Mr. Fisher
    7th and 8th Grade Chorus
     6th Grade Music Lab
    Springton Lake MS - Room F103
    Telephone: 610-627-6567


     2018-19 School Year 

    Anyone that is not currently in chorus and would like to join for next year must go to Mr. Fisher's room on Tuesday, May 21 after school for a short audition.  Auditions will end by 3:30. 

    Please go to SCHOOLOGY for more information and classroom activities and announcements


    Attention: STUDENTS and PARENTS

    Q: How do grades work in Mr. Fisher's class? 

    A:  Mr. Fisher's gradebook is entered entirely in "Schoology." Once a week (before sports eligibility), he will sync each one of the 24 sections to HAC.  For the most up-to-date grades in music lab and chorus, please check Schoology.





    2018-19 Select Choir


    Phillies game on June 10 - Students wills stay after school and take the bus to Citizens Bank Park


     Please go to the SLMS MUSICAL WEBSITE for more info

    Mr. Fisher - Music
    Springton Lake Middle School
    1900 N. Providence Road
    Media, PA 19063
    TWEETS for announcements: http://twitter.com/slmsmusic

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