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    Students are the focus of the Rose Tree Media School District learning community.  Our educational program is based on world class standards through which all students reach their intellectual, emotional, social and physical potential.  Our schools provide an environment that celebrates students’ diversity, individual talents and efforts, and promotes collaboration, caring, respect, and leadership.

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    2016 – 2017 ACCOMPLISHMENTS



    PSMLA Global Scholar

    Bethany Katz was recognized as the first ever PSMLA Global Scholar for Penncrest.  Throughout her studies at Penncrest, Beth took four years of French, three years of Spanish, two years of Latin, and two years of Mandarin Chinese.  In addition, Beth participated in multiple, extracurricular and community service activities with a global focus.  It is a credit to our teachers that your district has provided an environment that fosters forward, global thinking that will prepare today’s students for personal and professional success in the global community and economy.


    Art Show at Plush Mills

    Thirty-two students work was on display at Plush Mills. State Representative, Chris Quinn, presented participation certificates to the students that evening.  Quiana Artis, Diana Balta, Olivia Biordi, Juliet Birch, Lauren Boone, Kiersten Busch, Sarah Chang, Jon Choi, Emily Chressanthis, Julia Eckels, Liz Egan, Nicholas Evangelista, Aurora Fire, Hannah Gasiorowski, Michael Goolsby, Carolyn Hagan, Lauren Haley, Sarah Hinde, Julia Iannucci, Holly Jansen, Maggie McCall, Ava McGrath, Angelica Melissaratos, Ashlee Neumann, Summer Peterson, Melina Shauerman, Maddy Skowronek, Erica Verderame, Claire Walsh, Olivia Walsh, Hannah Wilhelm and Paige Wright.


    National Merit Scholars

    Rachel Hughes and Ryan Shah were named National Merit Scholars, putting them among  t 2,500 other students across the county to earn the distinction. 

    Washington Post

    The Washington Post released its 2017 rankings of America's Most Challenging High Schools. Once again, Penncrest earned a spot on the list, this year moving to number 1231 nationally and 18 in PA (from 1343 and 17 last year).


    Delco Envirothon

    Penncrest students dominate the event again this year.  The Gold team placed first and the Red team placed second.  This event is primarily an environmental-education effort and is held at Ridley Creek State Park.


    US News and World Report

    2017 - Penncrest High School is a Silver medalist.  They ranked 1091 nationally and 28 in PA.  The 2017 rankings of best high schools identify the top-performing public schools at both the national and the state level and include data on more than 20,000 high schools. To be among the best, high schools had to pass a rigorous four-step process that sought to determine whether a school was serving all of its students and not just those who are college bound.

    World Language

    District World Language Contest Winners: 

    Beginner French: 1st place, Mariama Marshall, 2nd place, Kaley Keeling and 3rd place, Mya McKeon.  Advanced Beginner French: 1st Place Aidan Donnelly, 2nd place, Olamide Olaniyi and 3rd place Jason Boyer.  Level II French:  1st place, Abel Palmer, 2nd place, Jasleen Gill, 3rd place winners are Matthew Grace, Emily Tang and Abigail Volz, Honorable Mention are Charles Bramley, Zachary Burgess and Max Cohen.  2 Level II French: 1st place winners are Sean Devine and Gwyneth Eckberg, 2nd place, Woosung Jung and Emily Burns and 3rd place, Runa Kennedy.  Level II French:  1st place, Linn Hoole and Sarah Hughes, 2nd place, Laura Dabundo, 3rd place, Hope Stollsteimer and Rachel Westcott and Honorable Mention, Katie Poissant.  2 Level III French:  1st place, Lee Feinman, 2nd place, Tom Kuntz.  Level IV French, 1st place, Rachel Corner, 2nd place, Erica Westcott, 3rd place, Alyssa Duvak and Daniel Esparogoza, Honorable Mention, Emma Ahlgren and Abigail Schwartz.  AP French: 1st place Special Category, Lucie Lebourgeois, 2nd place Charlotte Croquette, 1st place, Lauren Boyer, 2nd place, Samuel Clapinson, 3rd place, Dennis Harrsch and Honorable Mention Rachel Hughes.

    Level I Latin:  1st place, Angel Fernandez, 2nd place, Bryn McLaughlin, 3rd place, Thomas McLaughlin and Honorable Mention, Alexandra Bailek and Baye Fletcher.  Level II Latin:  1st place, Jordan Isaacs, 2nd place, Sarah Hughes, 3rd place, Charlotte Pearse, Honorable Mention, Lyndsey DellaVecchia.  Level III Latin:  1st place, Jordan Schuller, 2nd Lauren Isaacs and 3rd place, William D’Amico.

