular bus drivers.

No transportation services will be provided on national holidays when Rose Tree Media School District is not in session.

Title 22

Sec. 23.4 (4, iii)

The school bus driver shall be responsible for the discipline of students while they are being transported to or from school. A student may be suspended from bus transportation by the principal for disciplinary reasons, in which case the parents are responsible for the pupil's transportation.

Crossing Guards

The district will subsidize fifty percent (50%) of the salaries of approved crossing guards. The district will not be responsible for providing the necessary equipment for school crossing guards. Crossing guards are employees of the various municipalities, in accordance with state statutes.

3. Delegation of Responsibility

The Superintendent shall promulgate rules to govern the number of chaperones to accompany students in connection with school related activities and shall:

Title 22

Sec. 23.4 (3)

1. Prepare a map of the district indicating each bus stop and bus route   or prepare a schedule of bus stops and an itinerary of bus routes to be used in conjunction with a district map.

Title 22

Sec. 23.32,


2. Maintain such records and make such reports regarding school transportation as are required by the State Board of Education.

Title 22

Sec 23.4 (4, iii)

3. Promulgate rules governing student conduct during transport to and from  school; such rules shall be binding on all students transported by the Board.

No. 810.2




ADOPTED: February 28, 2002



1. Purpose

The Board recognizes that serious misconduct on board a school bus jeopardizes the safety of all passengers and the use of video monitoring will help by serving as a deterrent to misbehavior. Video monitoring does not assure the elimination of misconduct and such monitoring cannot guarantee the absolute safety of students while on district school buses.

2. Delegation of Responsibility

The responsibility for maintaining reasonable discipline on board the district's school buses begins with the individual driver. Bus referrals will continue to be the primary tool for use by the driver to report misconduct s/he observes that cannot be corrected by less formal means such as verbal warnings. These reports are forwarded to the responsible building principal for corrective disciplinary action.

3. Guidelines

School buses will be equipped with housings capable of holding video cameras which provide video surveillance of the passengers. On a daily basis, only Rose Tree Media School District administrative officials and designees will know which bus(es) actually contain a camera which is activated.

All riders will be notified as to the presence of the possibility of a video camera being activated. A notice of the possible use of monitoring will be placed in each vehicle equipped with a camera housing.

The use of the video tapes from the surveillance cameras will be used only for disciplinary consequences for student misconduct. Video tapes capturing the misbehavior may be used at conferences with parents/guardians, bus drivers, bus aides, the transportation supervisor and Rose Tree Media School District administrators. The video tapes may be used as evidence for disciplinary action. Any applicable video tapes may be reviewed by a Rose Tree Media School District administrator(s) when a school bus referral is filed by a bus driver or when it is considered necessary by a Rose Tree Media School District administrator(s) to determine if a video tape is applicable to an incident.


In the event that a student receives a bus referral and is disciplined for the same and there is a video tape on which the misconduct is recorded used as evidence, the parent(s) or guardian of the student may request permission to view said tape, in writing to the principal of the student's school, within one (1) week of the imposition of discipline. A meeting will be arranged for the viewing with a Rose Tree Media School District administrator(s). Parents/Guardians will only view the portion of the tape that documents the alleged misconduct of their child on the school bus.

In the event that a Rose Tree Media School District administrator(s) considers it advisable for a parent/guardian to view a video tape, the administrator(s) mayrequest the viewing of same.

Video taped documentation of misbehavior will be preserved only until the disciplinary action or disposition, including viewing by parent(s) or guardian, is reached. Thereafter, all recorded evidence will be erased by reuse of the tape. Video tapes not used for disciplinary action will be erased by reuse on a regular rotation.