PE Syllabus

Penncrest High School Physical Education


Basic Expectations


  • Students will enter the locker room upon arrival to class.

  • Students will be expected to change in the time period allotted before and after class.  

  • Students must remain in the locker room until the bell rings.  Leaving early or hanging out in the hallways may result in a cut.

  • Students are expected to keep all bags and backpacks locked in their designated lockers during their class period.  Penncrest is not responsible for any lost or stolen items that have not been properly secured!

  • Students are expected not to give their locker combination to anyone!!

  • CELL PHONES are NOT permitted in the gyms or locker rooms at any time.  Possible criminal offense!!


Regular Program


  • Physical Education is required every year at Penncrest High School.

  • You MUST pass the course or you will have to retake the class the following year/semester.


Dress Code


  • Grades 9, 10,11: Gold RTM PE shirt and black or red bottoms.

  • Grades 12: Penncrest/RTM specific shirt (any color) and black or red bottoms.

  • Gyms shorts or pants with elastic waist:  Must be worn on the waist and not rolled down.  Length must be school appropriate. Shorts/Pants should have NO zippers, snaps, buttons, or loops, etc.   UNACCEPTABLE:  bicycle, boxer, cargo, PJ bottoms, or jean shorts.  

  • Sneakers must be worn and tied.

  • No jewelry of any kind shall be worn during any PE class.  





  • Students who provide a doctors note for their injury or illness will complete written work to make up for lack of participation.

  • Students who do not complete the written assignments provided will lose points on their participation grade for the semester.

  • Parent written excusal notes are valid for up to 3 class days.  After the third day, students must obtain a written medical note from a doctor.


Participation/Grading Policy


  • The Physical Education program is a place to provide students with knowledge, appreciation and skills in a variety of activities.

  • Participation Involves being prepared everyday with the proper PE attire and being physically active.  Points are deducted each time the student does not have the appropriate gym attire or refuses to participate.  Make up opportunities need to be coordinated with your teacher. ****Please note you can only gain back half credit in an after school make up if you were out due to being unprepared****

  • Completing written work and physical assessments will also influence your grade.

  • Grading is according to PHS policy and does impact GPA.

  • ATTENDANCE: According to RTM district guidelines:  Assessments can be made up. Arrangements should be made with your teacher.


Fitness Testing


  • Students must complete the following fitness tests in order to pass the class for the year. NO EXCEPTIONS!!   

  • Mile Run

  • Sit and Reach Test for flexibility

  • Push-ups (females) and Pull-ups (males)

  • Curl-ups

  • Any student who achieves Presidential in all areas of testing will receive a T-shirt for their exceptional efforts.


Junior/Senior Portfolios


  • In addition to fitness testing, Grades 11 and 12 must complete a separate portfolio assignment in order to pass the class for the year.  

  • Portfolio assignments will be distributed at the start of the semester and students will be given ample time to complete them

  • Late portfolios will not be accepted!!






I have read the rules and regulations for PE class at Penncrest High School and agree that I will abide by them in order to attain the best possible grade.


PE Teacher: _______________________________________________


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I have read the rules and regulations for PE class at Penncrest High School and

will encourage my child to abide by them.



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