    Level I Mandarin Chinese:  1st place Special Category, Jenny Li, 1st place, Katherine Lee, 2nd place Celia Lourie, 3rd place, Kevin Wang, Sydney Zilch and Clinton Brown and Honorable Mention, Peralta Paola.  Level II Mandarin Chinese:  1st place, Special Category, Christina Li, 2nd place Special Category Yuanyuan Chen 1st place, Cole Gaboriault, 2nd place, Thy-Lan Gale, 3rd place, Miranda Cropper and Honorable Mention, Tabbi Cavaliere.  Level IV Mandarin Chinese:  1st place, Brooke Dresden, 2nd place, James Dean, 3rd place, Melissa Callahan and Honorable Mention Zach Schlecht. 

     1 Level l Spanish:  1st place, Julia Hooker, 2nd place, Abby Volz, 3rd place, Erin Kurcon and Honorable Mention, Cara Pendleton.  2 Level l Spanish:  1st place, Terrance Mason, 2nd place, Kelsey Norris, 3rd place, Gianna DiFelice and Honorable Mention, Josh Reyes.  1 Level 2 Spanish:  1st place, Maura McGlinn and Robert Patane, 2nd place, Paige Wright and Michael Dolan.  2 Level 2 Spanish:  1st Place Ethan Bagosy, 2nd place, Lily Mallon, Evan Neelan and Aidan Suess and 3rd place, Ethan Emery.  1 Level II Spanish:  1st Place, Joshua Contrucci, 2nd place, Casey Biscoll and Holly Werner, 3rd place, Ceila Lourie, Morgan Ferry and Tony Pan.  2 Level II Spanish:  1st place Special Category, Angel Fernandez Rivera, 1st place, Audrey Bassett, 2nd place, Tate Boell, 3rd place, Aidan Carroll, Zachary Munin and Victoria Villalobos and Honorable Mention, Eve O’Boyle.  1 Level III Spanish: 1st place Special Category, Bruno Lazaro, 2nd place Special category, Keira Tejada, 3rd place Special Category, Ashley Tejada.  1st place, Renea Briner, 2nd place, Sarah Chang and Lindsay Cave, 3rd place Kayla Higgins, Harrison Layne and Rachel Corner and Honorable Mention, Madison McQuiston and Ashley Pascal.  2 Level III Spanish:  1st place, Luke Maloy, 2nd place, Kiara Asbury, 3rd place, William Kazunas, Kira McDevitt and Carney Woodhill, Honorable Mention, Jennifer Thompson Nicholas Urffer and Moira Ward.  Level IV Spanish:  1st place Special Category, Paloma Freundt-Hatton, 1st place, Maura Clancy, 2nd place, Jonah Lourie, 3rd place, Charlotte Croquette and Anna DiAntonio, Honorable Mention, Benjamin Knower and Matthew Tang.  AP Spanish:  1st place, Corazon Sanchez and Brielle McQuiston, 2nd place, Brooke Dresden, Lucy Jones and Ruby VanZanten, 3rd place, Callista Charter, Anurag Ishwar and Sarah Sokolowiski, Honorable Mention, Alison Cavanagh, Kailey Martin and Casey Wood.

    Rotary Students of the Month

    The following students have been recognized as Media Rotary Club Students of the Month: Senior, Eric Leung, junior, Brianna Messam, Ryan Shah and junior, Abigail, senior, Samir Jambhekar and junior, Analiese Bush.

    PMEA Easter Region Orchestra

    Penncrest violinist Alex Zhang, auditioned to first chair in the PMEA Eastern Region Orchestra. The orchestra festival culminates in a concert at West Chester East High School. Alex will represent Penncrest in the PMEA All-State Orchestra, he is a student of Toni Lyons.

    Concertmaster of Pennsylvania Music Educators Easter Region Orchestra

    Alex Zhang, has been chosen as Concertmaster of the Pennsylvania Music Educators Eastern Region Orchestra.  He will advance to the PMEA All State Orchestra.

    Simon Youth Academy

    Rose Tree Media Simon Youth Academy celebrated its ninth graduating class with eleven graduates.  Leila Robbins, earned the Rose Tree Media Simon Youth Academy Award at the Senior Awards Ceremony. She also won a Simon Youth Foundation Scholarship in the amount of $32,000.  Sadeeq Carpenter won the Max Simon SYF Scholarship in the amount of $32,000.  Leah Lewis won a “Best of the Best” Simon Youth Foundation Scholarship in the amount of $40,000.  Only four students out of 1,400 graduates nationwide won a $40,000 scholarship.  Upon graduation 82% of the graduate’s plan to enter college or job-certification programming by fall 2017.

    The Simon Youth Foundation Enhancement Grant is available to assist Simon Youth Academies in their efforts to provide student and teacher enhancements that are impactful and innovative in approach. Individual Academies may apply for up to $5,000 for the 2017 grant year. The actual amount of the award depends upon the rubric score, which is based on narrative, budgetary planning, and fidelity to Simon Youth Foundation. Rose Tree Media Simon Youth Academy scored the maximum points on the SYF grant rubric, and received $5,000 in Enhancement Grant funding from Simon Youth Foundation.  The grant proposal requested funds for enrichment experiences, graduation opportunities, and professional development.

