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    To All Volunteers

     Recent changes in the Child Protective Services Law require all volunteers who have direct contact with students to obtain the following three clearances: A Child Abuse Clearance, a Pennsylvania State Police Criminal Background Check and an FBI Clearance. All clearances are now available electronically.

    You will find the directions for obtaining the clearances below. The cost of obtaining the clearances will be your responsibility. Once you have obtained the certifications please hand them in at the front desk at the building in which you will be volunteering.  They will be sent to the Human Resources Department for verification and returned to you.  If you have any questions about obtaining your clearances please call Debbie Raup-Whiteside at 610-627-6038.

     Please allow enough time for the clearances to be verified prior to the date your volunteer work is to begin.

     When you hand in your clearances for verification they must be less than a year old and will be valid for three years from the date of your oldest clearance.  Once obtained, clearances must be renewed every 36 months.

     Thank you for volunteering in Rose Tree Media School District. You are providing a valuable service to our students.

    Everyone will need clearances before the start of the next school year. Anyone chaperoning a field trip this year must have clearances before they go on the trip. 
     Human Resources



    Guidelines for School Volunteers, Chaperones and Visitors


    Volunteer – An individual who voluntarily offers and provides a service to the District without receiving compensation.


    Visitor – A parent or other adult who attends an event at school but who is not responsible for students.

    Example: Parent attending a concert, a grandparent who attends Grandparents’ Day, A parent who comes in to attend a Halloween Party.


    PTG Volunteer - recruited by the PTG to work PTG Events held on school district grounds and involving direct contact with Rose Tree Media students.


    Chaperones – parents or other adults, not school district employees, who travel with students on a field trip, either a day trip or overnight trip.      


    Contact with Students – Has direct contact with students whether on his/her own    or under the supervision of a teacher or administrator employed by the district.


    Single Event Volunteer – Volunteer for a single event lasting not more than a few hours.


    Short-term Volunteer – on an occasional basis not exceeding two (2) weeks during the school year.


    Long-Term Volunteer – from time to time throughout the school year.


    Visitors – No Clearances needed

    Single Event – No Clearances needed

    Short Term Volunteer – Clearances Needed

    Long Term Volunteer – Clearances Needed

    Chaperones – Clearances Needed



    How to Obtain Clearances




    Website: https://epatch.state.pa.us

    On gray toolbar, click “record check”, choose “new record”

    Follow instructions filling out application and making payment. The cost is $10.00

    After completing the application information and payment, a box will show that contains:

    Control #, Name ……….

    Click on Control #

    Click on Certification Form

    Print Form – this is your background clearance


    FBI CLEARANCE - can be applied for on-line or phone 1-888-439-2486

    1.             Access the Cogent Systems Website at: www.pa.cogentid.com

    2.             Choose Pennsylvania

    3.             Choose PDE

    4.             Click on “Register On-Line”.

    a.    Complete the information on the form

    b.    Reason Fingerprinted – School District

    5.             After completing the form, follow through for payment. The cost of the report is $27.00.

    6.             After your registration is completed and paid for, print out your receipt.

    7.             Go to one of the designated fingerprint collection locations. There is list on the website under “Print Locations”.

    a.    Please call the fingerprint location you choose for their dates and times of operation.  The Delaware County Intermediate Unit is now requiring an appointment.  Remember, you do have to register on-line before reporting to the fingerprint location.

    b.    You must bring identification with you when you go to be fingerprinted. There is a list of acceptable forms of ID on the website under “what to bring”.

    8.             You will be given a paper after your fingerprints are taken. Please keep this for your records. This is what will be used to verify your clearance.



    Website: https://www.compass.state.pa.us/CWIS/Public/Home


    All information on obtaining your clearances may also be found on the RTM website: https://www.rtmsd.org under District Departments/Human Resou