•  Mr. Somers
     Mr. Somers
    Hello students and parents,
    Dragonfly Golden Orb Weaver Mantis
    ALL HOMEWORK AND EVERYTHING ABOUT THIS CLASS is on the Schoology app.  Homework is to be submitted ONLY through the app.  Students will set up their account within the first week of school.  After the student accounts are created, should a parent wish to access the class, they just need to email me and I will send the parent their sign in and password for this class.  Please save this email in a safe place so that you can access their account any time.  Anything on the website will be self-contained so that handouts and homework can be graded within the app.  As work is graded, there are two sources of comments.  There is a comment box with the grade along with stickies that can be inserted in the document as well.  I prefer the comment box so that you can go and fix what is incorrect and then resubmit.
    HOMEWORK IS PRACTICE.  IF YOU COPY YOUR HOMEWORK FROM SOMEONE ELSE, YOU ARE MISSING PRACTICE.  I review all first submissions and allow you to resubmit your work UNTIL it is correct.  Therefore, if any student is suspected of cheating, I will select a portion from the homework for a student to answer directly to me.  Should the portions go completely unanswerable, then the student will receive a zero for that assignment.
    Notes, video clips, and other materials will be added to schoology as the courses progress.  There will be nothing relevant pertaining to this class on this RTM website except the initial material to be used in the class which can be referenced at any time.
    Email:  esomers@rtmsd.org (Preferred if information is needed.  It gives me time to get whatever you need.)
    Phone:  610-627-6395  (Feel free to call between 2:25-3:30 most days, or email as above.)