    AP Capstone School

    Penncrest is honored to be named an AP Capstone School by the College Board.  The AP Capstone Certificate program is a multi-departmental, intensive, skills-based, two-course program designed to support and extend Advanced Placement subject-area course work in all areas. Students may take Seminar as a stand-alone course, Seminar and Research for the Capstone certificate, or they may pursue an Advanced Placement Capstone Diploma through the College Board.  The AP Capstone Diploma program requires students to explore Advanced Placement coursework in four subject areas in addition to completing the Seminar and Research courses. Penncrest’s acceptance into the Capstone Diploma Program is the result of a lengthy application process that was completed with our official acceptance in November.  Only seventeen schools in the state have earned this distinction, and we are one of a handful of local districts to have successfully applied for the diploma program.

    Senator McGarrigle Student of the Month Award

    Amy McGroathy received the McGarigle Student of the Month Award.  Senator McGarrigle came to Penncrest to give Amy her award.

    DCCC Annual Regional High School Art Exhibition

    Fifteen Penncrest High School student artists participated in the Delaware County Community College's 2nd Annual Regional High School Art Exhibition. Portfolio Prep student, Liam Forsythe, was awarded the Faculty Award for his linoleum print, "The University of Pennsylvania.”

    Phyllis Kavanaugh Scholarship

    Junior, Tabbi Cavaliere is the 2016-17 recipient of the Phyllis Kavanaugh Scholarship, she will travel to Spain this summer.

    School Digger Ratings

    As rated by, Penncrest High Middle School has been rated a 5 Star School!  The Education Week Research Center issues overall summative grades, as well as updated scores in each of the three categories that comprise the report’s grading rubric: Chance-for-Success, K-12 Achievement and School Finance.

    Penncrest earns another Silver Medal in the US News and World Report Education Ranking

    2016 - Penncrest earns another Silver Medal with a ranking of 34 in the state and 1,283 in the United States in the Us News and Wold Report Education Ranking.

    Pennsylvania Music Educators Association Conference

    The String Ensemble, under the direction of Toni Lyons, and the Penncrest Flute Ensemble, under the direction of Craig Snyder, submitted performance recordings at the end of the 2016 school year.  Both ensembles were selected from over 130 applicants across the state and have been invited to perform at the Pennsylvania Music Educators Association State Conference.

    National Merit Semi-Finalists

    Three semi-finalists: Ryan Shah, Ian Dong and Rachel Hughes

    National Merit Commended Students

    Penncrest High School is proud to recognize nine students in the senior class who are recognized as National Merit Commended Students. About 34,000 Commended Students throughout the nation are being recognized for their exceptional promise. Commended Students placed among the top five percent of more than 1.6 million students who entered the 2017 competition by taking the 2015 Preliminary SAT/National Merit Qualifying Test (PSAT/NMSQT).  Congratulations to Brooke Dresden, Gabrielle Dunn, Lauren Gallagher, Dennis Harrsch, Anurag Ishwar, Samir Jambhekar, Eric Leung, Joy Om and Gabrielle Rubin.

    Newsweek’s Best Public High Schools in the Country

    Congratulations to Penncrest High School, which made Newsweek’s latest list of the best public high schools in the country. A total of 30 Pennsylvania schools made the 2016 list, which ranked the 500 best high schools in the country.  For 2016, Penncrest High School was ranked 276th out of 500. It was not ranked by Newsweek in 2015.

    Pennsylvania Envirothon

    The Pennsylvania Envirothon Board of Directors recognized the Rose Tree Media School District's Penncrest High School for its support and commitment to environmental education and in particular the Enviorthon program.  Penncrest's Envirothon program has produced outstanding teams that Pennsylvania has been honored to have as its representative at the Envirothon, North America's largest high school environmental and natural resource competition.  Penncrest's teams have won the Pennsylvania Envirothon competition 12 times in the past 16 years.  This has given them the honor to travel to several different North American Envirothon events to compete against teams from 45 states, 8 Canadian provinces and this year a team from China.  This year the team finished second out of the 52 competing teams at the 2016 NCF-Envirothon held in Peterborough, Ontario. Coaches are Mark Samilenko and Chrissa Kuntz and students include:  Vy-Linh Gale, Dennis Harrsch, Rachel Hughes, Justin Rosenberg and Daniel Rosenberger.

    FBLA National Leadership Conference

    Bryce and Alex Haver placed 1st in the State of Pennsylvania and it qualified them to attend and compete at the Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA) National Leadership Conference in Atlanta. At the National Leadership Conference Bryce and Alex placed 4th in the nation! Their event was Public Service




    Mordechai Anielewicz Creative Writing Competition

    Eighth graders Sarah Ahlgren, Spencer Schwartz, Gabby DiAntonio, and Anaanya Nasta are winners of the Mordechai Anielewicz Creative Writing Competition!  These students wrote outstanding poetry and short stories about resisting the Nazis during the Holocaust.  They were honored at Moore College of Art in Philadelphia in a special ceremony.

    Junior Model United Nations Team

    Junior Model United Nations Team represented Springton Lake.  Special recognition goes out to Mark Rubin for his help with his team members and Maddy Day who won the outstanding delegate award.

