• Rose Tree Media School District

    Comprehensive Plan 2015-2018



    Several changes have occurred in the strategic planning process since the district’s last plan was drafted in 2007-2008.  That plan ran from 2008-2014 and expired at the end of the 2013-2014 school year.  Since then, the name of the plan has changed from Strategic Plan to Comprehensive Plan, a change that is not just ornamental.  The new process combines the old strategic planning process with the school improvement process dictated under No Child Left Behind, resulting in a data-driven analysis of student achievement and a critical review of thirteen key “systems” that contribute to student success. 


    The plan is comprehensive in that it is inclusive.  Every school has developed its own school-level action plan as part of the broader district plan.  It is also comprehensive in that it requires a broad and deep look at data on student achievement.  And it is comprehensive in that it compels a careful analysis of a broad range of systems that might influence student achievement. 


    Another recent change under the newly adopted Chapter 4 regulations is the requirement to submit reports in five important areas in lieu of a full strategic plan.  Despite the elimination of the requirement to submit a full strategic plan, the Department of Education kept the planning tool available to districts, and Rose Tree Media has chosen to use the tool not only to produce the required reports, but also to draft school and district-level plans that will guide our steps from 2015 through June 2018.  These plans include goals, strategies, implementation steps, and indicators of effectiveness. 


    See the video below for an overview of the RTM Comprehensive Plan 

    Click here to view the entire plan. 


    Public review and comment on the required reports is welcome from October 24, 2014 through November 20, 2014.  Please note the plan appears in a format designed and dictated by the Department of Education.  These reports are on the following pages of the plan:


    Student Services, pp. 8-18


    Gifted, pp. 9-10


    Professional Education, pp. 19-21


    Teacher Induction, pp. 21-26


    Special Education, pp. 5-8, 26-41, 43-58.  Special Education operates on a different schedule.  The Special Education report was reviewed and approved in the spring of 2014 and is included here for your information.