Welcome to the Springton Lake Band Registration!
    Band meets three times each cycle. Two of the classes are sectionals where you will meet with others that play the same or a similar instrument as yours. The third class is a large rehearsal where all students in your grade will meet. All rehearsals are conducted during the regular school day. The sixth and seventh grade bands perform two evening concerts and two school assemblies each year. The eighth grade band also performs two evening concerts and two school assemblies each year with the addition of marching band parades and a festival in May.  Band students develop both their individual and ensemble skills. Band is only open to those students who have played at least one year in elementary school.  New instrumentalists must take beginner private lessons over the summer and/or during the school year until fundamentals are learned (usually up to a certain point in the Standard of Excellence Method Book depending on the grade level). 
    Please complete both forms below.  They are short forms.  One is for Mr. Reno's database, and the other is for scheduling purposes.  Please refer to the FAQ section below for answers to questions that I get every year.  I look forward to meeting you and to working with your child(ren).
    Mr. Reno

    Does the school have an instrument that we can sign out?

    • Most students who play the flute, clarinet, trumpet, saxophone, trombone and percussion will have already rented an instrument from Taylors Music Store.  I recommend continuing that rental.  However, there are instruments not available for rent.  Therefore, we do have school provided instruments for the larger, not-so-common instruments.  Current inventory includes:
    1. Baritones/Euphoniums (6)
    2. Tubas (3)
    3. Bass Clarinets (3)
    4. Tenor Saxophones (3)
    5. Baritone Saxophones (3)
    6. Piccolo Flutes (3)
    7. Alto Clarinet (1)
    8. Contra Alto Clarinet (1)
    • We do carry some flutes, trumpets, and clarinets.  However, because these instruments are common and are always available for rent, we use these instruments as temporary loaners/back-ups.  
    My child plays the drums.  Does he/she have to bring his/her drum kit to and from school for each lesson or performance?
    • No.  Keep those kits at home for practice!!!  We have enough snare drums and mallet instruments at school for students to use.
    Can students do two music groups like band and chorus, or band and orchestra?
    • If you are interested in doing band and chorus OR orchestra and chorus, you may sign up for both and your sixth grade music teacher along with your fifth grade music teacher will reach out to audition you to join both groups. These are not two separate classes. Each director will expect students to be responsible for all of the work in each class although they will have each class once a cycle (as opposed to twice a cycle like students in one group). It is not an option to split a group with general music.  Please understand that your choice represents a FULL YEAR COMMITMENT to the group. Schedule changes can only be made in certain circumstances (behavioral, academic, financial, etc.) with the approval of the administration.  I tell students all of the time that doing two ensembles requires double the workload...not half the workload even though you are splitting your time between two ensembles. 
    Can my child play in the jazz band?
    • 6th grade band students are encouraged to join the jazz lab.  You can register online here. 
    When does the jazz lab rehearse?
    • We rehearse on Thursdays after school from 3:03 to 4 PM.  
    Can I play a different instrument for jazz lab?
    • Absolutely.  Most of the time I see this is when students also take up lessons on the guitar, bass, piano, drum set or another band instrument that is similar to their original instrument.