     Holcomb Health System 2018 Calendar

    Allison Deiton, eighth grade art club won Best Art Work category for the Holcomb Health Systems 2018 Drug and Alcohol Awareness Calendar contest. Her artwork will be prominently featured in next year’s countywide calendar. Allison will also receive a $200.00 award!  Caroline Kratz and Izzy McMillan received Honorable Mention Awards for their submissions.

    Jazz Band

    The fourth annual Jazz Festival was hosted at SLMS where the Jazz Band earned a superior rating and the Jazz Lab band earned an excellent rating. Eighth grade saxophonist, Spencer Schwartz and sixth grade clarinetist, Josie Intham both won soloist awards at the fest as well.

    Science Olympiad

     Springton Lake Science Olympiad Team participated in the Pennsylvania Science Olympiad competition.  Over 200 Middle Schools compete annually in this competitions and SLMS placed 16th in the State.  The team medaled in 3 events, and special mentions go out to Anaanya Nasta, Amulya Nasta, and Spencer Schwartz for placing in the Top 10 in their events.  Thank you to all of our members for your hard work and dedication.

    National Spanish Contest

    29 eighth grade Spanish students participated in the 2017 National Spanish contest.  Gold Medal winners include:  Benjamin Chang, Max Colizzo, and Esther Kim.  Silver Medal winners include:  Sarah Ahlgren, Allison Barusevicius, Maggie Crowner, Allison Deaton, TJ Feely, Jennifer Plick, Claire Santangelo, and Ryan Schmidt.  Bronze Medal winners include:  Zachary Allen, Raven Amaro, Lauren Niss, Ashley Plick, Shayna Polsky, Rose Schwartz, Spencer Schwartz, Nicole Westcott, Amanda White, Andrew Wickman, and Amber Wolfe.  Honorable Mention winners include:  John Carnevale, Marly Keeley, and Sarah Poissant.  Honorable Mention winners in the Bilingual category include:  Owen Schnyder and Ricky Cambio.

    Delaware County Young Author's Contest

    The following students had their entries chosen for the Young Author’s Contest.  Sixth grader: Ziza Bond, Sam Kleiman, Spencer Rosin, and Luka Sekulic.  In seventh grade: Oumou Keita, Natalie Moussa, and Serena Wesley.  and in eighth grade: Mia Adorno and Liam Peel.  Their entries were chosen from among hundreds submitted. They will be attending an award ceremony and will have their writing printed in the annual Young Author's Publication.

    Reading Olympics

    Two Springton Lake teams participated in the county-wide Reading Olympics competition held at Springton. Both teams took top honors, earning over 60 points each, and securing blue ribbons. Team Chef Book R-D was captained by Shannon Tonetta, and included team members: Amanda He, Sehmoon Ali, Cori Chen, Katelyn Kirchgasser, Damien Martin, Noah Kuttymartin, A.J. Torrillo, Maggie Allison, Arianna Clarke, Hannah Puckett, Sydney Rathnayaka, and Jack Gallagher.  The Smartans team was captained by Calley Kender, and included team members: Matt Sparling, Omm Patel, Erin Brechemin, Ali Coldiron, Sophia Douglas, Brianna Lemisch, Leann Tang, Thomas Mulholland, Kyle Ridpath, Spencer Rosin, and Ben Sparling.

    Pennsylvania State Geography Bee Championship

    Ethan Saputra participated in the Pennsylvania State Geography Bee Championship. Ethan competed in Harrisburg against students ranging from 4th to 8th grade.  He finished tied for 16th place out of 104 students from all over Pennsylvania.

    STEM and YBTC awards winners

    Samarth Khandelwal- You Be the Chemist Chester/Delaware County Region- 1st place and perfect score. Samarth will represent SLMS at the Pennsylvania You Be the Chemist Challenge on April 29 at Penn State University. For the STEM Design Challenge for Delaware County (run by the DCIU) this year carried out by 36 middle school team, Springton Lake took four awards:  First Place overall-  Helena Ciavarelli, Layla Philllips, T.J. Feely and Ruari Wilmot.  Second Place overall-  Esther Kim, Claire Santangelo, Allison Barusevicius and Sarah Ahlgren. Most Creative-  Sage Forsythe, Nicole Westcott, Samarth Khandelwal and Spencer Schwartz.  Best Engineering Design Process- Ben Werner, Colin McVoy, Gavin Loeper and Sam Kleiman. The 1st place team will be representing SLMS at the Pennsylvania STEM Design Challenge Competition at Harrisburg State University.

    Jazz Festival

    The jazz band participated in the Strath Haven middle school jazz festival.  The jazz band was awarded with an excellent rating and eighth grader Nicole Westcott took home a solo award.   The jazz ensemble participated in the Drexel Hill Middle School Jazz Festival. The jazz ensemble was awarded with an excellent rating again, and Nicole Wescott and Spencer Schwartz both took home solo awards.

