• Literary Conflict
    Conflict is a struggle between opposing forces. Almost every story is built around a conflict faced by the main character. These conflicts often mirror what readers may face in real life.
    An external conflict is a struggle between a character and an outside force, such as society, nature or another character. In Wonder, Auggie faces an external conflict with Julian.
    An internal conflict is a struggle within a character's mind. It may occur when the character has to make a decision or deal with opposing feelings. Auggie also faces internal conflict when dealing with his insecurities about his appearance and questioning if he is brave enough to go to school. 
    As you read your independent reading book, determine the types of conflicts the characters face. Analyze how the author develops the conflict; does he she show the character struggling with the same issue several times throughout the book? How does the conflict intensify as the story develops? How does the character change as he or she deals with the conflict?
    Use the chart below to review the characteristics of each type of literary conflict.  
    Use the play list below to watch the video clips and decide which type of conflict the characters are facing.
    Use the link below for more review of the types of literary conflict.