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    Dear Parents/Guardians,


    Welcome to the 2017-2018 School Year! The Glenwood Parent Teacher Group needs your help to make this a great year for your Kindergarten through Fifth Grade children. With your assistance, the PTG’s mission is to provide you with up to date school information and to bring in great educational programs and fun events for your children. Our goal is to foster strong working relationships between the Glenwood staff, families, the Rose Tree Media School District and our local community.


    How do I keep up to date with what’s going on at school? To receive important district and school communications from Mr. Bucci, visit the Parent Portal at www.rtmsd.org/parentportal and sign up for the district’s voice broadcast system at https://infocenter.schoolmessenger.com . Make sure to bookmark the following pages:  www.rtmsd.org/glenwoodelementary  and   www.rtmsd.org/glenwoodptg   and follow us on Twitter @GlenwoodPTG

    • To be included in the on line Glenwood Family Directory, please register your contact information on the Glenwood website. If you have children at different schools, you must register at each school’s home page. The information provided in the directory is for the sole use of the RTMSD, Glenwood Elementary School and its families. This information may NOT be shared with any other organization or group.
    • If you have questions about school, please contact your GLR: Glenwood’s Grade Level Representatives are parents volunteers who will pass along information about PTG & School Events and can answer questions pertaining to your child’s grade.


               UPCOMING EVENTS

    Back to School Night for Parents of K through 2nd ~~~September 19, 2017         

    Back to School Night for Parents of 3rd through 5th ~~~September 18, 2017

    Halloween Trunk or Treat                                         October 28, 2017          

    Picture Day                                                                         

    To see a complete list of PTG and important school dates, please visit: www.rtmsd.org/domain/435


    Do I need to attend PTG Meetings? All parents and guardians are members of the PTG and are always welcome to attend any of the following meetings: Wednesday nights during the fall at 6:30pm are 10/4/17, and 11/15/17; Tuesday night meetings at 6:30pm are 1/9/18, 3/13/18 and 5/8/18.   This is a great opportunity to learn what’s happening at Glenwood as Mr. Bucci provides a detailed Principal’s Report about Glenwood and the District.  The meeting is attended by a Glenwood Staff member along with parent volunteers.  At times we will have special guest speakers.


    Why are Glenwood Fundraisers important and do I need to participate in every single one?  Our students eagerly anticipate events like field trips, assemblies, Field Day, and classroom parties. These events would NOT be possible without your participation in Glenwood Fundraisers. The PTG greatly relies on your financial contributions. For this reason, we have carefully selected fundraisers that we believe are both practical for you and memorable for your children.  For 2017-2018, the PTG will spend $3000 on assemblies, $500 on Field Day, $8,000 on field trips, $2,200 on 5th Grade Activities.  Your participation in Glenwood’s fundraisers is optional. The Glenwood PTG is now a non profit organization.  If you would prefer to make a one time donation and opt out of fundraisers, please make checks payable to the Glenwood PTG.


         We do ask that all families pay Annual Dues of $15. This helps offset the cost of classroom events, field    trips, assemblies, printing costs, and necessary supplies.

    What types of Fundraisers are offered?  Here are a few examples:

    • Glenwood’s Trunk or Treat at school this year. Date is TBD.
    • The very popular Oasis Family Fun Night, will be on October 9, 2017, is a great way for kids to get together.
    • The Art Fundraiser is a memorable way to capture your child’s artwork and share it with family and friends.
    • Fabulous prizes await Children and Adults at Basket Bingo Night in 2018.
    • Celebrate the End of Year and have dinner out at Duffers Family Night in June 2018.


    I would love to be a more active volunteer at school, but I have too many commitments. Events and activities offered at school would not be possible without the time and efforts of our parent volunteers. Please know that no donation, whether it is your time, money, food/supplies, is ever too small.  We thank you for everything you do!


    How can I help the PTG? As we are in need of volunteers several times throughout the year, please visit www.rtmsd.org/glenwoodptg to read weekly PTG updates. Please follow us on Twitter @GlenwoodPTG and visit Glenwood’s home page frequently.  In this packet, you will find a list of easy ways on how you can help Glenwood.


    OK, but how does the PTG help me?  With the help of parent volunteers like yourself, the PTG offers fundraisers that are useful and helpful to your family, like the Coupon Book fundraiser, which will save you money throughout the year.  Fun events are organized for your children, like Trunk or Treat, Oasis,  and Basket Bingo. The Book Fair is a great way to purchase popular children’s books. The PTG works with the community to raise awareness and money for local charities like the Media Food Bank.  We support national efforts like the MLK Jr. Day of Service.  Parent volunteers work with the Art Goes to School organization to provide art enrichment to our students.  Did you know that each student was able to bring home 3 free books in June, thanks to your book donations at our most recent Book Swap? Due to your overwhelming generosity for this popular event, each of our incoming kindergarteners received free books too. In addition, as a convenience to families, many parents took advantage of the Schoolkidz Program and will have their children’s complete supply lists packaged and waiting for them at Open House.  What could be easier?


    Who do I contact if I have ideas, concerns, suggestions, comments and recommendations for our school?

    We are eager to hear new ideas and are always open to suggestions. Please come to the PTG Meetings or refer to the 2017-2018 PTG LIST for the many parent volunteers who are involved at school. See contact information for members of the PTG Executive Board, the Grade Level Representatives, the PBA and PTG Committees.  Or visit: http://www.rtmsd.org/domain/436.   To have general issues addressed, please contact members of the Principal’s Advisory Board, who meet with Mr. Bucci once a month throughout the school year.

    Thank you for choosing Glenwood Elementary for your child’s education. It is parents and caretakers like you, who make Glenwood a great school.  Please help out if you can! Whatever your skill set, whether you help from home or at school, we greatly appreciate the time and efforts of all parent and guardian volunteers.


    2017-2018 Glenwood PTG Co Presidents:                                                 Included in this Welcome Packet:

    Susan Foster                                                                                                   PTG Dues Form

    Karpedeum@aol.com                                                                                       PTG Events and Contact List

    Michele Durkee                                                                                               Glenwood's One Time Payment Form


    122 S Pennell Road
    Media, PA 19063    (610) 627-6900.
    Call Out Sick Ext: 6903