    DCIU Stem Design Challenge

    Congratulations to all of the students who participated in the DCIU STEM Design Challenge at Strath Haven Middle School.  All groups had very unique designs and did an excellent job with their presentations.  Springton Lake had a team win first place and second place at the competition. The first place team that will be representing Delaware County and our school at the STEM state competition:  Helena Ciavarelli, TJ Feely, Layla Phillips and Ru Wilmot.  Also, congratulations to the “Case Studies” who finished in second place at the competition – team members: Sarah Ahlgren, Allison Barusevicius, Esther Kim and Claire Santangelo.

    Senator McGarrigle Student of the Month Award

    Spencer Schwarts received the McGarrigle Student of the Month Award.  Senator McGarrigle came to Springton Lake to give Spencer his award.

    Pennsylvania Art Education’s Youth Art Exhibition

    Seventh grader, Noelle Santonastosa, placed first over all for her age group in this year’s Youth Art Month exhibition held March through April in the Pennsylvania Department of Education building in Harrisburg.

    Eighth graders, Trey Pompetti and Sage Forsythe and seventh grader Charlotte Papatheoharis perspective drawings will be on display at this year’s Pennsylvania Art Education's Youth Art Month Exhibition in Harrisburg.

    Allison Deiter, eighth grade Art Club, Noelle Santonastaso, seventh grader, and Brianna Lemisch, sixth grader, have their art work on display for the Youth Art Month Exhibition at the Pennsylvania Department of Education in Harrisburg.

    Chester County Wind Ensemble

    The following students made the Chester County Youth Wind Ensemble:
    Spencer Schwartz – Clarinet; Garrett Lynn - Contra Alto Clarinet; Gavin Loeper – Tuba; Luke Watson – Trombone; Jonathan Deutsch – Trombone; Amulya Nasta – Oboe

    Delaware County Band Festival

    The following students were selected to participate in the annual Delaware County Band Festival at Strath Haven MS on February 10, 2017:  Nicole Westcott – Flute; Sarah Ahlgren – Flute; Amulya Nasta – Oboe; Spencer Schwartz – Clarinet; Isaac Stone – Clarinet; Serena Wesley – Clarinet; Sofia Saulino – Clarinet; Allison Barusevicius - Alto Saxophone; Sophia Lenderman – Trumpet; Stephanie Carroll – Trumpet; Christian Messam - French Horn; Jonathan Deutsch – Trombone; Tyler Blessington – Trombone; Niklas Umland – Tuba; Garrett Lynn - Contra Alto Clarinet; Will Rubin - Percussion

    Orchestra students Esther Kim, Vaish Parameswaren, Sophia Bush, Yayoi Funaki and Caroline Kratz participated in the Pennsylvania Music Educators Seventh and Eighth Grade String Fest at Upper Darby Performing Arts Center. Eighth Grader, Esther Kim, was sitting as the Concert Master for the performance.

    Pennsylvania Don Eichhorn School

    Springton Lake is named “School to Watch” as part of a recognition program developed by the National Forum to Accelerate Middle-Grades Reform.  As a School to Watch, Springton Lake is recognized for its strong, challenging curriculum, academic and emotional support for students, continued learning opportunities for teachers and excellent involvement from parents.  The report notes over a dozen strengths of the school, including the school’s strategies for involving students in learning and providing them with age-appropriate responsibilities.  This award is a direct result of the hard work of each and every member of the Springton Lake educational community.  Everyone owns a piece of this recognition and should see it as validation of a combined effort.  Now that Springton Lake is a School to watch, other schools from around the country will have the opportunity to speak with administrators and tour the school as an example of exemplary academics and student support.

    Veterans Day Parade

    Many Springton Lake and Rose Tree Media students participated in the 57th Annual Veterans Day Parade in downtown Media. Our marching band and color guard performed extremely well during the parade. As part of the ceremony that followed, Theodora Greco, eighth grade student, read an essay that she submitted as part of the Delaware County Intermediate Unit’s annual Veterans Day essay contest. Theodora’s essay was the third place winner among more than 100 entries across the county. It was great to see our students shine in the community today!

