Workers Compensation

Last Updated: 10/30/2020 5:50 PM

The Rose Tree Media School District strives to maintain a safe workplace for all employees.  However, if you are injured at work there are certain procedures you must follow:


   1.   Notify your supervisor immediately and consult with the school nurse if needed.

   2.   Complete the attached Incident Report (Workers' Compensation Report by Employee) (See Below)

   3.   Download and sign Acknowledgement of the list of panel providers. (See Below)

   4.   Both the Incident Report and Acknowledgement Form must be sent to Barbara Harmon, Education Center.


The nurse in your building has all of the necessary forms.  If you are going to seek medical treatment the school nurse should be notified.


If you have questions, please contact Barbara Harmon at 610-627-6037.


Incident Report - Workers' Compensation Report by Employee






Designated Health Care Providers