• Science Overview by Grade Level

    Kindergarten Students will:
    ·     Expand their awareness of weather, its features, and its effects on their daily lives.
    First Grade Students will: 
    ·     Explore the relationship between balance and weight.
    ·     Classify organisms according to characteristics.
    Second Grade Students will: 
    ·     Recognize differences between solids and liquids.
    ·     Study the life cycle of butterflies.


    Third Grade Students will: 

    ·     Use magnetism and electricity to introduce or reinforce concepts in physical science.

    ·     Experience the scientific method.
    ·     Investigate the interactions between land and water.

    ·     Discuss the relationship of the Earth to our solar system.

    ·     Observe the life cycle of a chick.


    Fourth Grade Students will:

    ·     Demonstrate the ability to use a microscope and make detailed observations.

    ·     Explore the physics of motion and apply these concepts to technological design.
    ·     Construct an aquarium and terrarium.

    ·     Understand how living and nonliving things depend upon one another.
    Fifth Grade Students will:

    ·     Complete and present a science project for the Rose Tree Elementary Science Fair and

        explore natural disasters.