    Students of the Month

    October Students of the Month are:  Maggie Allison, Kain Walker, Sophia Douglas, Tyler Weld, Erin Brechemin, Connor Chauncey, Travis Peck, Katherine Baylor, Eva Goldstock-Vazquez, Philip Coulter, Samantha Moffitt, Kevin Keith, Joseph Talone, Amber Wolfe, Jasmine Sartor, Nathan Holst-Rightley, Madison Roesler and Logan Sampson.  November students are: Savanah Snyder, Jackson Sigda, Tyler Kolmansberger, Leah Stern, Holly Indiana Eli, Jackson Wickman, Shannon Tonetta, Liam Fickes, Annalynn Pompetti, Jake Moule, Wyatt Pugay, Sara Kristiansen, River Downend, Jennifer Plick, Abigail Montgomery, Ryan Schmidt, Amanda White and Robert Sundo.  The following Students of the Month for December are Explorers:  Sam Kleiman and Holly Doran; Voyagers: Kyra Curci and Jake Hamilton; Blazers: Josh Irey and Bridget Dawson; Pioneers: Moses Hufford-Bucklin and Miranda Muller; Patriots:  Sofia Saulino and Nathaniel Hall; Eagles:  Zachary Rementer and Abigail Steffan; Discovery:  John Carnevale and Sarah Ahlgren; Endeavor: Riley Bittle and Caden D'Amico; Odyssey: Isaac Brokopp and Allison Deaton.  The Students of the Month for January are:  Explorers:  Chloe Griffiths and William Chressanthis; Voyagers: Alexa Cohen and Nathaniel Dzien; Blazers: Joshua Emery and Selena Psaris; Pioneers:  Amulya Nasta and Jason Luthultz; Patriots: Sophie Thompson and Quentin Baker; Eagles: Connor Kraycik and Jordan Sharer; Discovery: Samantha Lyon and Luke Cavanagh; Endeavor: Kayla Mistica and Zachary Allen; Odyssey: Thai Tran and Sage Forsythe. February students of the month are: Explorers:  Janie Packman and Joshua Scott; Voyagers:  Kennedy Quale and Zaid Salaria; Blazers:  Alisun Coldiron and Gavin Mogck; Pioneers:  Patrick Ng and Monica Ferrier; Patriots:  Ethan Shumwayand Amelie Lebourgeois; Eagles:  Matthew Sparling and Phoebe Barcomb; Discovery: Sophia Talone and Lucas Hastings; Endeavor: Megan Gress and Liam Devine;Odyssey:  Joshua Kramer and Patricia Pascal.  Students of the Month for March: Explorers:  Ansley Kauffman and Cole Bernhardt; Voyagers:  Spencer Rosin and Devon Umberger; Blazers:  Nicholas Creamer and Emma Curran; Pioneers: Madeleine Knower and Owen Renneisen; Patriots:  Dylan Colvin and Ava Finnegan; Eagles:  Connor McCarney and Chayse Downend; Discovery:  Kathleen Curran and Shayne Davis; Endeavor:  Ryan Calderone and Claire Santangelo; Odyssey:  Hannah Barcomb and Jack Walker.  Students of the Month for April are: Explorers:  Salvatore DiCara and Mackenzie Beals; Voyagers:  Elizabeth Chester and Kyle Ridpath; Blazers:  Brianna Lemisch and Aiden Tajirian; Pioneers:  Gwyneth Coyne and Charles Katz; Patriots:  Brynn O'Neill and James Attiani; Eagles:  Erin Casey and Joseph Cornacchia; Discovery:  Matthew Coulter and Olivia Mackfee; Endeavor: Olivia Shah and Thomas Cao; Odyssey: Liam McAvoy and Tegan Schultz.  May students include: Thomas Mulholland, Delaney Moran, Hannah Puckett, Logan Rector, Kathlene Flebbe, David Gelman, Sabella Saulino, Ethan Smith, James Cawley, Molly Roe, Kaitlyn Hanrahan, Omm Patel, Tolani olaniyi, Yahir Cambio, Kamrin Vaughn, Fiona Ackroyd, Alexis Ranieri and Timothy Dresden.

    Suicide Prevention 2017 Poster Contest

    Sixth grader, Evanthia Greco, placed third in the Delaware County Suicide Prevention Through Positive Communications 2017 poster contest.

    Silver Spartan Awards

    Grand prize Spartan winner for the month of September is Cara Barthman. Silver Spartan treat winners are: Ethan Chan, Evan Kubiak and Sam Williams.  Grand prize Spartan winner for the month of October is Sam Kleiman.  Silver Spartan treat winners are: Kyra Curci, Andrew Moffitt and Kamrin Vaughn. Grand prize Silver Spartan for the month of December is Gracie Guerin, grade 8.  Other winners are Jack Johnston, grade 6; Spencer Schwartz, grade 8 and Luke Watson, grade 7.  Grand Prize Spartan for the month of December is Ava Finnegan.  Silver Spartan treat winners are:  Bisrat Abebe, Liam MacCurtin and Abby Steffan.  Grand Prize Spartan winners for the month of January is: Kristin Dlugos, grade 7.  Silver winners are: Aaron Pagan, grade 8; Gianna Stevens, grade 7; Andrew Wickman, grade 8. February Grand Prize  – Alisun Coldiron,, grade 6.  Silver Spartan winner are 6, Kayla Mistica, grade 8; Eric Paschall, grade 6; Jay Patel, grade 7.  March Grand Prize  – Sarah Poissant, grade 8. Silver winners are: Elizabeth Chester, grade 6; Katelyn Kirchgasser, grade 7; Jake Spitz, grade 6.  April Grand Prize winner is Rucha Kamat, grade 8.  Silver Spartan winners are Christian Nonemaker, grade 7; Mackenzie Shaffer, grade 6 and Matt Sparling, grade 7.  May Grand Prize  – Kathlene Flebbe, grade 6.  Silver Spartan winners are Nicholas DelPizzo, grade 6; Julia Ryan, grade 7 and Isabelle Walsh, grade 8.  June Grand Prize winner is Aashir Khan, grade 7.  Silver Spartan winners are Sarah Ahlgren, grade 8; Julia Howells, grade 6 and Michaela O’Brien, grade 8.

