• Parent Expectations and Protocol


    Expectations and protocol for parents/guardians:
    1.  Support your student-athlete's efforts to success.
    2.  Work to promote a positive environment that is conducive to the development of your student-athlete.
    3.  Treat all coaching personnel with courtesy and respect.
    4.  Assure that your student-athlete will attend all scheduled practices and athletic contests.
    5. Promote and model mature and sportsmanlike behavior at all athletic contests.
    Expectations and Protocol for Coaches:
    1.  Promote the health and safety of student athletes at all times.
    2.  Be a model for appropriate language, sportsmanship, amd behavior at all times.
    3.  Establish time demands that acknowledge the primary importance of each student-athlete's academic and family responsibilities. 
    4. Promote among athletes and coaches a solid sense of team membership.
    5.  Assist, whenever appropriate, with post high school planning for individual student athletes as it relates to athletics.
    6.  Be available to meet with parents at times that are mutually convenient and in allignment with the athletic department's parent/coach guidelines.
    7.  Adhere to all PIAA and Rose Tree Media School District policies at all times.
    Parent/Coach Communication plan
    Communication a parent/guardian should expect from a coach:
    1.  The expectations the coach has for your child as well as the players on the team.
    2.  Locations and times of all practices and games.
    3. Team requirements.
    4.  Discipline that may result in the denial of your child's participation.
    Appropriate concerns to discuss with coaches:
    1. Situations involving your child.
    2.  Ways to help your child improve.
    3.  Your child's attitude, work ethic, and eligibility.
    4.  Concerns about your child's behavior
    Issues that are not appropriate to discuss with coaches or AD:
    1.  Playing time of any student-athlete
    2.  Team strategy, practice organization, or play calling.
    3.  Other student-athletes
    Procedures to follow if there is a concern to discuss with a coach:
    1.  Your child should speak to the coach about an issue, before you intervene.  This will help our Student-Athletes grow into young adults.
    2.  Contact the coach to set up an appointment.  If the coach can not be reached, contact the athletic director.  They will assist you in arranging a meeting.
    3.  If a meeting with the coach did not provide a satisfactory resolution, call to schedule an appointment with the athletic director to discuss the situation.  The ***AD will only intervene if the issue has already been discussed with the coach.
    * Please do not confront a coach before or after a game or practice.  Meeting of this nature normally do not assist in creating a resolution to the situation.