• Write a short story implementing some of the literary devices found on this site: Literary Devices.
    Use this web link, Short Stories, to see some tips for writing a good short story.  You should start working on this today and you can work on it over Spring Break as well.  The best short story for each grade will get a prize.
    Your story should be based upon one of the fourteen pictures below.  The original illusatrations are accompanied by a story title and caption.  You can see these is you click on the lnk below each picture.  Only do this if you want to be further inspired by the intentions of the original illustrator. (The links may not all be working or present. Please be patient as I get the new links completed.  Thanks!)
    Picture 1    Picture 2    Picture 3
                 Picture 1                                     Picture 2                                    Picture 3 
    Picture 6     Picture 5     Picture 4
                 Picture 4                                     Picture 5                                    Picture 6
    Picture 9     Picture 7     Picture 8
                 Picture 7                                     Picture 8                                    Picture 9
    Picture 10     Picture 11     Picture 12
                 Picture 10                                   Picture 11                                 Picture 12
                               Picture 13     Picture 14
                                             Picture 13                                  Picture 14 
    All pictures are from The Mysteries of Harris Burdick by Chris Van Allsburg.
    Click here is you want send your stories to Chris Van Allsburg. Be sure someone has helped you proofread and edit your story first.