    School Digger Ratings

    As rated by, Springton Lake Middle School has been rated a 5 Star School!  The Education Week Research Center issues overall summative grades, as well as updated scores in each of the three categories that comprise the report’s grading rubric: Chance-for-Success, K-12 Achievement, and School Finance.



    Four fifth grade teams participated in Enviro-challenge at Ridley Creek State Park.  Everyone had a great time and one team brought home an overall bronze medal. 



    Law Day

    The following Glenwood students won a prize for the Law Day Poster Contest for the third to fifth grade category. First place, Eva Santolupo, second place, Emma Steiner, and third place, Sarah Verica.  Students were asked to submit a poster based on the 14th Amendment: Transforming American Democracy by depicting the following: Who are some of the people in your community that help to make sure that everyone is treated fairly.

    Ms. Pinsley’s Fifth Grade Class

    For the fourth annual Lenfest Citizenship Challenge, the Rendell Center for Civics and Civic Engagement invited Philadelphia-area 4th and 5th grade classes to write civics essays, focusing this year on the presidential election and the Electoral College. This year’s challenge question was: “Should the Constitution be amended to eliminate the Electoral College system for selecting the President and replace it with the national popular vote?” The contest was open to 4th and 5th grade students in public, private, and parochial school classes and home-study programs in the Philadelphia area (Bucks, Chester, Delaware, Philadelphia, and Montgomery counties). More than 100 essays were submitted, about 60 percent of them advocating elimination of the Electoral College.  Ms. Pinsley’s 5th Grade class has been chosen as a finalist. They presented their essay to a panel of judges, including former Gov. Rendell and Judge Marjorie O. Rendell at the Lenfast Citizenship Challenge Finals at the National Constitution Center and earned second place out of 120 schools. Her class receiving a check for $500.00.  It was an awesome experience.



    Alcohol Awareness Poster Contest

    Aliya Mengine, fourth grader at Media Elementary School had her picture chosen for the 2017-2018 calendar.  PA Liquor Control Board challenges students across the commonwealth to create positive, no-use messages that can influence their peers.

    2017 Distinguished Title I School

    The Pennsylvania Department of Education, Division of Federal Programs, would like to honor Media Elementary School at the 2017 Title I Improving Schools’ Performance Conference as a 2016-17 Distinguished Title I School.  All distinguished schools will be honored at the conference during the Distinguished Schools’ Award Ceremony. Each year, the Division of Federal Programs honors the top performing Title I schools in Pennsylvania. This year, we will be using the approved ESEA Flexibility Waiver designation of Reward: High Achievement and Reward: High Progress. Reward: High Achievement schools are the highest 5% of Title I schools based on aggregate math and reading PSSA or Keystone scores that also met all Annual Measurable Objectives (AMOs). Reward: High Progress schools are the highest 5% Title I schools based on a composite of the math and English Language Arts (ELA) Pennsylvania Value Added Assessment System (PVAAS) indices for the schools. Schools also met participation and graduation/attendance AMOs. Using this criterion, Media Elementary School has been selected to be a Title I Distinguished School in the 2016-2017 school year.

    Daughters of American Revolution Contest

    Leo Ouyang, a fifth grade student, was named the Grade 5 winner of the Daughters of the American Revolution writing contest.  Leo is a student in Ms. Senavitis' class and a member of the MES Reading Olympics team.

    School Digger Ratings

    As rated by, Media Elementary School has been rated a 5 Star School!  The Education Week Research Center issues overall summative grades, as well as updated scores in each of the three categories that comprise the report’s grading rubric: Chance-for-Success, K-12 Achievement, and School Finance.



    Geography Bee

    From Kansas to Kuala Lumpur - Fourth and Fifth grade students at Rose Tree Elementary study the geography of the United States and the world to prepare for the annual National Geographic Geography Bee!  And the winner is… fifth grader Madeline Bachovchin, from Mrs. Maureen VanZant’s classroom.



    Christine Seeley

    Christine has been nominated for the Simon Youth Foundation National Administrator of the Year. As a nominee, she is recognized as someone who ignites hope in students and helps them achieve their dreams.

    Aaron Goldfarb

    This year, Aaron Goldfarb, a 5th grade teacher at Media Elementary School, was chosen as a finalist for the Teacher of the Year.  This is the 7th consecutive year that RTMSD has had at least 1 (and often 2) finalist among the twelve from all over the Commonwealth.  Aaron has a lot of work ahead of him as he continues in the competition and we all support him in whatever he needs.

    2018 Teacher of the Year Semi Finalists

    Teachers Greg Jacobs, Penncrest High School, Sarah Debessay, Springton Lake Middle School, Aaron Goldfarb, Media Elementary School and Stephanie Herman, Indian Lane Elementary School have all be chosen Semi Finalists for Teacher of the Year.

