Mme Hensley (Room A206)

    phone Number : (610) 627- 6682

     Email: nhensley@rtmsd.org



    Below are two important forms.  You can print them at home or get a copy from the clipboard from the back of the room.  Any form to request to retest or form for a late (incomplete) assignment needs to be completed in order to retake an assessment or to submit (resubmit) an assignment.


    Assessment Retake Request Form


    Late or Incomplete Assignment Form



    Week of April 8th, 2019


    Next French club will be on Thursday, April 10th

    from 3 to 4 in room A204

    Intro to French 
    lundi: Asking and saying your age, saying the date
    mardi: Birthday 
    mercredi: holidays and days of the week
    jeudi: Activities around saying the date, days of the week
    vendredi: Activities around the dates
    French 1A: Chapitre 3: family terms
    lundi: Family terms in context (questions of relation)
    mardi: Family and questions on family
    mercredi: Preparing for the quiz on family
    jeudi: QUIZ VOC 2  CHAPITRE 3
    vendredi: Preparing interview on questions on family