• 6th Grade Language Arts

    Mrs. Somerville - Contact info: 610-627-6732 or asomerville@rtmsd.org


    Class Materials –( NO TRAPPER KEEPERS!!!)

    • 1 ½ inch binder, 1 set tab dividers, 1 pocket folder                 
    • 1 subject spiral notebook
    • 25 clear paper protectors
    • 1 box of tissues
    • Marble composition book
    • Pencils, erasers and pens
    • 6 packs of 3x3 post-it notes
    • 2 highlighters
    • 1 pack of 3x5 index cards
    • 1 set fine EXPO markers




    ·      We will read, discuss, and complete assignments on short excerpts from fiction selections as well as novels read with reading partners and independent reading.  

    ·      Independent Reading– You are responsible for independently reading a minimum of 30 minutes a night. Each night, you will fill out a line in your reading log that corresponds to that night’s reading. This will be graded each week.

    ·      Book Bingo- Choice reading across genres with choices of projects, assignments, and evaluations.




    ·      Units of Study in Personal Narrative and Literary Analysis

    ·      Poetry

    ·      Other writing activities will include dialogue, novel response, letters & participation in various contests.

    ·      Grammar and mechanics mini-lessons will be taught within writing units; please do your best to edit all assignments for correct capitalization, punctuation, spelling, grammar, and complete sentences.



    ·      Many of your assignments, as well as tests and projects, are worth points.

    ·      You will lose points for turning work in late. Late work is always better than no work at all!

    ·      You are responsible for turning in all missed assignments. If you are absent, check with classmates, teacher, and the teacher website, and turn in assignments after returning to school. You should plan to stay after school to get information about what you missed.  

    • Unprepared Slips must be filled out if you come to class without assignments or materials. Students who are prepared on a daily basis will be rewarded at the end each marking period!


    Student Responsibilities

    • Be on time and be prepared:  You should be in your seat at the time class is to start. Come to class prepared with all appropriate materials and assignments. 
    • Treat everyone with respect: Treat others how you would wish to be treated. Be nice!
    • Raise your hand and use an appropriate noise level: Give everyone a fair chance to be heard and don’t disrupt class with interruptions.
    • Follow all rules and procedures: In order to have a safe and organized classroom, it is important that you are always aware of the class procedures and follow all the rules.
    • Be responsible: You are expected to take responsibility for your work. Put effort, creativity, and thinking into your assignments. Turn your work in on time.


    Parent Responsibilities

    • Check assignment book everyday.
    • Ensure that your child is reading 30 minutes nightly and sign reading log once a week.
    • Check student progress on Home Access Center (HAC) regularly.


    Teacher Responsibilities

    ·      I will be prepared for class each day with materials and a positive attitude.

    ·      I will be respectful and fair to all students, and do my best to make sure everyone feels comfortable, engaged, included, and valued.


    Important Procedures


    At beginning of period:

    • Enter room quietly and with necessary supplies. Have out your LA binder.
    • Sharpen pencils, check HW board, and record new HW in assignment book.
    • You are expected to begin the WARM UP activity on the white board yourself, without any prompting from a teacher. Please work quietly. 
    • Put any papers or assignments that are due in your specific class basket.


    Using the bathroom:

    • Try to use the bathroom in between classes; let me know you have to go, and then go. If you must go during class, wait for a quiet work time, get your handbook signed and proceed to restrooms.

    Before leaving at the end of the period:

    • Straighten your work area and line up your desk.
    • Wait for me to dismiss you, then push in or put up your chair.


    Staying after school:

    • I am available after school for extra help Tuesdays and Thursday.  Before staying after school, discuss with me your plan to stay after school and get a pass.


    Checking HAC and the class website:

    • Student grades are updated on HAC regularly. Parents and students should check grades weekly.
    • Class announcements, classroom policies, materials, project sheets, etc. can be found on the class website. Use it as a resource.



    Please have classroom materials purchased and in school by Monday, September 12, 2016.






    We have read, discussed, and understand the expectations for 6th grade LA students.






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