    Teacher of the Year Finalists

    Sandra Lin and Phoebe Simmington were finalists as PA’s Teacher of the Year.  Sandra Lin teaches all levels of Mandarin Chinese at Penncrest High School and Phoebe Simmington is a sixth-grade math teacher at Springton Lake.

    Betsy Spardel

    Mrs. Spardel was named the 2016 Simon Youth Foundation National Teacher of the Year!!!!!  Mrs. Spardel, is more than a teacher to us at RTMSYA.  She goes above and beyond for our students.  She works closely with our students and our families with such grace and kindness.  Mrs. Spardel supports instruction but her gift of relating to our students is just that... a gift.  In her four years with Rose Tree Media Simon Youth Academy, she has advised and encouraged students in grades 9-12 successfully with a 100% graduation rate.  Mrs. Spardel studies research related to alternative education, specifically attendance and socio-emotional health, and implements best practices in her classroom.  On a daily basis, Mrs. Spardel shares her talents, dedication, and encouragement.  While she imparts her gifts with our students and the program, she is truly the gift that Rose Tree Media Simon Youth Academy cherishes.

    Michael Doyle

    Mike Doyle and his wife, Kelly, have been chosen to receive the Volunteer Recognition Award from the American Cancer Society.  They are being honored at the Greater Philadelphia Area Awards Celebration dinner. They were chosen for their work with Coaches vs Cancer which falls under the umbrella of the American Cancer Society. Mr. and Mrs. Doyle have led the fundraising efforts that have raised close to $75,000 throughout our community, with a large amount raised through the $1 donations of our students collected by the basketball teams through their drive and determination to make an impact on this terrible disease

    Dr. Voshell, Julie Plater and Lindsi Morris

    Title 1 teachers, Julie and Lindsi and Dr. Voshell, Media Elementary School Principal, presented, "Building Partnerships to Foster Student Learning."  The presentation highlighted the partnerships that Media Elementary has fostered within the school itself with the Media parents and families, the community partnerships with the RSVP (Retired Seniors Volunteer Program) and the beginning relationship with RTMSD's Lion's M.A.N.E., and the West Chester University's Reading Practicum program.  The presentation, which was well-received, allowed them to share with, and learn from, their audience, which was comprised of representatives from the Maryland Department of Education, Parents and School Volunteers from the Philadelphia area, a school board member from the Philadelphia area, and the founder of Parent Power in Philadelphia. 2016 Survey Results

    Our District was recognized in the most recent survey.  The 2016 survey has the Rose Tree Media School District teachers ranked 11th in the Commonwealth and we are perched among the very best districts in Pennsylvania.  Your individual commitment to excellence in teaching, combined with your willingness to engage in the collaborative study of the craft has produced a teaching and learning environment in which we achieve the ultimate goal......our students grow and flourish.

    Mrs. Sandra Lin

    Sandra was named a finalist in the 2017 PA Teacher of the Year Program.  Congratulations to SANDRA LIN for being named a finalist in the 2017 PA Teacher of the Year Program!  Best of luck as you continue through the process!  What an incredible run for the Rose Tree Media School District, Penncrest High School and our teachers!




    New Ranking of Best Pennsylvania School Districts In 2017 

    Rose Tree Media School District Ranked 24th in Pennsylvania

    The 2017 Best School Districts ranking is based on rigorous analysis of academic and student life data from the U.S. Department of Education along with test scores, college data and ratings collected from millions of Niche users.  Factors Considered:  Academics Grade, Culture and Diversity Grade, Health and Safety Grade, Parent/Student Surveys on Overall Experience, Teachers Grade, Resources and Facilities Grade, Clubs and Activities Grade and Sports Grade.

    This ranking assesses 10,364 U.S. public school districts.  The same methodology is used to produce the Overall Niche Grade for each ranked school district as well as additional school districts.  Statistics obtained from the U.S. Department of Education represent the most recent data available, usually from 2014-2016, as self-reported by the school districts.



    Rose Tree Media Teachers ranked #11 in state of PA 2016 Survey Results


    I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate each and every member of the Rose Tree Media School District professional staff for our District being recognized by the most recent Niche. com survey results.  The 2016 survey has the Rose Tree Media School District teachers ranked 11th in the Commonwealth and we are perched among the very best districts in Pennsylvania.  Your individual commitment to excellence in teaching, combined with your willingness to engage in the collaborative study of the craft has produced a teaching and learning environment in which we achieve the ultimate goal......our students grow and flourish. has ranked our District 11th in the Commonwealth by virtue of the following factors: parent/student surveys, academics grade, average teacher salary, teacher absenteeism, teacher salary index and teacher-student ratio.  We all know that the Rose Tree Media School District is a great place in which to work and teach and we also know that our continued attention to and improvement of these as well as other factors will only make it better.  I invite you to explore the results and I hope you are as inspired as I am by the results and rankings of our schools and our District.

    Thank you for all that you do and all that you contribute as we continue this journey to becoming a world-class school district.